Test/Review of BlitzWolf 24W Dual wall charger

Thanks for the review HKJ.
Excellent, as always.

Now waiting for the unit to arrive from Banggood in snail mail :bigsmile:

Thank you for another great review HKJ.

Yep, same as that. Will utter the words “is it for me” more times than a child asking “are we there yet” on a long car journey :smiley:

And I replied: And even when the charger is not the best, the review itself sure is H)

I was right :wink: , this is once again one of your thoroughly investigated reviews.
And the verdict on the charger is also quite good. I even feel safe enough to give it to my wife.

Maybe this question has been asked before in some other place

The US version has a swivel plug for the mains. Is this worse than the fixed plug on the EU version? I would think that over time there could be problems with dust or loss of continuity.

I would also suspect there is a risk for that, but I have seen it on a lot of equipment for US with folding plugs and until know I have not seen complains about bad connections.

Like this:

HKJ Wrote:

The two fall-outs at about 47 minutes matches with when I moved the charger around to get the IR photos, i.e. the US mains plug and adapter combination did not maintain a stable connection.

No, that was the connection to the adapter, these cheap US to EU adapter are not very stable when moving them around.

I noticed a bit of high Vpp ripple (3-4x times) compared to their 5 port 40W charger. Guess components dimensioniong counts a lot. Also If i recall correctly that one actually had single port output fuses.

FOrgot to thank you HKJ. :beer:

> swivel plug

Well, over the years, I have had three or four of them fall apart. Only one of the four in a way that caused a direct short circuit.
Cheap plastic that dried out and cracked apart, or swivel connectors that fell apart letting the wires move.
Possibly the fire safety requirement to use better plastic has changed that.

Speaking of change over time:

It would be — fascinating — to see you repeat a test on new samples after some period of time, to see if items become more cheaply made.

Yes and that would also be interesting for the batteries I test. In both cases the main limitation is my time.

Sometimes I do check different brands, that looks alike and it can be very interesting to compare the results and construction. I have tested a couple of chargers with the same size and construction as the 5 port BlitzWolf, there are some performance difference between them.

I also want to thank you for this quality test!

I wonder if you found any "Power3S Tech" inside or outside or if it is just a gimmick?

The chip mounted between the usb connectors (U4) is the one that handles the "Power3S Tech".

This type of chip is used in some other chargers also, often with some fancy name in the description.

If you look at my list over tested chargers, it is present in chargers with "Auto" in the "Standard" column.

That’s interesting hkj, all the chargers with the fancy chip have got a green tick. Is this the reason some of them have been labelled ok chargers when they may not of otherwise made it!

The green tick is only related to safety and has nothing with how good the charger is in other areas.

Of course, designers that worry about safety, may be more interested in making a good product.

It’s all down to attitude……….and money!

While on the topic, did you happen to take note of the chip’s markings or have a picture which shows it? I’m interested in which dedicated charge controller chips get used in usb chargers that include them.

Thank you :beer:
RH7902A brings the datasheet right up on google. Chinese chip.

Looks like RH7902A supports 4 charging profiles:
Apple - 12W / 2.4amp,
Samsung D+ / D- 1.2v,
BC1.2 DCP - datasheet says 5W :~ but it’s actually 1.5amp,
Chinese YD/T1591-2009 shorted - “5W” / 1amp

HKJ, I’ve seen you mention the coding a charger uses in your reviews, which profiles do you test for when it uses auto dedicated charging controller chips?

Does this mean the amps are overrated?