*SOLD*: Tain Lasaber Ti 18500 - MINT

Can’t afford it, but sounds great.
I just don’t understand someone hoping to sell a $600 light doesn’t put some pics up with it.

Driver L-M-H-Strobe-SOS 5 Mode with Memory, 50ma-300ma-1000ma

does not sound good
also no specs for throw given

Are you not seeing the photos? I see them. Posted two.

Yes it got tritiums but does it light up on the important side of the flashlight?
beam artifacts like rings

Tain does not give specs. Neither he nor I have the equipment to measure throw nor lumens.

so we buy mystery box for 600$ not even knowing if it lights up at all, UI, Lumens or how many throw?

Beam shot against a TN42 or anything throwy 500 to 1000kcd

I only see icons symbolizing pictures and their descriptions.
On phone with recently updated Chrome browser.

Did you put the links to the pics in between exclamation points?

1A for a LEP is pretty good, isn’t it?

The modes are a shame though… (i.m.o.)

I can’t see a thing (ordinary laptop).

Beam shots and full information here: https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?451736-FS-Laser-powered-flashlight-Lasaber-Ti-18500-amp-18650

I'm having trouble linking images, but here are the links: https://imgur.com/ujqV7Iy https://imgur.com/DH9hxEl


yo… anyone know where I can get a battery tube + a clicky switch deal that can support some tritium sticks in it?

If I get my xmas bonus early I know what I’m getting for xmas. Id rather have this with several modes than the acebeam with one mode

It's still available.


Here's a movie I just made of this flashlight: https://youtu.be/FoZ97ZDT0ns

double in let’s do it


That video was like watching pam anderson in action