Sofirn Q8 group buy (gb closed, but try PM to Sofirn for discount)

BLF Q8 In turbo it takes 4A from the cell, which is 16A in total. Measured by a clamp meter.

Thanks, I know it will be really low due to their old chemistry that has high internal resistance and big voltage sag plus the protection circuits add even more resistance.

Yes, this is what you get with good, high drain cells with no protection circuits.

NO not waiting…i deserve it first…all others can…thanks man…i will wait…hope we get codes soon.

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For the cool white Q8, it makes sense to use NarsilM V1.2. It keeps the new Q8 faithful to the design of the old Q8, but uses an updated version of the firmware. The memory bug is not a major issue, considering that 2000+ old Q8 owners did not notice it.

For the SP36 and other new lights, I do not think it makes sense to keep using NarsilM. It is not really maintained any more, and it is not easy to update, so it may complicate the development process for new lights.

However, Anduril might make sense for new lights. It is intended as a newer, simpler, and more flexible replacement for Narsil… and its FSM code base makes it easy to create other custom interfaces if desired. Much like how a computer operating system allows the user to choose hardware and software, running many different applications on many different computers, FSM allows people to run many different interfaces on many different flashlights.

I would also recommend including Lexel’s firmware flashing port on new drivers. It allows people to install different interfaces fairly easily. Sofirn could potentially even allow the customer to choose their favorite interface at time of purchase, and flash the desired firmware to the light before shipping it to the customer.

Memory bug

/\ That sounds excellent TK. :+1:

I’m interested, let me know!

Huh? It’s not being updated anymore?

Are there any problems between the maintainers of the code, or is there just any interest anymore?

On another note, does that mean we may get Anduril on the SP36?

If we do get it, and with a Nichia 144AM R9050 4500k, I will just drool and throw money at them.

I rather not have flats for some of the same reason(s). It makes the light look cheap, unrefined, if it is not clocked/indexed to the e-switch button. But flats can be sometimes easily indexed…… sometimes, using a piece of sand paper and a hard flat surface drag the battery tube across the sand paper to remove stock from the end(s) of the battery tube. On my DS4 even with the round tube, I wasn’t happy with the lanyard anchor point sitting at 9:00 O’clock, from the switch, so removing stock from both ends of the round tube, I moved it to line up with the switch button, in a matter of 10-15minutes of careful sanding/checking. Be warned, there can be risk’s incurred if you remove too much. Now if given the choice…I would vote NO FLATS ever! :smiley: Your not saving that much weight, less machine work,cost savings possibly and a more refined look, IMO.

As an example. Do you think it was pure LUCK to get a GT mini where the flats lined up perfectly to the switch and the lanyard anchor was 180 degrees opposite…

I do a lot of indexing……I can not help myself…. :person_facepalming:

On some lights, on rare occasions, you can make a change in the settings, disconnect battery power and it might not keep the setting change. It seems to help if you go through some on/off cycles with the light before disconnecting battery power. The reasons for this is quite complicated and over my head, but we just had a long talk about it somewhere around here.

I think it’s in all versions of NarsilM so it is obviously not that big a deal.

Tom E was the main guy that maintained it and updated it these last couple years, but he is not on the forums much anymore. :cry:

Yeah. The last time I actually saw him was in my spring thread and the Maaxeru thread.

I could maintain it instead, but I would end up rewriting it to use cleaner abstractions, and … um, I kinda already did, a year ago. That is what Anduril is — the blade Narsil reforged for a new age.

Thank you for all you do TK!!! It is greatly appreciated……. :+1:


It is rare to find someone who CAN do the software stuff, PLUS knows how it effects the lights exactly, PLUS who has the time to do it, PLUS is actually willing to do it for no pay. :+1:

You have my vote if you want to take over and maintain the Narsil UI. :partying_face:

I’m interested if still open. Thanks

Please read post one and pick which store. Thanks.