So whats the status of the Annual OL Summer Custom Flashlight Build Contest?

So who are the Brave and heroic souls who are behind the scenes this year?

Maybe we should have a revolving committee so it does not become a burden for only a few heroic souls?

I was told when I asked that if I knew I’d be exterminated. :wink:

Funny you ask
I have seen many builds where I thought “if this was part of the OL comp, wowsers”
Very thoughtful talk about a revolving group, as a mere judge last time I can only guess how much energy went into it.
Big thumbs up for organizing this huge thing, it sure ain’t easy!

CRX has been competing against himself (and Winning) in the Scratch Build all year.

Ha I nominate CRX to do the competition this time (also to give others a chance :wink: )

I guess we’ll find out when we find out. But, I’m getting antsy here. I think the is still hosting it, as usual.


Thanks very much :wink:

I would like to make a motion for the:

“The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest”

Seems about the right time.

the wrote:
Sure. I promised OL to arrange this contest every year and will keep my promise.

Stay tuned for more info. Smile

Yes, confirmation of this years event would be nice to see, especially for newcomers who may be more reliant on ordering bits & pieces from overseas.

Even some more long term members might be so inclined. I will definitely be entering again and this time the build itself will be simpler - but the theory behind it will be much more complicated. Looking forward to an official post so I can outline the idea.

Subbed, planning to join the contest.

Ask and ye shall receive :slight_smile:

I don’t even come close to that skill level, but I still enjoy seeing what the craftsmen & craftswomen here on BLF can come up with!