Sofirn SF14 should come with a warning

Thanks for checking!

Thanks for taking the time to check this. I learned something.

The delayed onset is consistent with the notion of heat being the problem. In one video I noticed that turning the flashlight off and then on, does not make the problem go away, but turning it off, and waiting a bit, does, albeit, only temporarily. The problem with NiMH might be that battery IR is too low, current is too high, and heat results.

I don’t know much about driver electronics. Is this a buck/boost driver that bucks for Li-ion (above a certain voltage), and then boosts for lower voltages, including Li-ion, alkaline and NiHM? Does it make sense that the boost section could be prone to overheating only on NiMH? Presumably this would be because of low IR and higher currents. Now that I’ve written it out, the idea does not sound very convincing.

Anyway, as others have already said, it looks like either the flashlight, the driver, or both were not designed for NiMH.

4A is no problem with Eneloops. Running voltage will be over 1.1v. Alkalines will die immediately under that current, and even at 2A will drop below 1.0v very quickly.

The new SF14 is out, and has some differences in aspect (smaller, larger, seems to have removable bezel, has “V2.0” marked on the head, …).
Let’s see if it does work better than the previous version in those aspects mentioned here!,searchweb201602_1_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10342_10343_10340_10341_10696_10084_10083_10618_10304_10307_10820_10821_10301_10869_10868_10059_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=acd27411-ed4f-4ae7-82f1-343793b679b6-4&algo_pvid=acd27411-ed4f-4ae7-82f1-343793b679b6&priceBeautifyAB=0

EDIT: From the link:

EDIT 2: to specify if it works with Eneloops, they have to specify if they work with the N other brands of Ni-MH batteries once not all the people have the money to buy or the access to Eneloops!!! :arrow_right:

FWIW, last night I tried to duplicate the "flickering in high mode using a Ni-MH battery" anomaly in my SF14 and couldn't do it. Took an Eneloop down to 0.9 v and the flashlight seemed to remain stable all the way. But, as confirmed to me by a Sofirn rep via PM this morning, part of the SF14V2 upgrade is to address this anomaly.

Try to get the new one, version 2.0, its on Amazon, its supposed to fix that problem. use code GCRBWXTC to save 30%

Wish they would offer the new SF14V2 without the battery and charger.

They do, on AliExpress. See the link for their store I posted above! Not amazon, though …

The addition of a Direct Thermal Pat (DTP) Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB) <generic illustration below>, and a throttling back of the max lumen output from 600 to 550 lumens should mitigate thermal build-up problems in the SF14V2. According the Sofirn rep I PM'd yesterday, the new MCPCB in the SF14V2 is copper and not aluminum.

Photo borrowed from Rigid PCP.

But this doesn't help existing SF14 owners that have the flickering problem.

What is wrong?

The cost on Ali for a SF14V2 is currently $16.23. But when I checked the price there a day or two ago it was only $12.90. What is Sofirn doing?

The above screen shot is from a browser I had left open. One may just as well pay $16.09 (with the coupon code) on Amazon and get the flashlight with battery and charger.

I don’t know about the price fluctuation, but since it is a new product, they may be still adjusting it.
I remember that in the beginning the original SF14 costed a bit more than what it costs now. So maybe they are still adjusting values. Also, Coin values tends to make some (little) impact!

If you check the AE App, you’ll find a 0.88€ coupon for buying more than 13.03€, so it will bring it down almost 1 dollar!

At this writing, the listing on Amazon says the “upgraded” SF14 is expected in stock on Aug. 8, 2018.

The price for the upgraded version with battery and charging slot is $22.99.

The price for the SF14 alone is $14.99 — same as the old model.

But perhaps it is the old model when you purchase light alone, since it is rated at 6t00 lumens, same as the old. Whiled the updated version is rated at 550 lumens.

I do not see any coupon on the Amazon site, as of this writing.

Reducing the rating by 50 lumens and calling it upgraded makes me wonder what’s going on.

After this controversy, Sofirn should stop selling the original SF14. I hope this is simply an oversight on their part in updating the listing for the light alone.

Still no rating listed for Eneloops, or NiMH for those who may be unaware that the chemistry is the same.

The code I used to get the 30% off SF14V2/Battery/Charger deal (i.e.GCRBWXTC) no longer seems to work. Sorry,

The flashlight alone on this page is the old SF14.

Interesting. Can a flashlight manufacturer stay in business catering to the needs of enthusiasts? How many units must they sell before they break even? I’m using a little 14500 Olight as my EDC. My little Olight costs less than the Chinese junk garbage they’re selling on amazon. I read reviews for lights I’m interested in. Garbage, plastic lens AA zoomie gets 16,000 decent reviews. Thrunite. Olight, Nitecore, Thorfire lights that are decent, costing less than t the Chinese-Garbage lights, but the good lights have the smallest fraction reviews.

Based on reviews, a junky garbage plastic lens TACTICAL flashlight is the one you really want.

I understand that the quality and quantity of reviews can be manipulated by unethical vendors, but 16,000 mostly positive reviews?

As an example, my most recent light is the Catapult V6. Who but folks like us would buy a light like this?

I’m just saying is all…

The 30% discount code (GCRBWXTC) is listed under the “Special offers and product promotions” section of the Amazon listing, not near the price like coupons are clipped on Amazon listings.

Better yet, PM Sofirn here and see if there are any 50% codes remaining, as noted in the other thread.

Either way (if the AMZ code is not working), I’d try a PM, and they should be able to take care of things.

The promotional code works and brings the new version of the SF14 with battery and charging slot to just under the price of the old model with its defects.

I do not see any way to order the new version of the SF14, with or without the accessories that I wouldn’t need.

Of course, who knows if this listing is correct. I got an SF14 just this week and it was the old model.

You can, through AliExpress Store of Sofirn Official Store. It has been said above here!

Link: Page Not Found -

The new version of SF14 was released this week! See here: Our newly Sofirn SP32A v2.0 and Updated SF14 are available on Order yours today with promotional 30% off code! .
If the order was done some time ago, you wouldn’t get the new version, just the old version…

I’m not sure what you mean, because your statements contradict. One says the code works on the new version, and then the next says it’s not possible to order the new version.

To be clear, the Sofrn rep here provided an Amazon link to the new 2.0 version of the SF14 in the other thread, in announcing their availability earlier this week.

There is a 30% off code on the page, or a 50% code if you PM them here and ask for it.

For the time being, both the new v2.0 of the SF14 and SP32A are only being offered in kit form from Amazon. And in the case of the SP32A, only the black color. The cheaper SF14 listing with the bare light is for the old version. In addition to the price and configuration. the difference between the two listings can be discerned by the lumen ratings, as well as the picture of the light.

Subsequently, the bare SF14 v2.0 must be ordered from their AX store, as well as the pale gold and silver colors for the SP32A v2.0.

Even if one doesn’t require the battery/charger, the Amazon SF14 option is clearly preferable, as either the 30% code can be used to bring the kit to the same price as the bare light on AX, or the 50% code to make it an even sweeter deal. And it will arrive within a few days for Prime members once it becomes available, versus weeks from AX.

Selecting and buying from these hobbyist-oriented Chinese brands requires some caution and some attention to detail, because their marketing and methods of distribution can be confusing, but that’s nothing new, esp. for BLF members.

I think I’ll wait awhile….

Sure, but 4A is enough that the voltage drop due to resistance in the spring, switch, etc needs to be considered.