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10% OFF coupon code for all products
coupon code: QJ2D266N

15% OFF for LT1, SP36 and SP36Pro
coupon code: Y2RXGSPH

20% off for D25LR, LT1S

coupon code: H7XBL8UY

(personally, l love LT1S!!!)

Deals end on 26th December, 2021

Sofirn Amazon US
15% OFF SP31V2
code: 15CNHFFD
18% OFF Q8 (10% code+8% coupon)
code: 10DEM2UL

15% OFF LT1, SC31 PRO, SP35(Ship from Canada)

LT1: $67.15

SC31 Pro: $31.45

SP35: $32.3

15% OFF SC31 Pro, Q8 Pro, SP36 BLF, SC21 (Ship from Czech)

sofirnlight site New Year Deal

Hello guys, Happy New Year

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#1. 30% OFF SC31 Pro Anduril 1.0

Original Price: $26.99
Deal Price: $18.90
coupon code: H4O6JS3V

#2. 20% OFF LT1s

Original Price: $42.99

Deal Price: $34.40

coupon code: XUTU2HX8

#3. 15% Q8 Pro

Ship from USA, CZ

Original Price: $90.99

Deal Price: $77.35

Ship from China

Original Price: $77.99

Deal Price: $66.30

coupon code: KBVX2GLV

#4. 15% OFF all product ship from ZC (ship from Europe)

coupon code: KBVX2GLV

Hello Barry / Sofirn Team,

I am trying to purchase the SC31 Pro Anduril, but there is no option to select the shipping from Europe (CZ), just from China.

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi, we have SC31 Pro Anduril 2.0 on ZC warehouse.
SC31 Pro ship from ZC 15% OFF now!

Hi Barry,

I want to order a few pcs of SC31 Pro.

Can you please confirm that with anduril 2 the light supports reverse charging? (Powerbank feature)
I did not find this info anywhere.


Sorry for the noob question but I can’t find anywhere to input the discount code in the sofirn website? And is paypal the only available payment option?

When you get to the payment section of checkout you can enter the code.

Thank you, Barry / Sofirn Team!

I saw now the CZ section. :)

Hi sir, SC31 Pro with anduril 2 don’t supports reverse charging.

Are the website SC31 pros Anduril one or two?

Bought an SC31 Pro yesterday.

Wanted to buy another one (other color) with 5000k led.

Unfortunately not in stock.

Then tried the 6500k, but the coupon expired...

Any 30% discounts off the sofirn Q8 Pro? on amazon UK?

#Sofirn website January Deal :D
13% OFF All Products Deal
ends on Jan. 25, 2022

Sofirn website February Deal

12% OFF Products ship from USA

25% OFF D25S, D25L, D25LR

TF84 40% off
final price: $32.4
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