Texas_Ace MT09R Modding thread, 20k+ lumens, 80CRI, can start fires? Yes please.

Oh snap, I got you two Texans confused again. :person_facepalming:
Yes, me and DBCUSTOM.

Yea if it’s a MT03 then I’m pretty sure that’s it

Yep, I just pulled it out, going to start working on it in a little bit.

Would it be possible to get TK’s Andúril working on this driver without too much extra fiddling? I’ve really been wanting to try it out.

I have heard of it but know nothing about it besides the name. I think it is some form of ramping firmware?

Yes, it is a ramping firmware with many more secondary modes, like candle mode, lightning mode, party strobe, customizable beacon for specific morse codes, even ramping customization, or even sunset mode where the current is limited and pulses to look like the sunset:

There for some more info. It wouldn’t be too hard to flash it directly, and I know many people would pay for it to be flashed.

Launchpad page:

Yes, it’s TK’s ramping firmware. She has it working on the Q8 and all the Emisars and I think some other lights as well. It’s what’s going on the new fW3a blf tlf elegant triple. It has user configurable floor and ceiling in the ramp a lot of other awesome features. I would be over the moon if you can get it working on my green meanie.

Wow talking about taking flashlight to a different level lol… so many modes there and I also heard the FW3A might do a muggle mode for simple uses

If it has a pinout setup like the Q8 it should be able to work, I think I used the Q8 pinout for these drivers IIRC. It just has a large learning curve to get a new firmware working and I don’t have that much time right now. Plus I have to use linux for TK’s firmwares and my linux machine is down right now.

I will look into this in a few weeks after I finish up these projects I am working on now though.

Ok I just got yuhsin91123 MT03 finished. He wanted P2 5700k LED’s, 50% ramp, spring bypasses and tailcap washer.

Interestingly this is the highest output light I have built yet by ~500 lumens. Although the official rating is ~22k lumens with the new system.

Just the luck of the LED lottery it looks like. At first I was worried since it was only doing ~18k lumens. I noticed that the carrier contact ring was dirty so I cleaned that and boom, not only back where it should be but highest yet. I would not have guessed that little bit of gunk on the contact ring would make that much of a difference.

It will be shipping tomorrow.

I am still in need of some computer components and a compact laptop if anyone wants to trade BTW

I have a line on someone that might possibly trade an 8700k for a flashlight on craigslist, if that goes through then I will be rotating all the house computers and I will need all new components for that system.

22k lumens with new system!!! Woot!! This thing is going to lit up like a sea lol.
And now we know that dirty rings can cost you 4000 lumens…

Ok what.

An 8700k for a flashlight? Does he want a BLF GT or a Haikelite MT09R Texas Ace Engraved Full out edition?

Also, you should go for Ryzen 2 if you could, or 1st gen Ryzen. 8 cores/16 threads for 250-300$ :smiley:

Indeed, both really surprised me.

I am not sure exactly, he said he purchased the 8700k by mistake when he actually wanted an X series (I am guessing an I9 but he didn’t say). I asked if he would be interested in a trade for a high end flashlight and listed off a few I have and he said he would be interested in looking at this.

Hoping he goes through with it. A MT09R with cells is actually a reasonably fair trade for an 8700k based on ebay prices. I wasn’t actually looking for something this new, something more in the 5820x / 4790k range was my goal but figured I would see if this panned out.

I have been considering a Ryzen system as well, although it just doesn’t seem to save all that much money all things considered from what I have seen, maybe $50-100 tops for the complete system. Unless I am missing the deals?

The 2700x looks interesting, although in benchmarks the 8700k at worst is ~10-15% slower and at best it is 20-35% faster, just not sure there is a reason to use it for a system that will do a little of everything.

So yea. I got my thrunite tn42 with the luminus cft90. I cant wait for the dark.

I think TA should make limited edition thrower light with cft90. Maybe one day?

In benchmarks, the 2700x is almost on par in terms of single threaded performance, and crushes it in terms of multi-core performance.

Also, have you heard about the CPU side vulnerabilities Specter and Meltdown? They are unpatchable without performance loss on the Intel side, which is how the 2700X is almost on par in terms of single threaded performance:

For deals on PC hardware I would recommend:

Finally, it includes a nice stock 125W cooler, with RGB LEDs and a nice design. And if you want perhaps to upgrade in 2020-2021, you can just pop in a new 7nm CPU with perhaps 12 cores at 5Ghz. And perhaps a powerful APU if you don’t need/want a dedicated GPU, while being surprisingly powerful and efficient.

Unlike Intel which doesn’t like backwards compatibility, as seen by the fact that you can’t put in a 8700k inside a Z270 mobo. And the subsequent CPUs are probably not going to be compatible.

It is something I have considered, the driver for such a light has to be a beast to handle that LED.

I have lots of things I am considering, thats part of why I am taking on a lot of odd ball mods right now to try them out and see what works best in the use of my limited time.

A TA brand with upgraded versions of existing lights and my own from scratch designs could or could not be in the works….

Yea… I think lexel make driver too… I think he have a cft90 driver in hand.

Hmm, I sense a member of team Red in our midst. lol

I will fully admit that every time I ever tried AMD in the past I regretted it within the month and wished I had just spent the extra for intel. Ryzen is the first thing in a decade that would even put AMD on my radar but the bad taste is still in my mouth. I have found single threaded performance to make general computer use feel snappier and with 6 cores I figure it will be fast enough. Plus I will naturally be overclocking the 8700k if I get it as well.

Ryzen makes a lot of sense on paper, although it panning out in the real world is where AMD has failed in the past.

If this 8700k falls though I will be seriously considering a ryzen build again, although a first gen chip would be more in my price range.

Thanks for that reddit link, there is a case there that looks like it just might work for $25. Plus I was not aware there was a wootoff today. Been years since I have checked in on woot.