The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

Hi everyone,

As discussed here, it's not good to list your flashlight collection in your signature.

BUT it would be nice to know what kind of collection each of us have, so here's a thread dedicated to sharing that information.


1. Reply to this thread and list your collection

2. Copy a direct link to your reply and paste it to your signature (make it pretty with picture if / when you want so)

3. Update your reply with new lights as soon as you receive them

4. Try to keep this thread clean of unnecessary discussion (yeah, shure, this is BLF after all )

Recommended / favorite ones in bold, non-recommended in italic - others are just good. Strikethrough means given away / lost.




- 1xAAA FTT (no-name?)
- 4sevens Preon P0 mini review
- Balder BD-0 (modded with Nichia)
- Bronte RA01 review
- CQG S1 NW (couple)
- DQG II (NW & CW, w. & wout magnet)
- DQG III (NW & CW, w. & wout magnet) review
- DQG III Ti NW pre-production review
- Fenix E05
- FourSevens Preon Penlight
- Klarus MiX6 Au
- Klarus MiX6 SS
- Maratac AAA Cu
- Nitecore T0
- Olight A3T
- SKILHUNT Ramble-ι (Iota) NW review
- Solarforce X3
- Sunwayman R01A Gold review
- Tank007 E09 review
- Thrunite Ti (both Firefly & 3lm versions)
- Trustfire F23
- Ultrafire UF-T1
- Ultrafire SA-R2
- Maglite Solitaire (some of these)
- Led Lenser Hocus Focus
- Led Lenser P7

AA / 14500:

- 4xAA Yellow Diving Flashlight review
- 4Sevens Quark "X" AA² Tactical XM-L
- Akoray K-106 (modded with XM-L2 T6 3C & Qlite)
- Balder SE-1 NW
- Brinyte DIV03 review
- C78 FTT (couple)
- Cyclone C88 XM-L NW review, beamshot
- EagleTac D25A Clicky Ti NW
- Fandyfire Rook review
- Fenix E21
- Fenix LD40 NW
- Fenix TK41 beamshot
- JETbeam PA40 XML SMO (couple)
- Klarus P2A
- L3 Illuminations L10 (both 3 & 4 modes XP-G2)
- Mini Maglite 2xAA
- Nitecore EZ AA (unbranded)
- Nitecore MT21A review
- Olight i2
- Olight S15 Ti review
- Shadow Mini TC6
- Sipik SK68 (multiple)
- Solarforce X2
- Sunwayman R20A (modded with Nichia 219 4500K 92CRI)
- Sunwayman V10A (modded with Nichia 219 4500K 92CRI)
- Tank007 E07 BLF Edition (couple)
- Thrunite T10
- Trustfire F25

- Trustfire Z8
- Ultrafire AA/14500 FTT
- Ultrafire C3 SS
- Ultrafire UF-H2 (multiple)
- Xeno E03 NW
- XinTD X3 (XM-L2 T3 6A1) sneak preview


- Apex GT01
- BLF MINI (Trustfire Mini-01 customized with NW emitter and 3-mode no-strobe driver with real low)
- Fandyfire Queen
- Fenix E15
- LumaPower D-mini (modded with Nichia 219)
- MXDL (couple)
- Olight I1
- Romisen RC-C3 II NW
- Smiling Shark SS-610 NW (branded as SkyEye)
- Ultrafire 504A


- 2D Maglite (multiple)
- 3D Maglite (couple)
- M-Flare Rebel 90 (couple)


