Starry Light SA-22

Love this light! This could be THE budget light of 2014!

If you’re on the fence, get off it and just get one! At this price, you can’t go wrong!

Output is sensational. The grip and body feel is fabulous. Only thing I don’t like is threading on the top. It’s hard and feels like it’s mis-threading (when in fact it corrects itself the tighter you screw downward). Beyond that, the PWM is just about not noticeable unless facing a fan or running water. I don’t notice it at all. The modes are nicely spaced and super-useful. Mode memory is a delight, as is the button response (requires very little pressure). The beam and tint are beautiful. Has good distance, even though it’s not a thrower. I just opened it up and have been playing for some 20 minutes, but I LOVE this light! Can’t put it down!


Are there any coupons for this light?

I saw this light but wanted modes similar to the Jetbeam/Fenix ones. Also Terralux has one that is basically a recolored version of the Jetbeam called the Colorado now.

I compared this light to my Jetbeam PA40.

It’s a little shorter.

The diameter and depth of the reflector look about the same.

Those protruding walls measure 0.060 inches thick. I don’t think they will survive a 2 meter drop, but I haven’t tried it.

Please excuse my attempt at a beamshot. 2.8 aperture at 1/60 second. Light was 72 inches from the wall.

This light is lots of fun and well worth the price point. The holster is gorgeous. The low of 150 lumens is somewhat akin to a SK68, so not too bad. It fits well enough in the pocket for a trip to the task, but I wouldn’t want to EDC it in my pocket.

Bottom line - buy it.

Hey, what is the mode sequence on this light, Low-Mid-High or H-M-L ?

That reminds me! Time to hit those potential-duraloop-xx cells with 5A discharges, which is the most I can do. I figure if they are around 1.1v by the time they’ve given up 1Ah that’s a good sign. The packages are marked “Made in Japan,” so that’s not in dispute. It’s too bad I don’t have any logging yet, comparing curves might help.

I guess I’d better take it over to the Rechargeable Batteries subforum a little later tonight once I’ve generated a measurement or two. EDIT: here’s the thread

They are labeled 2400 mah but they test out between 2500-2575mah. They weigh the same. And so far hold voltage

Based on the previous comments, I expected the color mismatch between the body and the head to be much worse. At least in this shot, it doesn’t look that bad.

I was afraid that this starry night would look more like the Colorado:

Now THAT is a color mismatch. I don’t care how good the light is, that just looks bad.

What light is that?

Terralux Colorado

Has anyone else had SERIOUS trouble getting the light screwed in? I noticed it kept screwing and screwing, but never really attached when I got mine. It works great when you press down and turn it once, but you can easily thread it the wrong way and the light will not work. But you can never screw it down properly (all the way and in such a way as to get it to stay - you can always pull or wiggle the head right off, which means the o-rings don’t make a difference and can’t protect the light from moisture).

Anyone else noticed this? First time I played with it, I noticed this design was the worst-threaded light in the history of lights. Tried to demo it for a buddy tonight and found out how bad this design really is. He totally lost interest in it because of this. It just will NOT screw on properly. I’m amazed it stays at all.

Not really any problems on mine. It is a little tough to get started, easy to cross-thread, but once mine is started it screws down tight.

Plastic body - made in China. The reason I will not buy one. Don't care what type of plastic it is, if it was molded in China. The specs will be off and the min/max dimensional ranges will be too big. OD of threads too small to hold well in the Aluminum head on some and too tight to screw in well on others. Not good, but expected when a process is out of control. Some will be great and some will be no good. My prediction, LOL.

wisdom to live by from OL :slight_smile:

I had to put mine together, the tiny driver/pill retaining ring was unscrewed on mine. I had to get an ice pick and stick it way down in there between the head and the pill and screw the ring into the head. The bezel ring also was loose.

Just noticed there is also some dirt that got into the reflector. Well, this sucks.

Will you guys contact your sellers?
If so, let us know how they handle this and what their answer is regarding whole batch of theirs!

Wow....I was getting pumped up over this light...sure sorry to hear it has flaws out the gate.


It was the retaining ring; it wasn’t screwed in on mine either! I took a paperclip and screwed it down at work (not quite all the way, but enough to get the job done) and it threaded right on! It’s now screwing on and sealing properly. If you’re having trouble, be sure and check that.