Sofirn C8F

I got my C8F in the mail today. Nice light. Got a question for those of you that own this light, though. I can’t tell if the light is anodized and then powdercoated, or just powdercoated. Either way, the coating on it seems exceptionally soft. One reviewer said ‘chalky’ and I think that fits perfectly. There was one tiny spot the size of a pin head where silver is showing thru instead of black and that was brand new out of box. Just having it in a pocket by itself left some small marks on it. Is that normal?

I bought the ones I have at the same time about mid February or so. Mine didn’t and doesn’t feel chalky at all. I think I know what your talking about as the cyan and green D4’s have that feel. Then it wears off after a bit and becomes normal feeling. Mine just feel nice and smooth, not overly smooth and slippery but not chalky either. Just feels normal. I was overlooking both my C8F’s that are used everyday. I don’t notice any defects of any sort in the ano. I have had other lights with fairly aggressive knurling where the ano would be missing from a very small area on or in between the knurling. Very very very small spots. Didn’t notice them unless I looked for them. I am pretty tough on lights I use on a daily basis and the C8F is holding up extremely well so far.

I used “chalky” to describe my L2s’ finishes. All my C8s have been flawless, including old and new C8Fs.

That chalky finish would probably be great if you’re a wildcatter and are slathered in oil or something, but it’s just an eerie feeling for me.