The 6th Annual BLF / Old Lumens - Handmade - MtnDon's Entry (fini)

Unfortunately yes—— I’m a Carpenter :wink:

Looking good! (and shuddering at the thought of sandpaper… ouch!)

Subscribed. I’m curious to see which beauty you’ll build this year.

Nice start, Don :+1:

Looks good, I like woodwork!

The ‘sticks’ are called kumiko, in Japanese woodworking. These fit together to make a grid. I have played a little fast and loose with these as the do not have the interlocking that is traditional, but the end result is more or less the same. Traditional Japanese woodworking relies on precise fit and parts that fit together in a manner where one piece holds another in place. Very little glue and no mechanical fasteners like nails and screws.

I am gluing some of the joints around the perimeter. I am using liquid hide glue, a modern development of traditional hide glue. Traditional hide glue has to be heated to make it flow for use. This version stays liquid in the bottle, can be used at room temperature. Hide glue was the glue traditionally used for furniture. It can be removed by steaming or soaking parts in water. Hence, this project cannot receive an IP rating as immersion in water with soften the glue and it might fall apart. :wink: Hide glue also has a longer open or worktime than the popular and good yellow glues.

There is a saying in woodworking that one can never have too many clamps.

One down, three more to go. In a few hours I’ll do another frame and so on.

The design is known as shoji (Japanese). Those who have been around here for a while may remember the shoji bookshelf doors from about a year ago…. link to a sidestep in a flashlight project topic, and a photo of the finished unit.

That’s not the best photo.

Four sides to the light…

Are you going to paper those? Is it rice paper?

I’ll be using a laminated paper made for shoji screens. The lamination makes it much more resistant to finger punctures and staining. Leftover material from the bookshelving doors.

Oh! Cool! :sunglasses: :+1:

Big ring on top?


FYI, the laminated paper is this one.

…and to affix the paper to the frame I’ll be using this tape.. Genuine Japanese product, not a word of english on the package

subscribed :slight_smile: looking forward to this.

What’s the transmissivity of the paper? Do you know even rough numbers?

Not a clue off hand. However, I will keep the question in mind and will measure the difference when I get to the stage of mounting the material on the grid frames.

Looking groovy Don. :+1:

Thank you. I had a week off from work and didn’t do a thing on this. Now I’m back home and must get back at it.

missed it by that much ....