Tank007 E09

Thanks for the heads up on this one, its LOVELY :slight_smile:
!http://imageshack.us/a/img836/6222/camera11y.jpg !

Yes, lovely small and VERY light!


And it’s the worst light I ever got. So many problems and basically not modable without going hard on it.
Not worth it if you want to ever open it up or mod anything.

Tint sucks, XP-E sucks, not even XP-E2 or XP-G2.
Driver basically pushes preset maximum and does not regulate.

Well means I moded it to push maximum and with a lithium battery it does 1.5A+. Maybe fry itself or fry the emitter :bigsmile:

The whole damn thing is glued from factory and it is a real bummer and BIG annoyance when talking it apart.
The whole driver is glued in as well! Had to drill the glue away.

Might later post a review of the moded thing with details, once it works again.
Since last thing that happened is that a TIR lens destroyed my only XP-G2 so I will either switch back to original XP-E or XM-L2.

It is a good flashlight for the price it has.
To make “mods” buy a host, a flashlight is not bad because it is not easy to make mods.


I would not pay $23 for it, but for $11 shipped it was a bargain :party:

I’d love to see your mods. :bigsmile: Working or not.
I’m been fighting the desire to mod my e09. Nichia 219 maybe. But I only have one e09 & to me its already nice. My head is not glued, haven’t tried to remove the driver.

Your mods have been on a tank007 e09? Sorry I’m not 100% clear your talking about an e09.
You had a TIR lens in it? Where did you get a tiny TIR?

I missed this… I ordered the Tank from Fasttech 2 days ago.

Helios, you could try a Ledil Lisa which is just shy of 11mm in diameter, or a Lisa2 at just under 10mm. Not sure if the height is ok to fit in a Tank e09 though…can get the measurements in the morning.

I prefer to pay a little extra for that much more peace of mind :slight_smile:
So far Fasttech has never let me down. Smooth sailing everytime. I will continue to order from them.
I wouldn’t touch some other sellers with a 10-foot pole :expressionless:

I saw this and thought of you! :slight_smile:

If you don’t have this one yet, you should try it for less than $13.
I like this one. This is now my EDC.

Thanks, its seems there is quite a few options for small TIR from mouser & the like. :bigsmile:

e09 reflector is ~12mm dia & ~5mm high (rests on the mcpcb). The height may be an issue. Carclo 10772 looks like it could be 5mm resting on the mcpcb.

Reminds me of Nessie (loch ness)!
Her(?) legs look more like they are spread out more for swimming then standing. :stuck_out_tongue:

received the black E09 today. please click to enlarge to admire serial number ;)

sample is perfect (fit&finish), LED fully centered, and the light seems a few lumens brighter than my ES12, mostly thru the brighter or less tinted spill. hotspot beauty is okay, doesnt get any better than this. it's the best black E09 copy i own .. i certainly like the recent production date, March 2013 :D

what again was my PP deduction for this order?? 4.42US$, un****ingbelievable. EDIT: checked my c-card invoice. 3.40€ lol.

This unit's a keeper. When i again gift away E09's to friend/family/folk in future, i'll expend my used ones. hehe

Let's see how great my gungray unit turns out .. should arrive any day since the black and the gray were posted on the same day.

I missed this… |(

The next place to go would be… Fasttech!
$12.60 with BLF coupon code

I received my final DD shipment todayay! click to enlarge to admire serial number.

sample is perfect (fit&finish), LED fully centered, hotspot very tight (as always), and the light seems as bright as my black 2013 E09. Corona has asymmetrical artifacts, tint is the same, the anodization is a very deep rich gungray brown, i like it. I intend to keep it, cost me only ~5$, but i wouldnt mind gifting it to myself either since the black E09 copy is a bit better (nicer hotspot beauty and higher serial number).

what exactly was my PP deduction for this order?? 5.59US$, un****ingbelievable. EDIT: checked my c-card invoice. 4.30€ lmao.

no more DD for me. you know, i am soo done with DD, DX, Baldä, Brontä, Thrunite, Cletus, Foursevens, MF, KD, etc etc

you want good quality flashlights? then go buy products made by Wallbuys!! :hat:

here my E09 stash (tins shown only):

bye bye DD, i had a good time shilling for ya. but it's time to move on. bye.

yeah FWIW many tank007 lights are heavily glued and not the nest to mod.

I’ll post them soon when I reflow an XM-L or XM-L2 (same T6 3C tint), can’t decide right now.
TIRs are from FastTech.

Yes if you like the light stock no big deal.
But since this is a modding community as much as a budget one, having parts glued from factory is a problem. Especially since people have better spare emitters at home and swaps are otherwise very easy.

good morning!

thanks for the finding, wow .. nice price :)