SunLike 3500K 95+ CRI midpower led from Seoul Semiconductors tested

Those are 0,2W led but i am looking for 1w. Searched the whole net but cpuld not find:(
Must be somewhere in Asia market for sure.

If you read the graph in the OP, you see that the led works perfectly fine at 400mA/3.6V, which is 1.44 W.

Thanks for the test!

The Seoul P4 high-cri (the first commonly availbale high Power high-cri LED) also had an orange corona back in the day.

First of all I do not like to exceed recommended ma.How long will leds last at 400ma,more than twice that recommended. 3000 hours,5000? I think not more than that. Unacceptable period for me.
Better to get 1w and use them at 250ma they will last at least 40.000 hours maybe even more.

Midpower leds are usually mounted on FRP boards, my test on an MCPCB may not be completely representative for normal use of the led. Further, flashoholics (the main target for my tests) are not usually concerned about what happens after 1000 hours. ,So on top of my test results, what current will be ideal is largely dependent on what you will build.

I’m still using my HDS with stock Seoul SSC P4 for its very good CRI despite its poor lumens to size ratio.
I mentioned its peculiar beam pattern here. Once I got it, it stopped my flashlights quest for many years.
I’m a bit puzzled by McGizmo’s measurements about the CRI R12 = 66.1 because to my eyes it has deep and dense blue colors rendition, better than most CRI90 LEDs. Blue colors look better than with a SST20 4000K to me.

Maybe R12 tells you how accurate the blue must look like compared to the standard, and too blue is not correct either?

Yes you are right, I shouldn’t have said that it has better blue colors, shades look more saturated with a red/magenta hue shift that is better to the my eyes than a yellow hue shift but effectively there are noticeable shifts that might lower its R12 rating, roughly by eyes I would say a positive chroma shift and a hue shift toward magenta.

Aquarium keepers are desperate for long life :slight_smile: . Those who undestood the difference between “sunlike” light and regular blue leds or RGB/WRGB looking for more powerful than 0,2w. Seoul Semiconductors sunlike COB is too powerful and is CCT5000. People need cold white with high CRI and sunlike spectre. From 1 to 6w is the best suitable for aquarium keppers. I will need at least 24 strips of 0,2w leds for my aquarium.It takes too much space.
Looks like you are in hobby for a long time,so in case if you find a market place let me know.
Many people will bless you:)

There was rumour a while ago (I hope it is not cancelled in the meantime) that in the future Nichia will come with high power Optisolis leds, if true they may prove ideal for your purpose.

Should be ready for purchase this year:


Thanks for confirming that it is still in the pipeline Clemence :slight_smile:

ССТ 5000 is not good enough. Can’t underatand why every led company starting to produce new kind of leds from low CCT:(

Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K. Nichia usually use 3000K and 5000K for sampling/presentation purposes.


Probably because there is a norm (IS0 3664:2009) in the graphic & art industry. “The standard dictates that when viewing prints, a light source that replicates the D50 light source should be used”.

Clemence will they be compatible with your boards? With your 36 emitter board, we can get like 20k ultra hi cri lumens? :heart_eyes:

My board? What for? With any COBs you can just plug and solder the lead. The idea of COB is you don’t need any MCPCB to mount the LED. Those tiny LEDs already internally pre-wired, soldered ready to use.


oh didnt realize they are cob

Many printings used Philips Master TL-D 90 Graphica 965 before led took the market. Do not know much about the norms,but D65 is also a standart I guess.

I used to own that light, it was my EDC for quite a few years. These days I use a Zebralight SC64c LE.