small torch

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a new torch.
I’m looking to spend up to around $100

essentially want max brightness (cree xm-l2?)

something around 12cm long preferable but up to 15cm
width of body /head up to around 4cm

adjustable beam spread (zoom) is a must

saw this one today
however a friend bought a similar torch by this brand recently & I strongly doubt there lumens claims.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated

Welcome Nads

If you’re set on a zoomie, get a $12 SK98 on ebay first up.
They are available with one or 5 modes including strobe,
and are of varying quality.

Also read up about Lithium Ion battery safety.

DO NOT BUY FROM JAYCAR. They are ridiculously overpriced.

For a start, take Suncoaster's advice and buy the SK98 from eBay. It may well suit your needs and save you a tonne of money. If it's not quite good enough then you can go from there.

- Matt

LOL @ what Mattaus said.
Have a look at some of the retailers that advertise here,
most will have much better deals, and you’ll get a good idea of what $100 will buy.

I’d recommend this over an SK98. It’s got several upgrades including a nice thick pill, not hollow like the sk98.

Yes, good points.
That’s a Sipik SK73.
I have a couple, good little utility lights.

Ok 1st of all, thanks for the responses.

noted re jaycar thanks

With li-ion batteries I’m thinking invest in quality batteries? then a torch with systems to prevent over heating etc?

Reason for a zoomie, I want 1 torch that can both give a reasonably wide beam when walking & also able to focus light a few hundred metres away to spot animals.
would love to hear if this is bad thinking on my part

looking at the sk98’s on ebay. not sure I trust the stated 2000 lumens claimed. (one even says 700 in the tittle then 230 in the subject)

Current torch I am using is a cheap cree led from coles (grocery chain) that performed on par with my mates “480 lumen” (jaycar special)
issue with it is battery cost, takes 3 AAA, I read I could change this to an 18500 (maybe even an 18650) but not sure if benifit = risk (i.e does a torch not made for li ion battery increase risk?)

Just an FYI you loose a good amount of lumens when zoomed in, the farther the lens is from the emitter (more focused) the less light it can gather from the emitter, it can be up to 50% optical loss over being zoomed out.

I one many zoomies but only use them to play with (and keep one in the bedroom window for noises in the yard at night without lighting up the neighbors) but for a general purpose EDC light I strongly recommend a standard reflector. A few hundred meters is no problem for an eagle eyes X6 or C8 while still providing good spill.

FWIW even my biggest, hardest driver zoomie maxes out around 200m.

Very wise. :slight_smile:
Do a search for “Chinese Lumens”.

The graphs here: Cree, Luminus, Seoul Semiconductor, and Nichia LED comparison
show some output curves from different LEDs.

The XM-L2 can put out about 1200 lumen at 5 amps.
Under 1000 lumen at 3 amps is more realistic, if the light is very well built.

Some good quality cells are the 3400mAh Panasonic protected 18650s.
18650s are the size (1.8x6.50cm) used in laptop batteries.
You know the difference between protected and not protected ?

ok think i’m getting somewhere now :smiley:
yeah read about protected batteries, battery was going to be my next question so thanks :smiley:

(chinese lumens “halve it & you might be close”) lmao

the dealmetic one looks ok & very cheap.

The only fixed lens ones (non zoomy?) I have used have been terrible at anything over 50m so very very interested that the eagle eye x6 would be good for hundreds of meters, for $20 it might be worth giving a go first.

Welcome to BLF.

If you're willing to buy from China, try this.

The claimed 600 lumens should be pretty accurate because it draws 1400mA. Also is rechargeable without taking the battery out of the torch through any USB charger or computer.

Quality of the build should be average, going by other torches from the manufacturer.

A good quality reflector light can throw amazingly well, I have several high power throwers than car reach well over 600m, there arnt nearly the optical losses from a reflector as you get from an aspheric (especially not cheap chineese aspheric’s, for example I just bought 3 good quality 20mm soda-lime glass aspheric lenses from edmunds for $90 (yes $30 each!) so that should tell you when the entire light costs $8 the lens is pretty low quality).

