So whats "new" in flashlight department or worth to mention in the past 4 months :P

Hey there Budgeteer, great to hear from you!

Ultrafire/Fandyfire HD2010 - Great 1x18650/22650 XM-L thrower

+100 to that! This one is a must have!

Good to have you back! Yes, the Ultrafire HD2010 is one of the hottest new lights. Checkout JohnnyMac's excellent review here and kramer5150's thread here.


Budget 26650 lights.

Keygos M10(ebay)

UniqueFire UF-2200(Manafont)


$23 Skyray King's on sale at eBay, usually $65



Nichia 219 LED's from Illumination Supply. 4500K tint and 85-92 CRI. Equivalent to a R2 bin XP-G.

Cree XT-E's came out. Yellow blob in the beam.

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Welcome back Budgeteer!

Good to see ya back. (you're not just droppin by for a bit right?)

Tank007 E09 is a nice AAA/10440 3mode close to ITP size.

Welcome back to BLF, Budgeteer!

Did you happen to miss the poetry ?

Welcome back.

Cnqualitygoods has some awesome do it yourself lights.

And we all await the arrival of the Mayan Doomsday.

Have to check that out. Big fan on high CRI. :)

To all others:

No i'll be here just not as much i used to. :) Quite a little family here and i enjoy flavored reviews very much. Had alot going on lately so i had to put on a back burner many things. Kept using flashlights tho. :) Even went fishing a few times and cought little fish and lots of garbage (umbrellas, tires, cans, a handfull of shells <- LOL and other crap... one wonders who keep throwing garbage like that into the sea...)

I see the scene is pretty active. :)

Btw love the sipik zoomie 18650. Bout damn time they made one!

Welcome back, Budgeteer! Good to have you back. Summer cycling season is when I usually scale back on most other things. Just not enough time in the week when I'm doing 10-12 hours on a bicycle. I'll mention one more light that I didn't see above: Roche F12. It's not the only small form factor 18650 (actually have been quite a few lately) but it has unique color, styling and a great budget price:

Hard driven model at CNQG
Moderately driven model at IOS in two colors:

And Richie086's excellent review here:

Since you asked about the flashlight world in general, I got a hair over 1500lm out of a Cree T6 XM-L (and it didn't vaporize!)

let’s be fair, your copper rod and aluminum block cost more than most of my flashlights :money_mouth_face: