The 26650 Thread

I consider you an anthority on bikes and bike lights. If you can even mention this light in the same sentence as the JM07, that good enough for me.Wink

I am not waiting.Wink The two comments from you two made me pull the trigger!! The waiting time from China/HongKong is a killer. I am already old, I might be in a nursing home if I wait.

Thanks Between and biggie...

Yes, this is the same light as the Uniquefire that I did a mini-review on (see this forum). I just have not gotten around to getting a beamshot.

I saw the mini-review.. Great..

From what I am seeing the UF-2180 and the Keygos M10 are the same, or the M10 is a copy. No matter, half the price.Wink

Will be watching for the beamshots..

Half the price, but no battery or charger. Not that I use the charger, I did use it once to make sure it worked but I trust the WP2 more.

And yet another clone at CNQG.

A quick review of Keygos M10 here:

For 26650 lights i think these are worth a mention

A review of the trustfire A8 here:

A review of the POPPAS W-878 Flood-To-Throw

For protected 26650 batteries.

Protected Trustfire 26650 5000 mAh Battery, this one tested well

I just saw the Keygos M13 on eBay for $33 shipped. It looks like the M10, only longer and with a stainless bezel. (Takes two 26650 cells instead of one)

Yup, very cool, especilly at that price, however the crap-tacular modes it comes with.......

What about these.

5 x T6

MarsFire 080 Cree T6 4000-Lumen 5-Mode 5-LED Flashlight - Black (3*26650)

6 x T6

MarsFire 088 Cree T6 4500-Lumen 5-Mode 6-LED Flashlight - Black (3*26650)

7 x T6

MarsFire B Cree T6 5000-Lumen 5-Mode 7-LED Flashlight - Black (3*26650/2*26650)

UniqueFire mx900 (shadow clone, looks like much thinner body tube), with 2 cells and charger <$30

Price looks too good to be true, doesn't it? (This coming from a guy that bit on the SkyRay + Charger + 4 batteries Chinese Coin for $23 :p )

Comes with some good warnings, though:


Bulb: CREE MX900 CREE T6 LED with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.
Waterproof. Don't drop it into water for long time since it is not designed for diving.
Super Bright, Blinding Effect.

Switch Location: Press tail-cap button on/off
Max Output: 2800 Lumens. :D ;)
Power: 2 x 26650 battery.


yes, it would see tgtbt

but might be a price mistake - they have other listings for just the torch and the combo and the price is higher

i just paid

Good luck on you. I'm tempted, but I want the 1x or 2x option in a light. For spousal harmony, I have to maintain the illusion that I buy flashlights for cycling.... ;)

kind of regretting it, I don't like 2 cell (long) lights much anyway

i'll probably sell it

This came today from DX.. I think it took over a month. Anyway, first glance, I am big time happy with it. I think it is the JM05 clone..Got it at DX for $25.10. Out of the box, I took it down a little, wiped the threads, looked inside, slide in a Keygos 26650, and oh boy..

Right about then my Keygos M10 got jealous, so I pulled that off a bike and put these two together. I did a wall shot with both of them, and the little bugger looks like it is brighter and throws a tighter beam than the M10. It is a handsome light too. Raining, will get to play with it sometime on the weekend..

Here it is along side my M10

Just an FYI:

I almost pulled the trigger on this light on eBay, which is incorrectly advertised with 26650 in the title. The 30mm measurement of the tailcap caught my eye and I contacted the seller, who has just confirmed by email that the light listed will NOT fit 26650 cells. He promises to correct the title in the next 24 hours.

So this one is better than the M10, but I suppose the HD2010 still rules over this one?

UniqueFire UF-2200 Cree XM-L U2 LED 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black (18650/26650)


UniqueFire UF-2200 Cree XM-L U2 LED 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Gray (18650/26650)


Nice one