Sofirn SP70 Driver and side switch PCB

Just wondering if anyone knows the size of the Sofirn SP70 Driver and side switch PCB. Wondering if they can be purchased separate. I mostly like it for the simple UI, and ramping mode. Thanks.

Driver diameter?
Might be the same with Convoy L6

Yeah from what I’ve read probably the same, but no idea on the side switch. Not sure if they sell the set. Only found Q8 driver and switches for sale.

Apparently, you can buy individual parts from Sofirn now.

Yeah I looked there as well. No SP70 parts.

Right; I’d say message Barry here on the forums and ask to have it listed. Keep in mind with Coronavirus around, responses may be delayed.

SP70 driver/switch assembly…


Yes I just pinged them yesterday. Surprising how fast they put it up! They are very responsive to our community.

I also need to know the diameter of the SP70 driver please

Here’s a new link, the older ones here are dead:

30.07 mm.

Got my SP70 Driver,

Main driver 30.03mm without the 2 bumps (shave or grind off if not needed) - Double spring.

The switch is a hexagonal shape - narrow parallel edges measure 11.72mm with the angled tips measuring apprx 12.42mm

- 1 common ground

- 1 main switch wire on/off

- 1 green LED wire for temporary lighting battery status above certain voltage.

  • 1 red LED wire for temporary lighting battery status when below certain voltage.

The green/red led is a single dual color LED one on each side.

Switch has 2 tiny resistors for the red/green LED.

Great, thanks for the measurements and info!

Also would the components on the board clear a 28mm driver opening? (looks like it should from the photo)

Anyone happen to know specs of the input voltage for the SP70 driver?

Wondering if it can use 3S (12.6 volts)?

Thanks again YogibearAl for the detailed switch info, it was very useful!
It’s a perfect fit, my switch opening measures 12.43 and my old switch board is11.76 at widest, 4 wires to the switch (lighted)