Sofirn if25a diffuser

Is there a diffuser that will fit the if25a please? Preferably silicone but plastic if its the only option. Thanks

Not sure about the measures on the head of the IF25A, but in some of my lights I use caps from bottles something alike (some are colourfull, others are white or transparent). Check if you have something laying around :wink:

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Thanks for replying, the diameter of the head is 33mm. Closest I have found to fit so far is a red wd40 lid! I’m still looking for alternatives, but if there’s a silicone diffuser from another brand that will fit, I’d be happier

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That white pill case tube can probably be a good diffuser if you have one around.
Some are more opaque than others, but maybe it gives any idea.

Also, detergent caps are normally a good option. I use some in my Emisar D4 :wink:

I found a spare e27 candle bulb and the diffuser off that fits perfectly… Thanks for the link to the video. I would still like a silicone diffuser, but this is perfect for now, thanks again! :+1: :smiley:

Glad you made it :wink: I’m sure you’ll find some diffuser for sale from different brands that will fit! But reusing materials is somehow a nice thing :wink:

That’s so true! :+1:

33mm. is actually a very common size and you should be able to find lots of things to fit . You're absolutely right the WD-40 red top fits on lights this size there has been one on my desk for years and years now .

33mm is the size of solarforce lights ,xeno 's ,tank tk737,lots of sunwayman lights ,cheap5mm UV lights ,a couple EDi-T lights ,Thorefirevg-10,ultrafire 501b,Lots of p-60 drop-in lights are that size . I have no idea about silicone diffusers but if you look hard in your medcine cabinete you'll probably find a lid off off something . . Try either a small smoothie bottle or a coffee creamer bottle . .shoot light down into it or cut the top of the bottle off very high up and try pushing the light into the neck of the bottle the opposite way . The coffee creamer bottles here snug up perfectly to a p-60 / 33mm size light and theres a small lip to hold a diffuser material disc without anything except the pressure of the tight fit . It's a neat trick and not obvious until you try it . Nice when you find a perfect fit like that . i think the original thought was to have the diffuser sandwiched between the lip of the bottle and the screw down cap , then cut out a hole in the lid . i have some of that going on to since the lids on creamer bpottles aren't that tough and you can make holes fairly easily . the thought of making a flip up diffuser like used on gun sights came up but the materials are to flimsy .

.generally i still like a flat diffuser better than a wand .. if you have to have one I still like the taller straight wall cylinders like a specimen bottle or the frosted votive candle ones I have for the Sp-11 sofirn /thorefire Tk4A. With a taller diffuser thematerial has to be correct too or they can suck . People used to say milk carton or ice cream bucket but the material imparts a crappy elephant grey cast that imho is dull and nasty .

Good luck ..on the other hand > 33mm is as easy as it's gonna get .

Here is one. Sofirn IF25A Diffuser

Boaz, you’re an inspiration! :wink:
This is my “inspired by you” box of diffusers for some of my lights!!

I am using the brown medicine bottles as diffusers for my IF25A, SP36 and SC31 Pro, typically in candle mode. I brush the insides with 200 grit sandpaper in a circular fashion for a nice, round grain around the inside of the diffuser. Nice warm effect.

I guess I will now have to check out other peoples medicine cabinets when I use their bathroom to see which ones of their prescription medication bottles fit my flashlights.

I do like flat top diffusers which allow the option for standing the light upside down on flat surfaces (with the light facing the surface) for when you want to use the diffuser in that orientation, especially for lights with tail switches. I have also used large translucent containers with small openings as diffusers and larger seems better.

I prefer flexible Silicone materials for diffusers that stretch just enough to grip the light adequately since they withstand flashlight heat very well.

Searching for "silicone bottle" or "silicon glass" on Amazon displays many options (multiple colors and some with loops for hanging):

I use this "Cooking Concepts Silicone Travel Dressing Container" (which I found at the local Dollar Store for $1 but costs over $5 on Amazon) for my Lumintop FW3A, Sofirn SC31 Pro and other lights of that size (and it will fit the Sofirn IF25 and IF25A if you trim off the top lip):

I thought I came up with this one. I dont sand inside but am going to try it.

Neat to have a romantic candle light dinner with.

Best fit I have found is the Convoy M1 diffuser. I bundle it with my IF25. It’s roughly 0.5mm too large, but use a little tape around the inner and it fits snug

All the plastic Sofirn diffusers fall off, or the ones I’ve got. I prefer silicon, I’ve used rubber bands but that’s no a real solution. I’m going to try lining the edge with some electrical tape, sounds a good idea.

That's pretty much the best shape I've found since it still lets a lot of light out the top and they never get crazy bright like a bare lightbulb . The flat top is a plus . Best ones I have are a that same shape without any of the threads or lip .. in a lightly frosted..sold by the christmas tree shop as a cup for a led fake votive candle . Fits that 20$ 4AA Sofirn light like it was made for it .