Soshine 26650 Protected 5500mAh batteries - surprisingly decent cells.

I wouldn’t call cheap, but there is Yezl Y3.

Thanks, i have heard lots of good things about the Yezl Y3 :slight_smile:

And it is cheaper than the HD2010.

According to Tom E:
The Y3 is the best thrower in the price range - bigger reflector than a HD2010 or T08 …

Also, dedoming supposedly gives better throw.

Ask around for a code at Gearbest:

Tested the same Soshine batteries in my new real OPUS BT-C3100 v2.2 charger today, got room for three batteries in the charger.
And the C3100 charger gives me a result between 5200-5350mah, and on the Lii500 charger, I only got between 4700-5000. But still, I think C3100 also have 3V as cutoff power and both has 1A discharge option, so don’t understand why there is so big difference. Just on SoShine batteries.
Almost every other type of battery I have tested (and I have allot of types now) have almost the same rating on C3100 as on Lii500. Including other 26650 batteries.


I think you are correct in the reason for the differences in mAh readings. Both the Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 and the Opus BT-C3400 v2.2 have a cutoff voltage of 2.8v for Li-ion(which BTW is the same cutoff voltage as the protection circuit in the Soshine). But your Lii500 has a cutoff voltage of 3v. So you won’t get as much mAh out of the battery on it as you will on the Opus analyzers. In this case that last .2v equates to several hundred more mAh.

n10sivern and I have the same analyzer, but he charged his at 2A with a 1A discharge and I charged mine with a 1A and a 1A discharge.

I am going to re-test mine at a 2A/1A rate and see if it makes a difference.

Here is a review that states the cutoff v for the 3100v2.2 is 2.8v

and the instructions that came with my 3400 v2.2 clearly state in the “Discharge Mode” section a cutoff voltage of 0.9v NiMH/NiCD or 2.8v Li-ion.

IMHO, for a protected cell, real world capacity is obtained by letting the batteries’ protection circuit cutoff kick in, rather than an analyzer artificially cutting off the battery.

Ok, never seen the C3100 go below 3V. And to your information, the C3400 is just a thing they call C3100 v2.2. Some big seller on Amazon, ebay or something, wanted a new name, so he got them to call it BT-C3400, but it just the BT-C3100 V2.2, just search the google, and you will find everything about it. There is no C3200 or C3300, or C3400 V2.0, 2.1, just C3400 v2.2 or just C3400, that is V2.2, but a C3100.

Can you measure the length and diameter of these cells?

67mm x 24mm

Really? 67mm is impressive for a peotected cell. You’re sure it’s only 24mm wide?

It’s because of the way they are protected, which is also why they can only do 4A.

Are you sure about the 4A? I had mine higher than that but they definitely trip by 7A

What’s special about the protection?

The protection is built on the + side, therefore no connecting wire on the outside of the cell is needed. So the cells are thinner than cells with protection on the - side. Also the thickness of the protection circuit is lower, so the cell is shorter. On the downside FETs of other polarity (P-FETs) are needed, which are more costly and not as strong as comparable cheaper N-FETs.

I have the predecessor of this battery with 4200 mAh. These cells are also very good cells with protection on the positive end.

Interesting. But why are the cells themselves only 24mm wide instead of at least 26mm? That will cause rattle and it’s a missed opportunity for extra capacity.

I have used manual measures, so it can be some wrong. But I have measured several time now, and if I lay the bad eye to it, maybe they are 25mm wide. But it’s seems like 24mm. Little hard to see since the rims is black, but still 67mm long and 24mm (maybe 25mm) wide.

Hmm, my 4200mAh cells ( ) have a diameter of 26mm, also the Soshine website states 68,5x26mm as cell dimensions for the 5500mAh version:

No way mine is 26mm. More like max 24.5mm, but 24mm is the number is get topside and at the bottom every time.
And I have the protected version, got from ($31.xx for 4)(I have 8 )

I win!!! I have 54 of them