smallest 18650 flashlight?

Hmm… Looks good. But without clip holder. Does brass oxides after some time?

Brass will oxidise to a matt brown, but if you carry it in your pants it stays shiny because of the polishing from the fabric.

I have a CNQG 18650 brass tiny light but I find it a bit heavy for pocket carry (but then I find all 18650 lights a bit too heavy for that)

its not so bad in my eyes…the worst thing is the red on/off button on the other model…terrible…bad and nasty.

Yes. It has smooth reflector and good simple user interface with hidden turbo(two clicks) and hidden strobe(three clicks).

With 33$ price and that grey body it seems like they wanted to save buck or two on anodizing?

Should cost no more than 20$.

If smallest means shortest than Angryfox HR06 is smallest 76mm long, simple mod of YLP panda 3 (change one long tailcap to short one ) even shorter 73mm long.

May I ask what all the other right angle / headlamp models are in your picture? I’ve never seen those before!

Of course.
1)jetbeam hr30
2,7,9)YLP Panda 3 (different tailcap config)
3)Nitecore Hc65
4)YLP Panda 1.0 (old model)
5)Spark ST6 (triple mod)
6)Lumzoo Gh10 (tir mod)
8)Angryfox Hr06


Which one is your favourite?

That Spark ST6 triple looks nice. I’d be happy with a single emitter though, in a smaller and shallower reflector. Still placed in the center with nothing around it, but more compact. Maybe a frosted lens, too, depending on how throwy it is.

It seems like it should be relatively feasible to make a 1x18650 headlamp which isn’t much longer than the 18650 inside, with a single emitter centered on the side. It doesn’t need to be high-power; a maximum of 500 to 1000 lumens would be enough. Could be a 219B 4500K or XP-L HI 3D or LH351D, as long as it has a good tint and a smooth consistent beam.

This st6 use 371D lux rc. But now it seems big and havy.

Another advantage of centered construction is good thermal interface.
It looks like this (h30 4000lm 2.40min in 7sec)

While L-shapeed stays coold at tailcap and very hot at head.
I wonder why centered scheme is not popular and there is no such compact flashlights.

AEDe — Nice! collection there. Thanks for the info.

Imho the biggest advantage of L-shape is the ease of use of shorter battery tubes. Most lights don’t take have it though.
They also tend to weigh less.

That type of flashlights are head lamp category lights imho. I don’t want to carry or use that as EDC although some guys may do that if they work in situations where they need both hands free all the time.

I am surprised how no one mentioned (or I overlooked it?) On the road U18
Not too expensive, nicely designed, with 105mm (length) x 25mm (head diameter) x 24mm (tail diameter) - all this with built-in charger!

Enogear TC8 21.1x103mm, tail button and micro usb charging port.

36 cm³ :+1:

Djozz I got mine. Build quality OK. But I did not modd it yet and I am not sure if I want to modd it since it is ok for edc needs. It is good indors and outdors up to 20-30 meters.

High mode 1.35A, mid mode 0.5, nasty Strobe. It does not have memory so it starts on high…

Please report if you have plans to modd it. I want to see what you had in mind for this light :+1:

Folomov 18650s is really small.

Yes it is. I received one 3 days ago.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the UI, so I will be looking for a light of similar size, but different UI.

Dead thread…I try to reincarnate it.My question is-i would like to modding very very small flashlights,probably for 18650 again,with usb of course for hot rod…Lets say xhp50 into folomov or something like this…Any idea for host please?Of course,the question is the driver,which gives from the led xhp50 maximum….Can anyone help me,correct me?