Sofirn SP35 Pro

I can’t disagree with anything you suggested, except Anduril 2. I’m an Anduril 1 fan.

+1 on that comment. Anduril 2 is just more complicated and I don’t see any benefits to it.

I think it already has ATR.

It seems the consensus on this forum is that Andril 1 is the preferred choice over Andruil 2.

I did not expect all the replies to be about Anduril 1 vs 2 :slight_smile: Well as long as we are able to flash the one we want then that won’t be a problem. My preference is Andoril 2.

Would flashing over USB C be possible?

Currently enjoying my sp35 but missing Anduril and sc31pro’s better switch. Flat tailcap would be fine and… maybe SFT40 led option?

I would also add a spring on the positive end so 18650 batteries can be used.

The switch is my least favorite part of the SP35; the button is too mushy and has too much play relative to the body and tactile switch itself. It’s fine with the UI as is, but wouldn’t play nicely with the repeated presses needed with Anduril.

Won’t go as far as to say it’s awful, but there are better ones in the parts bin, like the silicone one, but incorporating it into the head would take a bit of rework.

I already like the UI as is, and am neutral on Anduril in general, so that’s not a pressing need in my book.

The magnetic HD20 tail cap is sold as an accessory, but lacks a hole for a lanyard (my mistake, it turns out it does have a lanyard hole). It also lacks dual springs like the original, but the light isn’t demanding in terms of current draw, so they probably serve more to help keep the battery from rattling around than moving electrons. As noted, a adding a spring to the driver end would be more beneficial.

I have the no-ATR version, and no experience with it, but a more refined implementation could be a suggestion.

The charging circuit already draws close to 2A, and works with C2C cables. Not sure what’s missing there, for the intended application. The port opening is a bit constrictive, and won’t accommodate cables with larger connector housings, but that’s not a functional issue per se.

Isn’t this a single cell light the SP35? If it really charges at close to 2A and has C-C capability I’m not sure what the charging complaint is, it’s already better than most single cell current flashlight offering. 18W PD charging is GREAT I love it and believe it should be mandatory on near all 3-8 cell lights, but 12v X 1.5A =18W. Now charging 5v X 2A (10W) on a single cell is likely faster than multiple cells at 18W.

The only thing I hate about Anduril V1 is the 4 clicks into config, and of course if you’re a dealer like me, is the need for Anduril’s V2 Simple UI for customers. Great for young people or those who are techie, but some absolutely hate it and can’t understand the UI.

Is Anduril V2 that much of an issue really though? If Simple UI had access to Turbo straight out of the box, I don’t see a problem. I don’t need anything that the Advanced UI offers after I’ve set it up to how I like it. All the strobes and blinkies are just never used, only battery check

Tail switch… please…


There have been hints of, and allusions to an SP35T, but it has not appeared for sale as of yet. Perhaps someone in the know can comment on its status…

Meanwhile, the SC31T no one was expecting has become available.

Agreed, I prefer Anduril 2.

The basic UI functionality is the same. Not sure why folks think it’s so much more complicated. It just makes it less likely to accidentally access configuration settings. I’ll never hand an Anduril 1 light to someone not intimately familiar with the UI, but Anduril 2 is no problem (especially in simple mode).

I admit I also felt a bit reluctant about Andúril 2 in the very beginning. Now that Sofirn uses the USE_2C_MAX_TURBO command for direct access to Turbo (as in Andúril 1) I see nothing but benefits in using the new version. Maybe some people have become afraid of my Andúril 2 UI diagram because it reflects the fully loaded features on one single page, lol. I am working on a more essential UI diagram for Sofirn's next manuals (Q8/SP36 Pro, LT1, SP10 Pro, ...) which will actually be divided into two separate diagrams, one for Simple UI and one for Advanced UI.

More good news is that Sofirn will most likely be the first manufacturer to introduce the new Atmel 1616 chip which comes factory-calibrated in terms of voltage and temperature sensing.

Yes to the rubber switch.
Yes to the SFT emitter.
Yes to magnetic tail option. And how about removing the scallops/cutouts. Just have a smooth/flat rim. Same for the bezel, please.
Ehh to Anduril, but sure, I’m used to it now - good, bad, or indifferent.
Ehh to PD charging. I would definitely prefer it but not holding my breath.
No to the same clip. Needs to be deeper carry and ditch the two-way nonsense! Also, clip opening ’standoff’ should be larger and rear offset smaller (hugging the tailcap closer).
ATR should be able to be turned on/off if it’s not Anduril.
Yes to flashing pads if it is FOSS UI.

Lastly, which nobody has mentioned yet, and it is unlikely sofirn would listen to, is to maximize the reflector:bezel ratio. Sofirn/Wurkkos make some very odd design choices is this area. The worst example imo is the new Wurkkos FC12 with the step-down bezel. For a ‘tactical’ light using a flat emitter, it’s boggling why they’d waste so much potential reflector area and have that awkward bulge in the middle of the light. :person_facepalming: Maybe it’s just me.

Summed up. Just make a 21700 SC31pro … with a nice clip

:+1: :beer:

I like the SP35 UI as it is. Nice and simple for the entire family to learn in 10 sec and use easily straight out of the box.

- Same body as current - yes I like the design

- Anduril 2 - nope like the current simple UI

- Magnetic and flat end cap (with hole for wrist strap) - already comes with this as an option and work well

- ATR - already has it

  • Same clip as current SP35 - I really like the 2 way clip. Wish my other small torches had them

Ultimately, I think it would be a shame if any future version of the the SP35 lost its regulated driver, in favor of yet another FET implementation that makes great peak transient numbers that are good for marketing, but in practical use, as a tool, is condemned to saggy performance.

I consider the non-ATR SP35 a unicorn of sorts, and will not willingly part with mine. Having full manual control of its output, and knowing that it will sustain it as long as desired (and prudent) says Pro, as much as, if not more so than a fancy UI or endless configuration options.

FOSS is also madatory for me. It should be easy to flash our own UI

My SP35 that I recently received already has a magnetic tailcap and it can charge using my phone USB-C PD charger. I would like a rear clicky for sure!

Just fyi, important post from TK concerning end-of-life for Anduril 1:

TK says in the post (Note: V1 is "Anduril", V2 is "Anduril 2"):