SunLike 3500K 95+ CRI midpower led from Seoul Semiconductors tested

I do not think, that 3S4P was with mistakes in design. But 4P3S was not so easy designs pcb. v1.0 was for 1 CCR 350mA, but it was impossible, 1.1 was for 4x4pcs sod123 CCRs. I do not think that 4P3S better than 3S4P. But if you like it more, now you can choose. Tomorrow I will add order to pcb manufacturer for 150-200pcs.

Those CC regulators from On semiconductors have pretty bad characteristics, current is far from constant, large voltage drop etc., it's better to use Diodes Inc AL5809, they are very stable and accurate.

AL5809 also have CCRs in SOD-123 body up to 50mA - page 13 .
And when I draw soldering footprint, I used NSI and AL5809 datasheet.

любой каприз за ваши деньги =)

You can use version in PowerDI-123 package dimensions are almost the same as SOD-123, but power dissipation capability is better, so there are versions up to 150mA - less $/mA.

I know. But it is stupid when price of leds and price of CCRs will the same or leds will be cheaper

I just added to my website PCB with 4-12pcs SunLike 3030 LEDs 12x99x1.6mm 4P3S/2S 60-480mA