So what is new with the Emisar D7?

That’s a bummer. I was watching for this one closely.

Oh no, that’s not true, is it?

I’d really be happy to see a D1S that took 21700 cells! Or maybe 26650 with spacer to use 21700 cells if desired.

“other projects” is promising!

Probably just making more Ti versions of their lights!

Well, if you still want a D7 you can always look at the YLP Gryphon reviewed by Maukka
Pretty similar design, no ramping UI though.

From what I’ve heard, there were issues getting the driver hardware to work as desired. I don’t really know the details though. I tried an early proof of concept and it didn’t perform well, and then I didn’t hear anything for a long time until he said it was cancelled.


Oh no… This is some major bad news…

Very disappointing but I guess it would just be a DQG Tiny III with a few seconds of crazy high turbo. Has anyone modded a DQG Tiny III to turn it into a pocket rocket?

I’m bummed. In my imagination I was hoping for a mini Meteor at a more justifiable price point.

I’m gonna look into that YLP Gryphon. Looks cool!

The Emisar D7 is the most famous light that never existed…

For me that was the Zebralight Q50 (~2013), it was a great concept (still is!) and there is a cool rendering out there but none was ever produced.

I’m bummed. I was hoping for a multi-channel array.

hm was there ever a pic leaked out ? if not then not a big deal imo… but interesting what they have planned ahead new lights.

:person_facepalming: I am in deep sadness

Unlike the Q50 there wasn’t even a single picture of the D7. Specs were 3x18650 with 7 emitters. So the form factor is fairly unique. Because we do have the D4, D1 and D1S, we can sort of imagine certain aspects of the D7 like the colour, finish, texture and machining style.
People have been asking about this light on a regular basis, so the D7 was sort of alive to many of us for quite some time now…

Welcome to BLF! :partying_face: The fact that you made an account to post this (first post!) says a lot about the Emisar D7…

I hope Hank changes his mind…

Thank you! I enjoy with pleasure Emisar D4 and very much waited for D7. I like the size of lanterns 3 * 18650, but there are very few of them. And ideologically I like the Emisar series.

3 cells is not what emisar is.
Much better option is 26650, lightweight, small size, much power… this is emisar

Couldn’t agree less. Strongest 18650 beat 26650 one to one. 3 to one is no competition.

One word: 21700.