Test / Review: Panasonic NCR18650B Protected 3400mAh (Green)

Thanks for the review.


Anybody knows the difference between these two types, beside one is cheaper? Which should I buy?

1st option is protected.

If you have to ask, it’s the one you should buy.

With or without protection.

Look at the pictures and read the description/listing guys :wink: They are BOTH protected

I looked at the heading, it does only say protected for one of them.

But you are right, both batteries has photos that shows a strip and a black extension at the bottom.

Except the photo with batteries in a box, there they do not have the black extension.

it has been discussed in the respective product page and haven’t got a response from FT. there is customer opens a ticket about it…

These are advertised as 4.35 volts.

That is obvious a mistake, that a couple of sites made when the battery was new.

i received 4 cells from Wallbuys group buy (148 pairs or orders fulfilled!!) with nice iphone silicone XXX cases:

anyway, here are the measurements:

They fit well in all of my EagleTac lights (SX25L3, TX25C2, T20C2, D25LC2, D25A) but not in my Nitcore TM15 **ck. In € currency i paid a total of 20.76€ for these 4 cells altogether. ~5€ per cell. hmm. still too expensive? :D

Just a word of warning with these. they are long and I have found in a couple of my lights if I tighten the tail cap too much it dents the bottom of these cells. See image:

Will these fit an Olight M20?

The protected versions fit my M20 Warrior Premium R2.

thank you sir. and what runtime do you get out of your M20 R2? i have the M20 Warrior Premium R5 model

Sorry, I dont use them in this light so Im not sure. I would guess around 1.25 hours in high and double in med.

They are sold out now for quite a while. Does anybody know how long Fasttech usually takes to restock such items? It’s the first time I see them sold out on that site.

If FT is out of Panasonic 3400’s, BG still has them. Couple of bucks dearer though. Look exactly the same, brown stripe for the protection strip. Black bottom, silver plates at the ends, white ring around + end.

See this post for a discount on the Panasonics, they drop to the same price as FT at $17.xx for 2.

Hope this is cool sirius9? I assume so, you posted it openly.

Yes, of course, let’s spread the love :smiley: just joking :stuck_out_tongue:
$17.69 is OK-ish price, they were cheaper not so long ago but now, a lot of suppliers are out of stock or sold out on this particular cell, not sure whats the story with that, anyways, if for some reason you need this particular cell $17.69 is lowest price for now, otherwise I would go with much cheaper NCR18650A from DX.

So the Fasttech sold out status is nothing permanent as far as you guys know? I don’t need them fast. Just for the good price.

No idea how long it will last. It might be permanent, might be temporary. There was chit chat regarding these not being available from Panasonic anymore. But that seems unlikely. Its hard to say if tye would get them back or not, but likely they will sooner or later. Most of these guys seem to show stuff they havent stocked in quite awhile, Im not sure they ever delete any line from the website lol.

But the Banggood deal is as good. Just PM sirius up a couple of posts above, and ask him for the discount code. Enter it at BG when you add to cart, and you will get them for under $18, which AFAIK, was much the same as the FT price.