- Acebeam K40t (1200m thrower) store
- Acebeam K60
review (with beamshots)
- Acebeam X60M
- Aleto N8 (Glass breaking light with siren) first impressions
review, beamshot, another beamshot
- APEX ST6 beamshot
- Aurora SH-40 SST-50
- "Baseball bat"
- Blackshadow Darth NW review (with beamshot)
BTU Shocker NW review & Modded XM-L2 T6 3C NW
- Citycat YEE-Lic
- Convoy L4 (both CW & NW)
- Convoy S5 NW
- Convoy S8
- Crelant CH10 headlamp
- "Durable stick" (mace)
- DRY v2 NW Turbo, no step-down beamshot
- DQG 18650 CW & NW initial impressions
- Dual-USB charger light w. XM-L2
- EDI-T P4 (non-programmable, fake?)
- EDI-T P14
- Fandyfire Darth CW
- Fandyfire STL-V2 (couple)
- Fandyfire STL-V3
- Fandyfire STL-V6 beamshot, another beamshot
- Headlamp XM-L Zoomable (couple)
- Headlamp XM-L powered with 2x18650 parallel (couple) beamshot
- Headlamp XM-L powered with 2x18650 parallel (another model from DX)
- Jacob A60
- KD C8
(multiple) beamshot
- KD RQ beamshot
- Keygos KE-5
- LIE REN KC-01 review, beamshot
- Magnetic Control XM-L Diving light review, beamshot
- Marsfire W-068
- Nitefighter F30C
- Olight S20 Baton mini review
- Palight T6
- Raysoon TD-398 review
- Romisen RC-T601 II U2
- Shadow TC6 NW beamshot
- Skyray 3800 v2 beamshot
- Skyray King CW
- Skyray King NW (unbranded) review, beamshot
- Skyray S-R5 Zoomable clone w. Cree XT-E Royal Blue + 1.3A driver
- Small Sun ZY-T08
- Small Sun ZY-C10-S
- Solarforce Gladiator review
- Solarforce L2x ext
- Solarforce Masterpiece Pro 1 beamshot
- Solarforce Masterpiece Pro 2 beamshot
- Solarforce P1 (yellow)
- Solarforce Skyline I
- Solarstorm Warrior (both XM-L & XM-L2 versions)
- Spiderfire SSC P7
- Streamlight Tasklight 2-L
- Sunwayman C21C review
- Supbeam K40 (both stock & modded up to >400kcd)
- Supbeam K50 (still stock)
- Supbeam X60 review (now modded to NW with XM-L2 T6 4D - love this tint!)
- Thrunite T30
- Thrunite TN31 (modded and re-modded and ...) mod thread
- Thrunite TN32 (stock & modded to 500kcd)
- Trustfire TF-R2
- Trustfire TR-801
- Trustfire TR-1200
- Trustfire X2
- Trustfire X6 (modded with de-domed XM-L, awesome throw!)
- Trustfire Z5 (couple) review, beamshot
- Trustfire Z6
- Ultrafire 2100
- Ultrafire 501B (multiple)
- Ultrafire 502B (multiple)
- Ultrafire 504B (multiple)
- Ultrafire C8 WW
- Ultrafire D1
- Ultrafire SH-F12 XM-L
- Ultrafire UF-H3 (multiple) "beamshot"
- Ultrafire UF-H6 beamshot
- Ultrafire UF-T30
- Ultrafire XG-V3 review
- Uniquefire UF-DT01 XML
- Uniquefire UF-T20 (modded with de-domed XP-G2 & more current)
- Uniquefire HS-802
- Wolf Eyes Seal Hunter
- X2000 FTT
- XIAOZHI XM-L 18650
- XinTD C8 NW v3
- Xiware L20C
- Xiware L22XL
- Yezl Z1
- Yezl T9 beamshot


- Camouflage swiveled angle light from Banggood initial impressions
- BLF A8
(customized Trustfire A8, multiple NW & CW) initial impressions
- DX 26650 Diving Light initial impressions
- Keygos 7 x XM-L stock beamshot, mod thread, mod beamshot
- Roche F22 NW review, beamshot
- Trustfire TR-J12 beamshot, another beamshot
- UltraOK XM-L (26650 / 18650 / 4xAAA)


- 35W HID beamshot
- DX XP-G Spotlight
- Maglite 3D "Old-Lumens special" SST-90 beamshot
- MINI USB light discussion

+ "some" el-cheapo no-name eBay lights (review)

Top favorite ones in bold, non-recommended in italic - others are just good. No XXXFire in my collection plz ;)

