Sneaky tricks by Banggood

That’s what you’d think. I have the chat log etc. But no.

Their stance - including the rep above - is that the price now (after 1 week of stalling) is higher than when they originally agreed to refund the difference. So they are acting like there is nothing to refund. “Please check current price, it is higher, we cannot refund difference…”

The reason it is higher of course is that they didn’t refund the difference as originally promised. The low price was available when they promised the refund difference, and for a subsequent 72 hours.

Their customer service is like talking to a brick wall, i’m done with it. They lost a long customer.

I understand your frustration, but these shops all have more or less bad customer service. We as customers also have to understand that these people have a different cultural background, speak another language (I am actually surprised how great their English is) and have a million people knocking on their door because something went wrong on some gadget they purchased.
I am not trying to defend this situation at all, but if you want really amazing customer service, I would buy somewhere else. Preferably local.

Whenever I buy abroad, all I can hope for is that the shipment actually arrives. I can’t ask for a warranty, outstanding customer service, or anything in that regard. It would be unrealistic IMO. I shop there because the price is good (most likely the best or lowest, compared to local shops). that’s it.
these shops are mostly resellers, they don’t have the capacity to extend years of warranty or a level of service at these prices. There is too much competition.

I have had positive and negative experiences with pretty much all of these shippers.