Texaspyro's Handmade Multi-Emitter DIY Contest Entry

Updated the first few posts with some build info and pictures…

“Something to blind the Dragon of Darkness” — or shoot an annoying helicopter out of the sky. :smiley:
I like the bowl, it gives a nice touch with it’s decorations. :wink:
That surely is a lot of work! But I have the feeling the reward will be the giggling worthy of a whole flock of schoolgirls. :wink:

Comment in post five. :slight_smile:

HOLY #$%&!


I am really curious how that bowl works as a reflector. I picked up a 6" stainless bowl at Ikea about a year ago to use as a reflector in an XM-L build but haven't gotten artound to making anything with it yet. Really a bummer about the poor heat conduction. It will put a big damper on anything I use it for if I decide to still use it. Must keep an eye out for aluminum bowls if yours actually works well.

I can't wait to see the rest of it come together! It reeks of awesomeness!! :bigsmile:

Now that’s a monster flashlight, if I dare call it that! I also am interested in seeing the salad bowl beam shot. My guess is a huge hotspot, but I’m wondering if it is ringy because of the bowl shape.

You’re making a runway approach light.

Nice! Exactly what I would expect from a guy with a forum name that combines Texas and Pyro. 8)

All the good comments have been used so I’ll settle for “my, what a big hand you have.”. I’m speechless but I can still type.

Where does one find a lens for that bad boy?? :O

A window shop :smiley:

AR coated celopane.

Hopefully Old Lumens will make custom lenses…


Wow, this thing is gonna be a monster!

Found something better :D

with what Garry said.

And I want one.

Or 2. For the Bull Bar on my Escape. :slight_smile:

It’s way too small…

TP, Just remember, Beam Shots or it did not happen!Tongue Out

We want beam shots of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium lit up.Laughing

We want beam shots of the inside of the Galleria lit up.Innocent

We want beam shots of The Runway at Love Field. You ought to be able to hit the runway from the shore of Bachman Lake.Tongue Out

We want to see photos of you blinding the Swat Team as they try to take you down.Surprised