SolarStorm Warrior Giveaway (Winner announced)

My most memorable experience at BLF :
When I was new here, I discovered what is laptop pull and I realized that I got a lot of laptop battery pack at my work.
I don’t steal them if you worry about that, it’s mostly old battery pack and sometime it’s the controler card that is faulty and in that case batteries are all fine and quite fresh.
Like a revelation to me.

My most memorable experience at BLF would be reading the review on Convoy L4 by f42, i ordered it instantly after that and now it become my best buddy 8) …

a couple of memorable moments:

-when i won the btu shocker in _the_'s giveaway

-seeing the amazing creations in last years mod contest. the space age lasergun flashlight was incredible...

My most memorable moment was when I received a package from a couple of Australian members.

Winning this giveaway? :smiley:

Thanks for this not only for the giveaway but for the idea of what’s your most memorable experience.
For me there is lots of memorable experiences here. Good, not so good, educational, down right confusing, frustrated, elated, funny and sad. I also can not miss out on the fact that I can stress relieve here with my friends as virtual as they most are in this virtual hideaway of ours.
Without picking a winner. I keep thinking of the smarts of one guy here being OL and his inaugural light building comp. The guys in the hand built section absolutely blew me away with their imaginations and the ability to create what was imagined. If anyone has not seen this thread do yourself a favour and have a look.

I would love this flashlight in the giveaway but feel there are far more members here that would benefit from it than I.
Thanks again for the comp and the choice of topic. :slight_smile:

There are so many interesting things happening every day here its hard to pinpoint any specific…
Thanks for prise…

Taking the step from being a lurker to a member and signing up is up there:)

The generosity of members constantly blows me away.

Yet actually winning a competition and a very generous one too is my moment I choose.
I still look at it in amazement!

Best experience… Uhm…
I think all the time i’m really upset at work, i take my phone and one post make me smile :bigsmile:

Hmm most memorable experience….

Probably doing my 9xt6 review. That was fun. I wish i had time for more.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Probably putting together a few group buys. Lots of work but lots of fun!

I think my most memorable moment on this forum was the first time I noticed the generosity on this forum.
So much giveaways, collection money for someone who has had a difficult time, lot’s of help and information.

best experience at blf - discovering led flashlights! this was the first place i stopped when i googled bright flashlights nearly 2 years ago!!

Thanks for the giveaway. My most memorable experience was winning my first giveaway. It was a solarforce L2M that he modded with a copper pill and a XP-G2 and a great driver. It was my first XP-G2 and I still use this light almost every day.

My most memorable moment is when I discovered that there exists indeed a forum for flashlight lovers with interesting and intelligent people sharing the same passion.

Most memorable events for me are many, and finally being able to buy a killer OldLumen project. SOLD - Copper Smoothie Scratch Build Light
BTW, her name is COP, and she is aging nicely. As she ages a little more, I plan to post a few pictures from my new free flickr account :). lol

Second was winning the DST giveaway. Cause I never really win anything, and by getting it it makes me feel sorta like a official BLF member. Corny I know.

Seriously, I appreciate all the work each member has done helping me. I now have many memorable custom lights now from different members. I can’t list them all. But they are all truly memorable in their own rights.

I am in on this giveaway. Cool prize.

When I dedomed my first XML on copper after reading how it could be done right here on BLF. (Hot method, no gasoline then) and screwed the head on my Trustfire X7 and got a reading of 135 kCd and I could see the led position and opening of the reflector was still way off..... Yeehaah!

And thanks to all involved parties for doing the giveaway. Could this be my first multi emitter light

My most memorable experience would be that of just browsing the forum and realizing that there are so many flashlights out there. Up until then, I had only thought about flashlights like the ones you would find at Home Depot or Canadian Tire (local supply stores).

Never did I realize that you could get such better lights. I certainly would have not have ever run into manufacturers like Jetbeam, Nitecore, Sunwayman, Klarus, Zebralight, etc. at my local shops where I would normally look for a flashlight.

Mine was the realization that some people actually have MORE flashlights than me!!

So many memorable moments ...

I remember Foy's first Solarforce review , what an enthusiastic and well written thing it was !

Match's ingenious mods , E1320 and the first custom firmware mods available for sale to forum members , Old-Lumens shows up and makes old school mods new again , JohnnyMac's MiniMag shorties ...

My most memorable moment is probably when , after a hell of a lot o work , sb finally figured out a way to keep spammers out of the forum . Only people that were here back then would appreciate what a huge thing that was. It inspired me to compose a limerick in his honor , and I just can't stop .