Solarforce L2i hosts still available anywhere?

It seems like I’ve discovered the world of L2 awesomeness just a few months too late. Anyway, thread title says it all.

Alternatively, are there any other decent (and relatively cheap) AAA P60 hosts around?

Well there's this for the low low price of 65 dollars shipped. :P

That makes my bargain-o-meter hurt.

Yeah, I sadly missed out on them too and have been searching for one for the past 2 months. I haven't found one for a reasonable price yet.

I presume you contacted and begged them to check the deep dark forgotten corners of their warehouse for one?

I did. But I haven’t heard back yet. It’s been like a whole 45 minutes or so! What gives?

We went thru this about a half a year ago L2i gone forever? (Confirmed) …unfortunately it seems to be gone for good. Fortunately, I picked up a gunmetal L2i last year for about $8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, called up just about every company that I have ever heard of selling solarforce. I currently have emailed the guy who has one for 65 dollars shipped to try to get one without a drop in for less but no response so far.

Not manufactured anymore and that’s why I’m never letting mine go J)

The L2i is my favorite P60. Too bad it was never made with HA3 coating.

I guess it wont be long till we see the first 26650 P60 hosts.. and those will surely fit 3AAA.

There are a few for 80 dollars on CPF.

I regret not buying one when they were a normal price!

Is the “itc_shop” ebay store run by the same people/person who operates

Maybe someone can arrange for a special run of the L2i? The next BLF light?
But I really wish they’d make a 3xAA (side by side) P60 host. The next next BLF light? :wink:

I sent an email with links to every discussion I could find on this board, as well as references to others, where people were expressing interest either in acquiring an L2i specifically, or a AAA P60 host of some sort. Perhaps everyone else could do the same? If their inbox gets flooded with similar requests, perhaps they’ll take some notice.

Why not I say. It’s something to do. And maybe it wont be for nothing.

I agree with cainn24. Sent an email to Solarforce myself. We all liked them, maybe emailing them will get them back

I emailed them twice a week ago and have heard nothing.

I just sent an email. Everyone should email them and see what happens. As suggested a BLF special edition would be great!

Just got an email from sf

“Thank you for your support to the L2i.

The production of L2i was discontinued. Due to low demand from the market, we are sorry that we do have production plan of it at the moment.

Best regards,
The Solarforce Team”


Yeah, just received the same email. But I’ve also sent a further reply :wink:

Imagine if Andy Dufresne had given up after the first rejection when requesting funds to enhance the Shawshank State Prison Library!

Just ask them how many should be sold to make it worthwhile for them and we will see.