So, is there a current, very popular 14500 light on the scene?

Thumbs UP!
remove the Cool White Low CRI LED
replace with Warm White High CRI!

with a Nichia, the CRI will go up,
a similar percentage as the max output will go down.

I think it is totally worth the trade off.

more quality
less quantity

Including Lumintop’s Ali store, right? Because it’s not available there. (And for me, American sellers are out of the question, shipping is far too expensive.)

EDIT: If the Tool AAA with Nichia is still around, I’d love to hear of it. I seldom take mine out of the house for fear of losing it, that’s how much I love it.

Tool AA 2.0 is with PWM right?

Yes, indeed. Happy to trade away some output for warm tint and higher CRI. That’s a trade I would make with nearly every light that I have. Only exceptions would be the dedicated throwers that I only use off my back porch out into the wilds.

I lost (temporarily) an EDC light that I loved once. EagleTac 25A Titanium. Since then, every light that I take with me out the door, in my pocket, has a lengthy lanyard clipped to it, and connected to my belt loop. Won’t ever lose a pocket light again.

sent you a PM with a link


maybe not anymore,

but, the lowest mode is 10 lumens and it has memory… neither works for me


glad you took control
did you lose a light that was clipped to a pocket, or all the way inside a pocket?


imo the most revolutionary light that I would encourage you to discover, is the

Jetbeam RRT-01… nothing else comes close, for my personal EDC preferences

I will have to have a look at the RRT-01. Can it do warm, high CRI, flood? I’m about equally good with 14500, as 16340, even 18350. I just want fairly compact and rechargeable li-ion, not primaries.

The light I lost was clipped to the corner of my pocket. It was found by someone else, later, who realized that it was mine.

Now, with the lanyard, I drop the light into my pocket and never worry about losing it.

Would recommend looking for the old model rrt-01. The new one is very heavy and bulky, certainly compared to the eagletac.

Yeah… EagleTac created a masterpiece with the D25 line. I just wish you could get them with warm & high CRI emitters. Mods are possible on at least some of their lights, though.

I also have great appreciation for Olight’s S1A Baton with TIR optic - pop a 3000k XM-L2 under that TIR and the floody beam and warm color are magnificent! Great compact size, too.

I still carry and love my Utorch UT01. Somewhat programmable. Simple. Great battery life. Compact. And takes both AA and 14500.

The LED is easily accessible (2019 RRT01). I have not even had to disassemle the head completely to get to the MCPCB if memory serves. Not sure if there’s a TIR optics that would fit. The reflector geometry makes a more narrow spill. Best would probably be to stay with a domeless LED, else it might have some artifacts in the beam, but that’s just a guess based on my experiences with other deep smooth reflectors.

Check out the Jetbeam Jet I Mk

I have a Jetbeam Jet I Pro, from about 8 years ago. Great little light, but it’s most definitely a thrower. Deep reflector and tiny XR-E emitter.

Perhaps it could be customized into a floody, warm tint light with an XM-L2, textured reflector, and a TIR?

The bezel is removable, but I don’t know about finding a textured reflector that would fit, or making a TIR fit, somehow. I guess I could ask Vinh to mod it, though.


Want one.

I put a 20mm convoy tir lens in. Easy drop-in only a fat oring is needed under the bezel ring to compensate a small height difference.

Again, I really doubt you will like it as an edc. But there are even people happy edcing a HDS.

Will lose most ability to mod with the Ti versions.

The bezel is glued, so you will need appropriate tools, with appropriate protection for the light so that the tools don’t scratch it.

It’s sufficient to remove the bezel. That’s how I did it.

If you can’t change the LED yourself, cheapest and easiest way to mod your light is add DCFix to the front of your lens.

Thanks Pavlo. I have enough ability to change the LED, what I don’t know anything about is getting different reflectors and/or lenses/TIR and fitting them to the light. I need to get more education on doing those kinds of mods! :sunglasses: I would love to mod my Jet I Pro to be warm and floody, but I don’t think I would be happy just obscuring/frosting the lens itself. I would want to do it right.