Test All Image Hostings Issues Here

Then give specific examples of every rule that is being broken.

When I copy the image link on one of the non-displayed images and paste it in a text editor, the URL does not end in JPG.
I think (notice the word think) BLF image links must end in JPG. Or perhaps another image file format.
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@Terry Oregon:

I've never used MediaFire, but if they provide what is commonly called a "direct link" that has an extension like jpg, that is the one you want to use.

Try pasting in the link to the image. But edit it so the http://www is removed so we can see what the rest of the link looks like.

Strange goings on thinks I.
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It's your credibility that's on the line.

If you don't have any evidence to support your (seemingly) dodgy claims, what am I to think of you?

There are politicians that make up stuff and tell huge lies all the time.

Those in the know generally think these people have ZERO credibility.

Do you really want to model your behavior after these types of people?

I mean, if you do, and you're willing to admit it, then more power to you.

At least then you are honest about your dishonesty.

I just went to Imgur's home page.

Some of the images might break BLF's rules, but using Imgur as an image host on BLF doesn't require going to Imgur's home page for the people viewing your images on BLF.

If the problem is with the images posted on Imgur, then from BLF's standpoint, is it a big deal, little deal, or no deal at all?

I vote for no deal at all.

Okay, based on your arguments, claiming that using Imgur as an image host on BLF breaks a bunch of BLF rules is extremely dishonest.

That's the problem. The links to the first three photos do end in jpg. And their direct link doesn't show any picture at all. None of their share links work anymore (but they used to). I've been back-and-forth with their tech support for several days. They don't seem to understand the issue. They give me different things to try, none of which work.

They changed something recently in their share menu.

I'm not really going to pursue this issue anymore. I'm just going to use imgur in the future. I will still have to pay Mediafire yearly, for a while, to keep all my old posts up.

I've done scrolling screen captures of all my important posts. I have all the original text and photos backed up. I could recreate them if necessary. I'm hoping that will never be necessary.

Waaait a sec…

People were bitching and moaning about the link/site about plasma and bowl-shaped magnets and whatnot (whatever the title was), because while the link and video were both okay and benign, the home page was dodgy, and all links from there should be outright banned.

But if pix on imgur’s home page would violate blf rules (didn’t look, probably can’t, don’t really care either way), then it’s fine’n’dandy for everyone’n’anyone to keep using imgur anyway?

Nah, sorry, can’t have it both ways.

(Ain’t directed at you specifically, just in general to You The Reader.)


The images on Imgur's homepage aren't that bad.

The homepage for the plasma and bowl-shaped magnets thing is extremely offensive.

If the images on Imgur's homepage were as bad as the home page for that other site, then I would be first in line with having a problem with Imgur.

When I google Imgur, the up load image link takes me directly to the page for that. Never see the home page.

You're really grasping at straws there.

It's like the federal judge that compared assault rifles to swiss army knives.

Assault rifles are mass murder weapons, and swiss army knives are not.

Ban assault image host sites.

Fine with me.

If an image hosting site is really terrible or dangerous, then ban it.

I don't know of any that fit that category, however.

So it reduces to just a matter of degree, and where The Line™ is drawn.

Yup, some parents only let their kids watch G, or PG, or PG-13 movies.

And some things are allowed on BLF, and some aren't.

This is an answer. I had trouble posting images using imgur because when after you upload an image, imgur says click "copy link" and this is what is given as an example if that's all you do: https://imgur.com/pkT74yihttps://imgur.com/pkT74yi <-- Note that it's a link and does NOT end in .jpg

So I re-read the instructions in RC's link at the bottom of his posts from his tagline "How to Post Images on BLF" and it says that the link MUST end in .jpg and he shows an example. Then I went back to imgur and clicked the " ..... " symbol for the drop down menu and then clicked on "BBCode (Forums)" and voila there is a link that ends in .jpg So i copied that link and it works!

Here's the sample result after I removed the [img] from the front and back of the link provided:

Hope this helps peoples.


Test !https://www.mediafire.com/file/thtdqh0fe04jluy/P1040069.JPG!

Test !https://www.mediafire.com/file/thtdqh0fe04jluy/P1040069.JPG/file!

My original intent was to post ONE single post that would drift off into never-land.

Didn't happen. So, I changed the title to this thread;

Test All Image Hosting Issues Here

Nothing is as permanent as a “temporary” government program or tax…

…or a “please delete” or “testing” thread on BLF.