Sofirn Q8 group buy (gb closed, but try PM to Sofirn for discount)

When for a warmer version?

My “guess” is Sofirn will not offer a warmer version. The original Thorfire Q8 has that covered.

Is there anything else you’re doing to get such amazing output?

If I remember well, he is using an ULcp AR lens, which is more efficient that the stock one, along with BeCu springs bypassed, and a pure copper plate holding the springs in place.

I think he also replaced the FET with a slightly lower resistance one(not too sure though), and swapped the 18AWG power wires for 16AWG.

I looked through all his posts in the modding thread. The lens and copper spring disc didn’t do much. The spring bypass was about 1200. Brass screws about 300. These got it up to about 7000. I didn’t see a number broken out for the mcpcb wires.

The other mods he’s mentioned were XP-L2 emitters on Sinkpads and A20DP FET. That’s the parts, and there’s also the mods to the head.

Ah! The lens did actually boost the output by a nice margin. He actually gained about +/- 500 lumens from it in an XP-L2 build:

Thanks. Here’s the direct link to that comment.

Just contacted Sofirn through PM and bought another Q8 with a discount code. Code was for Amazon (US) and it was a few cents less than the group buy price.

Sofirn is actively promoting this version. You would do well to contact them directly.

Bump for Htassi.

Yes,but the Thorfire Q8 is XP-L.
I ask for an XP-L HI Warm version

I didn’t change the factory leads from the driver, they looked to be 18ga and that’s enough. I have larger, but have never used it.

I understand that. :+1:
I just doubt they will offer it. But that is only “my guess”.

Had the Sofirn Q8 in my truck for 2 weeks. More than a few turbo blasts, and general use, batteries are reading 4.02 across the board. 1st cool white light I’ve bought in recent memory, no regrets.

Been reading all the good things about the BLF Q8 since it came out, but was never really interested in it. I have several other soda can lights and didn’t really need/want another. But the other day I found a coupon for Amazon for the original BLF Q8 for $50, plus I had some Amazon Visa points that brought it down to $25 so I grabbed one. Now I see what all the fuss was about. It’s smaller than I expected for a 4 cell light, which is a good thing. This is really a sweet light. Stock it’s really nice already, but it’s super mod-friendly too. So I PM’d Sofirn for a discount on their Q8 and have ordered one of those. Got a 3rd one coming from Amazon that I will be modding. I already love the stock BLF Q8 as is. What a great light and a great value for $50 (or less). Thanks to this thread for keeping my interest in this light alive and finally pushing me over the edge to get SEVERAL… :sunglasses:

Just ordered another Q8 with discount code.
Thanks Tracy.

Got a coupon code from Sofirn and bought one of their Q8s to add to my original BLF Q8.

Thanks djozz for this thread and deal! :money_mouth_face:

Hey guys, I’m willing to buy one of them, too. What’s your recommendation for batteries for this light?

Samsung 30Q:

You actually need the buttontop version, also available from nkon:

Btw Blue, I received your springs today, they look shiny and feel good, thanks for all the work that you put in them!