Soshine 18650 - real or fake

I’ve purchased Soshine 18650s in the past for family members and needed a few more. Where I ordered from in the past isn’t shipping to the US right know so i bought from someone else. When I got them they came in a cardboard box and not the plastic container like in the past. They also didn’t have the date stamped where I usually see it. Below are pictures of before and after I unwrapped one of them. The question is, are they real or fake?

Hey mate it looks real. Can you check the capacity? Where did you buy it from?

I tested some Soshines in this thread, if they are the same, they must be Panasonics inside:

I don’t have the ability to check the capacity.

I bought them from an ebay seller. The pics and description looked like what I’ve seen but I’m always cautious with ebay purchases so that’s why I’m a little more skeptical.

I also don’t remember if the ones I’ve purchased in the past were marked as made in China.

I purchase the 2600mAh version all the time from the one seller and the date stamp on them no longer represents the date.

98% real batteries.

Now put everything back together (carefully) :slight_smile:

That is Panasonic cell.

Very unusual packaging for Soshine cell must admit.

Roger that on putting everything back together carefully. Will be doing it this evening.

Thanks to everyone for the input.

I have 8 of these I bought from Illumn well over a year ago. That said, mine look exactly like yours with the covering and protection circuit on the positive end