So whatever happened to the Thorfire TG05?

This Sofirn site/store has some decent looking lights.

That NiteCorn clip definitely looks good… Although, for $50-60, that’s a bit expensive for an accessory on a $7 flashlight…. :money_mouth_face:

On Sofirn store front page. Example $1 off $6…

Really? :smiley:

I found it on $5.95… but that if you do not spend 25 to get free shipping in US that is still to much I think…

Thanks for the coupon tip, I hadn’t noticed that the first time I visited the store. Although I shouldn’t have, I went ahead and ordered one for the kit. If I ever lose my EDC, I’ll have something to fall back on.

I hear that new mode is a big hit with cattle ranchers.

JK. That vendor has some good prices and nice coupons. Thanks for the info and pics. :)

EDIT: My attempt at a joke on "moom" mode makes no sense to me now. It seemed funny when I wrote it.

I got it! :smiley:

I just received my Sofirn light today. For a host, I think I’ll really like it. It’s a couple of mm longer and thicker than my current Trustfire F20 EDC but is also a bit heavier, suggesting more mass for better thermal management. My protected 14500s are a tight fit, but unprotected for great. Driver seems nice with a four-mode High/Med/Low/Lower mode and a hidden double-click for strobe. Hampered by a severely messy beam though. I suspect that it’s due to the off-center xp-g2 emitter in an xm-l reflector with no centering ring. I’ll try to get some pics later but I can’t promise since I only have a cell phone available, making it a pain to upload at the moment…

Finish, machining, reflector and all look top notch though, I’m definitely not disappointed. Adjust or replace the emitter and add a pocket clip and this would be a great EDC.

Interestingly, the threads allow the head and body tube to Lego interchange with the F20…

I also received my SF10 yesterday. I got the “old” version with same driver as Thorfire TG06 High/moon/mid. I saw that they updated the description.
This one has nicer anno than my unlabeled one. Not so shiny…

Unfortunately no cow modes on this one :smiley:

Waiting on a couple of the sofirn sf10s.
I also ordered a pink and a blue clone with crazy cheap Chinese UV emitters in them ….like a bad emitter with no phosphorus / 2.50$ a piece . Pressed in tail clicky , hollow pill .

I really hope the moonlakes are better than these :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a bit “off” topic, as I won’t talk about the Thorfire TG05.
I would like to ask the Sofirn SF10 owners if they are happy with the light output and user interface.
I wanted to buy that light (SF10) as it uses AA and 14500 batteries and has nice shape and output, but the always start on High mode + ramping down is not my favourite, so I’d like to hear some owners appreciation if possible!…

Thanks :wink:

I have one on the way, delivery should be happening this week or the next

Nice! If you can, let us know how’s the light!
(A review would be nice :wink: )


I have a SF10 (well two actually ,one I moded to XPL-HI and BLF A6 driver, but that’s another story :smiley: )

The standard one is nice , solid feeling with good anodisaton and threads. Like you I am not keen on starting on high but it is what it is, Mode spacing on both AA and 14500 is good and lumen ratings pretty accurate.

Double tap to strobe works well keeping it hidden , strobe is also a variable frequency and quite off putting.

I felt the LED needed focusing a bit better to even out the spill, I altered the plastic centring piece a bit to get it to my liking , can’t remember if I sanded it thinner or added some ,sorry.

A convoy screw on clip fits it perfectly, pictures of a Moonlake of mine on Banggoods convoy clip or Moonlake reviews , the clip fits the SF10 just the same.

They’ve really stepped up. I’m pretty sure they are the manufacturer for a number of known lights, with different names (Thorfire). Good to see them get in the market, and promote this stuff. I see the TG05, 06, C8, and C8 hosts, and the drivers :+1:

Thanks :+1:

Hum, nice to know that it works nicely, despite the changes you had to make! The only issue for me is starting on High…
If it started on Low (even with memory) I guess I wouldn’t mind that much!
Sofirn seems to be “growing” with nice lights! I received a SP32 today and I’ll use for a while, it is very good!

About the SF10, and despite what I mentioned, I just ordered one today that I plan to use and see if I like it, and if I don’t, I’ll swap the driver for one similar to Reylight Pinneapple Brass! It starts on ML-L-M-H, w/o memory.
I just don’t know if I’ll have to change de LED, but I’ll see it then…

I’ve just seen it! Pretty cool! You mind if I do the same? :wink:

Wanna tell us about this one? :wink:
Using that driver you aren’t able to use a AA (alkaline or Ni-MH battery) are you? Just a 14500 I belive, right?

Thanks for the info :+1:

Yes that SF10 is 14500 only, like a small BLF A6 , slimmer so fits in pocket nicer than A6 even with 18350 tube.

Similar run times to 18350 ,gets warm quicker.

I like it , anodisation better than A6 , with XPL-HI it throws better with less spill than A6 with XPL .

Questions for you now, where do you get ….Diver like “Reylight Pinneapple Brass, It starts on ML-L-M-H, w/o memory”? Is it 17mm? AA and 14500?

Hum, nice configuration you got there :wink:
I never experienced a BLF A6 driver, just from reviews, but it must be nice to fit it in that small light and having a small thrower in the pocket!! Although the battery gets drained faster and gets hotter, too!

Answering you, yesterday I asked some info about Kaidomain Drivers (KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread - #641 by MascaratumB), and mentioned what I wanted (AA/14500 driver, no memory, (ML-)L-M-H modes).
dekozn member mentioned WWEFANS member (Rey, from Reylight), and I sent him PM asking about the drivers.
We’re in “conversation” to get some drivers!

I already had this Sofirn SF10 in mind to make the mod, as it seems to be a nice light (although I prefer the modes in other configuration!)

I’m not happy with the Sofirn version: