Sofirm SP36 - 5000k vs 4000k for LH351D ?

I see a lot of 5000k tint of the Samsung LH351D. Just wondering how the 4000k tints perform. Do they follow the typical pattern of warmer tints being less bright? If you like warmer lights, would you have any reservations getting the 4000k SP36 over the 5000k?

This is the BLF Anduril version.

I went with the 4kk option, if the shipping gods smile on me I might come back in a few weeks and provide a more detailed review :stuck_out_tongue: I even considered the 2700k option but have other super warm options this one is more about light volume. My thought process was that the 4kk would be warmer and by my preference nicer than the 5kk. If I lose the tint lottery and feel like its too green I’ll whack on some minus green.

Hmm, I’ve apparently only got 4000Ks. Weird. Would’ve sworn I bought some dogfarts at one point. Even my YLP Unicorn is “4200K” (looks the same as my 4000K SST-20 on a pink wall)

My only reservation would be if I planned to slice the dome. That would bring the 4000Ks close to 3500K, where I’d much prefer the change from 5000K>4500K.

I’m interested in a higher CRI

I solved the 4000K vs 5000K conundrum —- I ordered both! :wink: Should be here in the next couple days.

Smart man!

Wow 11 days shipping! That’s a record!

I don’t have a 5000k to compare to but this 4000k is super pleasing. Compared to my other 4000k Emitters it’s the most neutral looking tint (xp-l hi 5D, sst-20, 219c). This is totally subjective but it looks ever so slightly above the BBL. I will try 1/8 minus green as much for lens protection as tint shift.

Might post before and after beam shots once tint arrives :slight_smile:

Please post the beamshots. I have been trying to stay away from the 4000k version because it has been said to have quite a greenish tint.

Aww, I hate green. I ordered the 4000k, so hope it’s not too bad. I want to also use it as a lantern, so wanted a warmer tint. None of my 5000k Samsung 351 emitters are the slightest green on low, so I was hoping for the same good performance.

Maukka has a few beamshots and testing results posted for the LH351D 5000k and 4000k.

It may not be the same bins as what Sofirn uses though and the bin makes a huge differnce.
Without knowng the bins, your playing the bin lottery just like with any other led.
Contactcr also done some good testing using the LH351D with some of them in the same cct but different bins.

SP46 4000K
Crappy Galaxy 9 camera.
F2.4 1/90s ISO 50 WB 5000k

I have both the 4000K and 5000K now! :wink:

Awesome lights!

For day-to-day use I think I prefer the 5000K. It might just be the photographer in me. I do think however that the 4000K might work better once the snow gets here in 4 to 5 weeks. The lower color temperature might provide better contrast in snow conditions.

I purchased holsters for these lights from the Sofirn web store - 2 of them for less than $6 delivered! Really fine holsters for the SP36 at that price. Look pretty sturdy.

I have the SP36 4000K BLF Anduril - Can’t say I’ve noticed any green at all. Looks like a consistent 4000K from center to edge to my eyes.

@Thoraldus I’ve already got the D4v2 with SST-20 4000K and the BLF Q8, Sofirn Q8 as well as the LT1. Do you think I should buy the SP36 in 4000K or 5000K? The BLF Q8 has a nice tint, maybe just a little bit warmer would be great.

By actual device measurements, the 5000k will produce more lumens. But the real question is human eye perception. Do you see much of a brightness difference? I imagine it would be a nominal difference. The LHD351 is a very nice emitter. I have one in my Zebralight SC64c LE. Very happy with it.

If I had to make a recommendation I would choose the 5000K. It is closer to ‘Daylight’ and has a slight bit more perceived brightness. That being said, I am happy with both my 4000K & 5000K SP36’s so if you want a warmer light go for the 4000K or do what I did and get both. :wink:

A small perception of more brightness in the 5000K for me. Perhaps due to the eye’s increased sensitivity to the spectral content of the 5000K

Thanks for the confirmation. :+1: