Sofirn C01R deep red [sold out, discontinued]

I haven’t experienced this myself, as I only have one C01 variant, and it’s not my EDC.
… but …
I view glue as one of those things that is easier to add than to remove. While it’s true that most will never have a reason to open the head, this IS BLF and access is important.

If they do wind up gluing things into place, can it at least be a low to medium heat-released type of threadlocker?

The problem is a small design flaw: the battery tube and the bezel share the same pill-threading, tighten the bezel too much and the battery tube will not have enough threads leftover to reach the driver. They should have made the pill a tiny bit higher (and risk a larger gap between head and battery tube) or create a hard stop for the bezel. Or screw down the bezel medium tight with a drop of glue in the threads. I agree that weak glue should be sufficient.

Please put me down for 1, thanks.


Interested in 2

I would be interested in one for working around cameras at night.

I’m interested in buying 2 of these when they’re available.

I’ll take one. Thanks.

is it decided what color the body host will be or ? sorry if i missed this…

Please, add me to the list for 1.

I’m on the list for 1
Once we get a price I will probably want 2 total

Nice to see this progressing. Does someone remembers what I said around 3 weeks ago? Red emitters, due to their low Vf, could be driven harder without surpassing the driver's maximum rated power. Pretty sure the driver could be fitted with a 0.2Ω sense resistor (R20/R200), driving photo red emitters at ≈472.5mA.


In for 2 deep red

It's not decided yet. However, Sofirn told me they are unfortunately unable to offer the "wine red" body color most of us would have favored.

Their anodizing factory would probably spend too many efforts in realizing this color. Eventually, costs would become unreasonable, especially at a lot size this small. :-( With that said, we may go with Sofirn's standard red or black color they used for C01S or I could try to ask for a non-anodized body as C01S BLF edition. I'm not sure if the majority of us would like that. I'm reluctant running another poll at the moment since I just started a poll about the new UI (see OP). Another option would be to use Sofirn's new colors they will use for their LT1 lantern, e.g. dark green, desert tan or orange. Whatever the decision will be, it needs to be consistent for the entire batch as a small size batch with multiple color options will be unlikely to happen.

Muchas gracias Barkuti. I will forward your suggestions and ask Sofirn's engineer to check how overdriving the LED will correlate with C01R's heat generation and runtime. From my experience they do put a lot of focus on longterm life expectancy of their LEDs, i.e. there might be some need for further argumentation.

Standard Sofirn red sounds like the best choice

I’d be happy with the standard red also


Since we’re talking about red emitters I think it is appropriate if the body also has some kind of red color.

Swapping the sense resistor, or factory customizing the sense resistor for red emitters, isn't overdriving the LED.

As I said before, they could use 0.2Ω or 0.22Ω sense resistors for red emitters and obtain higher output. This driver modification results in more or less matching power output and battery drain figures versus standard white emitters, while boosting the flashlight output. It's a win win situation, the only potential drawback is the need for driver modification, if anything.

Dark green or desert tan anodization will be very wellcome, instead red or wine red, IMHO.

Even I prefer black instead red anodization.