Sofirn SF14 V1 vs V2


(For anyone interested)
Here is a visual comparison between the Sofirn SF14 and the new SF14V2.
I don’t want to do a full write up review so I will let the images do most of the talking. The following pics are the best i could manage with my (very old) cell phone. In all the comparison shots the original SF14 will be on the left and the SF14V2 will be on the right.

I have no affiliation with Sofirn (other than being a customer). This post is entirely my own doing.

Smaller tail cap

(for North America) its approximately 3/16” shorter (sorry rest of the world :wink: )

New version with SMO reflector

Battery tube of V2 has same threads on both ends. This will allow the pocket clip to be reversed.

Tail cap sections


V2 with what appears to be a glued in driver (no retaining ring)

Just thought I would share and contribute to the awesome info on this forum.
Happy to answer questions if anyone has any.

glued looks sad

man I was hoping to aim the v2 but now I have doubts

The V1 is a great light. It has been my EDC since I got it.

When the V2 came out I was exited so I bought 2 (thinking I would mod them).
I’m not saying this V2 is a bad light, but I wish I grabbed 2 more of the V1s instead.

This is entirely my opinion (obviously) but I really don’t like the V2 to be honest. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. It SHOULD be better. It has slightly less output. I suspect to correct a problem with the old driver having a flickering problem while using NIMH batteries. Side by side the V2 has a slightly smaller and less bright hotspot (in all modes).

I thought I was being too nitpicky. Then I realized maybe the reason I didn’t like it was because maybe it was just a little too uncanny valley for me. Like I said, the V1 has been my EDC. I’m very familiar with it. I like it a lot. This new one just feels weird. Others probably won’t feel the same.

I will probably feel much the same, love the V1, EDC it every day, and don’t feel Nimh is an issue since to me it is a 14500 light with convenient capability to run store bought alkalines as backup.

I do think I can’t NOT have a V2 though, so I guess I’ll be keeping an eye open for the next good offer.

Nice pictures & info…. thank you. :THUMBS-UP:

I got a SF14 V2.0 by mistake when I ordered a SP32A V2.0 and am really liking it. Nice size & fit n’ finish is perfect.

Nooner, do you happen to have the Lumintop Tool AA v2.0 that you could compare (size) with this SF14 V2?

Thank you in advance!!!

I do not.
It’s on my list of needed lights though.

Thank you :wink:
I am in the fence to get one or the other, but wanted to check their size side by side! Gonna search a little more to see if I can get a picture of it!
Thanks :+1:

EDIT: found what I wanted here: Sofirn SF14 V2.0 - Quick Review and Images

EDIT 2: and here too:

Just in case anyone might wonder, the UV version of the SF14 is apparently also V2. It has an OP reflector though but yeah driver is glued.

Im lookong for the SF14 V1. The V2 unfortunately does not fit 16mm MCPCB, which I need to ise with E21A and Optisolis boards