Tactical&Hunting USB-C Thrower Flashlight (1180meters)

Haha is the opposite situation to Thrunite, which has withdrawn from the EU. I wanted to buy TN40S in NW and I could not, and nowhere is there. Acebeam, I see that it behaves similarly, dividing the world into pieces. NW for Europe and CW for US.

It’s probably just a distribution issue; shipments got to the EU first. Manufacturers often introduce CW first (Thrunite does this) and only offer NW later. It’s my impression Acebeam wasn’t going to offer NW on this or the T36, but then dealers committed to ordering large enough quantities to convince them to produce it.

Of course, if I was running a flashlight company and had to pick a default tint, it would be 5000K for most products (throwers would be warmer). It’s not necessarily everybody’s favorite, but (almost) nobody hates 5000K.

Dear Acebeam,

Why would your company not want to make a light (5000K T27) available to as many potential customers as possible? Why the deception? I’m beginning to question why I would want to deal with a company like this.


To your point, look at this video.

I just found this from Taiwan


I think “deception” should be replaced with “disappointment”. I don’t see how they deceived you.

I’m freaking disappointed that Acebeam don’t offer NW in so many of the lights I wanted to buy so I just don’t buy them. I wasn’t deceived in any way.

You can get all the options you want from good ol Skylumen. I’m sure he’ll ship international too.



I’m “disappointed” by the “deception”. I actually have an email from Jessie jessie@acebeam.com stating that the 5000K is available.

Well, Jessie hasn’t/won’t respond since I told him I live in NJ.


That’s a nice option. I may have to go with it.

Well well well I’m sorry Jessie. It looks like they’re finally out.

Better late than… I’m still puzzled as to why he wouldn’t respond to me (or my email) messages.

Killzone also encouraged Acebeam to produce 5000K versions of the T36 and L16 as I understand it. They’re doing good work.

I think it’s that whole Jersey thing…

I’m thinking of buying this light!
But why is Skylumen estimating the output to be 40% less than Acebeam?


:laughing: And don’t you forget it either :smiley:


I noticed that, then again, it’s still quite a bit better than my M3SX. You’re right though, and it’s a good question.

Everybody’s skeptical of the claim of 2500 lumens OTF from a single XHP35 HI, especially using a single Li-ion battery. Texas Ace barely topped that running it from a bench power supply with no optics.

Vinh tests the stuff he sells and reports what his equipment reads. I don’t know what his test setup is, but I expect his numbers are somewhere near reality.

None of the single-18650 XHP35 lights I’ve tested have actually hit their numbers. Acebeam came closest with the L16 (claimed 2000lm, measured 1700lm for a 15% difference).

The video in the link above shows how CW thrower in foggy night negates the purpose unless the sky is clean and dry. Once we’re above the stratosphere then CW is more useful.

- Clemence

So Clemence,

You believe color temp makes no difference? I think most on this forum would disagree.

It didn’t look foggy or hazy in the video until the light was turned on, a 4000K probably would have done a better job.

Most people in this forum would agree….
That you read my comment wrong :smiley:

- Clemence

Sorry :blush: That happens to me once in a while. :wink: :laughing:

I just got a good deal from: https://www.killzoneflashlights.com/ on the T27 5000K.