Spend my $50!

I have $50 that I can just blow on something...I fixed my ex-wife's treadmill and she paid me...so you can bet I'll do something fun with it. I want something big and bright...there have been a few triple XML's lately, but it seems there are reliability issues with some. Oh ya, I only want to use a single 18650...not interested in multiples. I also prefer more flood than throw. Foy loves his 980L, but there are others that had problems with that too. I have a Yezl M6, which is very bright and a bit throwy. I also have a few MF 3 mode XML drop-ins - very bright too. I love my UF2100 too. Is there something WOW brighter than these? I'm also open to building something...I don't have a metal lathe, but I can handle soldering etc. Maybe I should just get a higher quality brand, smaller bright light ie Fenix, Jetbeam etc. Maybe I should get both...hmmm...

How about an Ultrafire C-88 and do the XML conversion? My new favorite light and yes I have the Dry triple X and the Skyray triple X.

+326..........Beautiful fit/finish and heat sinking worthy of an SST-90. Even stock it'll just about throw into the next county.

You need a Keygos KE-5 off of redlog on ebay. I personally don't know of a better or brighter light for the money for its size. That's including the Ultrafire C8 XM-L.


..So maybe not the C88..But how abou this?


Here: http://www.4sevens.com/index.php?cPath=297_402

Buy a Quark MiNi or Preon in neutral white.

Xeno eo3 neutral white

X9 or solarforce L2 with 3 mode drop in and a couple of xtar 2600's


and make a neutral xml drop in for them ..shining beam 4 b xml .. pop pop

L2 - L2T hybrid - L2t

Wow that is awesome, I absolutely love it.

The more I see this , the more I want one .

Those are some great suggestions, thanks. Does the Xeno or the Quark have a clip, or is one available? It's the only way I carry at this point, and I don't want to drop one in the bottom of my pocket. The Solarforce does look real nice...I have a few SF's but nothing like that. The Keygos also caught my eye, looks like a good buy. I guess I need to fix more treadmills, I definitely don't need more ex-wivesMoney mouth

Me too.

If you don't have an S-Mini, it is money well spent. Small for an 18650, long runtime, lots of flood beam, very well built. Not a thrower, but a great light all around. Every flashoholic should have one.

Yeah , I'm diggin' the cylindrical look of the hybrid .

Clean lines .

The S-mini is cool , but I want more power than it apparently has ...and now that it has a clip it's definitely one to watch .

If it had a 2amp turbo mode I'd be all over it .