For what you want (throw with usable side spill) a good reflector light is the way to go. If you want it now the X6 really can’t be beat but there is an upcoming group but on them if you can hold out. Maybe get setup with cells and a charger while you wait.

+1 on what others have said about zoomies. They sound good in theory, but I never use mine. I would suggest an inexpensive C8 as a starter:

Low-mode for walking, high for throw.

I'll let others comment on the newer zoomie UniqueFire UF-1407 that looks like is should be decent for $22...

On second though, buy both... Then compare! Cool

That sounds good, just read the x6 review on here, that glue sounds a pain if I did want to try playing with it, but I have a few cheap ones I could play with first :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there a way I can register interest in the group buy or how would I know its on?

Think I will do that 1st, if it doesn’t meet my needs I can try my hand at modding it while I order something else ha ha :smiley:

Yes & get cells & charger in the mean time, they seam much more expensive than the ligths themselves :S

They’re not glued any more!

> li-ion batteries I’m thinking invest in quality batteries?

And invest in a quality li-ion charger, and a DMM to check the results, and a metal storage box, and a windup kitchen timer to make damn sure you don’t fall asleep and leave a battery charging.
Oh, and make sure you’re looking at single_cell lights. Using more than one li-ion in a light brings a whole new set of problems.

The concern is that there’s no known reliable standard design for constructing these batteries yet, no quality control for most of what’s for sale, and a lot of flat out counterfeiting, fakery, lying, and relabeling of crap with the appearance of better batteries.

I’d recommend a light that takes NiMH AA cells, if you don’t want the troubles.
Those can also use Energizer Lithium AA primary cells (non-rechargeable, work below freezing when other batteries get weak, much longer run time than you get with a rechargeable).

Or a light that can use 2x CR123A cells (which total the same length as a single 18650 li-ion)

There are times that simple and reliable means something a bit less than the bleeding edge.

Some examples of brand-name lights from a reliable source — not the cheapest and not the edgiest — on this page just as an example:

1st up, do do some reading on li-ion batteries. Don’t buy crap, but do understand what you are buying, as there is no point over paying for rubbish and no point over paying for good items either.

On the list to get:

-Digital Multi Meter (cheap one from ebay will be fine)
-Good charger (I quite like Xtar, but there are others)
-Some quality known batteries. Panasonic, Sanyo or a well known brand such as AW, Efest.

Buying from China/HK will always be cheaper, but you will have to wait 2-4 weeks for it.

There are loads of online retailers, but these places are usually ok and known here on BLF.

For the record, if you are unsure about batteries, just get either of these. They will both be fine:

With regards to the type of light. I like zoomy’s, they are versatile. But might not be the best for walking out and about, you may want something that can offer spill and throw at the same time. Where zoomy’s work well is indoors and close up buy offering wide even illumination. The fact they can zoom means you can also use them for distance, but everything in between and they are often a little lacking.

So what I’d suggest is maybe not get a zoomy, I would also suggest that you really do not need to spend $100 or anywhere near to get a good torch. Of course, if you do want to spend this amount, make sure you end up buying a $100 torch and not a $10 one that is simply massively over priced.

I think you should try something like this:

You can choose the modes and tint you want. Cool white has slightly more output (but only by a tiny amount) and is a very white light, but will often bleach out colours a bit. If you are outside near trees or grass, then a neutral white will generally offer much richer colour rendition and just be more pleasant.

I’m willing to bet you’ll be bowled over by the C8’s performance.

The Eagle Eye BLF special edition X6 is without glue. I believe the stock Eagle Eye X6 was only confirmed to be glued in 2 or 3 samples, confirmed unglued in ~15 samples from people who spoke up.

If you are interested in the group buy simply comment in the thread: Group Buy-BLF X6-SE OP update-GB over.
something like “Dudes, put me on that list, Yo!” :stuck_out_tongue: Also mention if you want the led to be Neutral white or Cool White.

And here is a source for TONS of information on LEDs/Batteries/Chargers/etcetc. LEDs & Other Stuff - (Reference Guide)