Spark light

Does spark still exist?
no longer have their web, their paypal address is off.
no new product and no contact anywhere

Have not heard anything from them in a great while

Think they stopped yes, see some discussion here as well:

I see now :confused:
Was good brand. They will miss me

Ultrafire and Trustfire will never die!

Hey bro, how have you been! It’s been a while, i still remember you!

Hke still has some stocks….

I remember during its peak, owning a Spark is like owning a Zebralight.电筒&imgfile=&js=1&stats_click=search_radio_all%3A1&initiative_id=staobaoz_20181010&ie=utf8

This SP6 model is for me, one of the better-looking design of ANY light, regardless of manufacturer but somehow its performance was somehow not raved about.

Spark is one of my favorite.
what a harm to the community

Good man!

Our BLF birthdays are very close as well :)

I also recently tried to contact Xyber Xu at Spark and the email bounces. As noted above, it’s a shame, the Canadian SAR community has come to appreciate their lights, and I found them very good to deal with. I first started dealing with Xyber in late 2012. At one point I recall he donated a light to be sent to a BLF member who had suffered a family bereavement. I hope Xyber surfaces again in a similar role in the future where perhaps some form of Spark is re-incarnated.