Solar Storm Raging 5x Cree XML driver replacement


A very nice LED flashlights place i may say!

So, to the topic, my 2 years old Solar Storm 5x Cree XML died, aftert the check the driver just broke apart in my hands - PCB broke apart , maybe due to the heavy usage it became “crispy” :slight_smile: ,anyway, i need a new one

I am roaming 2 days already the forum and the net for a nice replacement, asked some traders here, but it seems i cant find a suitable option so far:

  • The driver was 5.8a/4v output one, 46mm round: the emitters are in a serial conection, probabrly, even 7A one will do even better, the body is very solid

Any help about that matter will help- pls, dont let that torch go in the garbage :slight_smile:

No doubt you probably already came across this thread, perhaps it’s even the way you found us.

I am only here to meet and greet you, I do not have that light, but I can almost guarantee someone else here does and will be able to help you out!

yeah, i already asked that guy, he dont offer drivers separately:/

I read all modding topics too, it seems that some SRk drivers can fit, cause they are eacly 46mm(some, not all)

I actualy got my hand on this from a hungarian site:

But, it drives the emitters at max 3.34A(was a bit cheap(4euros) but its the only 46mm i have found so far)…the seller claimed its 6…anyway…i need something realy at 5.5-6 as original, this way the torch gives like 1300lm tops

If you have the same driver like in a King - then you can easily Resistor-Mod it.
Just add a resistor to R3 or R4 and increase the power.
THe two resistors used have 0,05Ohm each, so I would use another one or two of these and just check, in which way the power increases.

If you just solder in a piece of copper, you can even direct drive your LEDs at High-Mode.

And what you should do:
Use thicker cables from the driver to the LEDs.

Thanks for the tip, but i allready tried that, with no effect whatsoever,nothing changed…it seems that either there is another way to mod that driver, or straight ordering somehting good, the old driver had a huge coil in it, better power factor too…well, its only 4euros, i dunno what i was expecting, but as i said, was the only one i have found : yes, there are other SRK drivers, but either they arent 46mm ones, or they are for serial conected emitters…or at least i cant find a suitable, thats why i posted here :slight_smile:

Those wires are just for the test, actualy it never worked, as i saw it gives only 3.3A i never used it that way

1.Try modding the driver you have. Sounds like you already have...

2 .Another option is to buy a new 46mm SRK driver from user RMM or someone and have it set up with a UI for mechanical switch. I would go with a 7135 based driver instead of a FET driver unless you upgrade the heatsinking in the light. You can then get a nice UI and the output you want if you order from him.

3. If you need an original driver, PM me and I can sell you one I have. But I would recommend option two instead.

Wow! Thanks for the link man, it seems its the thing i am looking for!

11.2 amps! Wont this fry my emitters? Or i can customize them ? I have also Trustfire j18, but its running unstable at high mode after 30min or so( i have to lower the high mode, or mod it somehow), this one served me well for 2 years, that why i want to repair it, if its price-reasonable of course

Anyway, i will ask the seller personaly about that matter, thanks again for the tips, you have been quite helpfull!

Since that light doesn't use a boost driver, and the cells are all in parallel, then the LEDs must be wired in parallel also (don't be fooled by there only being two wires off the driver to the LEDs). LEDs in parallel divide the total output current between them, so ~12-15 amps total would only give 2.4-3A each.

Yeah, thats right, i saw that actualy there are 7 modes awailable, so it will be great for one to have that ammount of power for short periods of time, indeed!

On a continious run i could use 50% or smth, it happenes to me quite often you know

Another important thing: will the default button(on the back) can stand that ammount of current or shall i swap it with somehting else?