  • 3Wpolice, blue beam, cheap switch, good for auto-ridiculing demos, low draw Alkaline AAA w/ sleeve adapter 36g total weight RIP
  • i4bah cheap stuff yet usable and rather practical, no serial number any more, best-seller everyone has it, 10440 OK
  • A1 unusual looks, size, weight, wealth of features, robust like hell, great pocket clip, 14500 OK
  • B9popular standard model, clone of clone similar to Sipik clones, omg really works beautifully, versatile, for occasional or serious applications
  • D3worldwide bestselling classic, unsurpassed, user-serviceable, easy disassembly and cleaning, pro's choice, lasts a lifetime, inexpensive
  • M5f*ck me my 1st, only and last XXXFire, clunky, cheap, threads weak, 1-mode only wtf, smooth lime hue R5, Protected 10440 OK
  • P7super lightweight, strong enough, replaces any pendant, really works its wonders, very useful, highly recommended
  • Tinice beam, great throw and R3 tint, real beater for keychain carry abuse, very comfortable 1-handed operation, dims fast, 10440 OK
  • A3Tlight weight, deep scratch-resistant, difficult to operate even with 2 hands omfg, robust, super small, tint sucks so hard, 10440 OK
  • DC1nice build, good quality, clever UI, fully working and functional patchwork, overall likable product, recommendable for all intents and purposes
  • DC2generous physicality, absolute game changer on the market, unique, no MAP, continues to mature fast, wanna play some Tetris or what?
  • E09nice nice nice, insanely likable build, very bright, SMO no perfect hotspot beauty but throwy, continues to grow in universal acclaim, 10440 OK
  • E10not nice looking nor water resistant, electrical resistance of very good SS switch makes it less bright than E09, any length Protected 10440 OK
  • E11brighter than E09 due to higher voltage else why bother, so don't. don't bother.
  • MG3functional, performs better than expected, timeless luxury, super fancy packaging, feels great, really works its magic, don't want to miss it
  • P12donut hole, poor tint, good set of features and accessories, lacks alignment, nothing special, somehow ugly, bulky, not recommended
  • P1Ashould be brighter, nice build quality, feels good, throwy, invisibly greenish, simple UI, morse code, no low Lo, 14500 OK
  • TT2doesn't get much use and does less than expected because of ignorance, my bad
  • XP4gets extremely hot at 4×1.0A, suffers from premature termination, almost as cheapish as Nitcore, not recommended, avoid
  • D25AClicky Ti G2 a torch of superlatives, among Top3 of Best China-made production light in its class, looks brighter than SC52, 14500 OK
  • ES12 feels luxury w/ LD01 o-ring installed, less bright than E09, my most admired 1xAAA, too nice or heavy for actual carry, 10440 OK
  • JA10super nice build, output measured 100 Fenix lumens, quadratic beam shape, okay as headlamp, practical close range light, 14500 OK
  • JR30too big'n heavy, more practical for indoors use than imagined, supreme tint, highly efficient, 14500 loses modes
  • LD01professional, feels superior, tight beautiful beam, looks bright, less greenish hue R4, super efficient, maybe the class winner, 10440 OK
  • LD12best pick re alignment, fit, brightness, non-greenish G2 CW, omg perfect beam/LED centricity, least PWM. great feel, 14500 loses modes
  • M11Runiform lime hue, good looks, low standby drain, UI very challenging, clunky, no practical value, sales flop worth 65€, 14500 OK
  • OPENnicer retail box, instruction manual and labels than PENLIGHT, 5yrs warranty, non-scratchy clicky switch, very likable, short runtimes lol
  • SK68the very cheapest to non-flashaholics impressive power LED light, outdated technology, 1-mode reverse clicky, short runtime, 14500 OK
  • SC52among same Top3, high grade feel, top efficient, over 200 Fenix lm confirmed, greenish XML omfg, 14500 OK
  • TM15often in use, not too tiny yet more energy efficient than other TM's, harmonic with Eagletac/Thrunite/Fenix diffuser systems, poor tint/beam
  • V11R signature SWM model, candy stuffz packaged, questionable serviceability of ring, not a keeper, sell when V12R comes out, 14500 OK
  • WORMnice build, mirror polished SS, top efficient, simple 2-mode, angry greenish R5, great with non-touching tail magnet, overpriced
  • C9000single hand operation, full access at any instance, solid performer, extremely accurate, should last a lifetime, the best in its class
  • HC520no nonsense, good build, easy to use, high resolution and maybe even accurate but very slow performance, immense runtime
  • RC-29beautiful brand name, agreeable build quality, not too bright, throwy, next 3-mode memory, alternative to classic RC-G2
  • T20C2the VW Golf of the scene, tons of special and updated LED modules, continues to live on manufacturer's, dealers' and users' side
  • UT61Ebest buy for its money, legendary on specialist forums, highly recommended, i paid only 24.50€ hehe
  • XPS20inexpensive and apart from existent sample variation very good quality, hard to be beat at this price point
  • ES900Ipatented, genuine product, unusual high build quality with metal parts, useful included accessories, good stuff, low price
  • NC2500very powerful, very strong, nice build maybe a bit too compact, gimmicky features, price is coming down, technology from a new era
  • SPIRITa true joy owning, using, caressing, cherishing, cleaning, etc it, FREE lifetime warranty and services
  • SX25L3sweet looks&size, awesome tint, top optional accessories, compact powerhouse, beats hell out of S6330, gets hot fast a new star is born
  • T0931Dworks okay, stones and rods are top quality, other parts are annoyingly cheap stuff plasticky material, not for ambitious Lansky users
  • TX25C2ultra compact 1000 Fenix lm XM-L2 thrower, pseudo tactical switch, freezing cw tint. the more impressive alternative to SC600 MkII
  • YP-T10highly attractive build and looks, almost of timeless clarity and beauty, after years of abuse still going strong, out of production
  • HY-738Acheap stuff, got it for FREE, appears like okay quality, works as it should, no complaints so far
  • OB-3000"Protects Well & Breaks Like Brittle!", horrible material, fracturable fragile crumbly latches, promised won't last you long, the worst ever
  • P2470HDwas in production for an unusual long period, very popular, now discontinued and replaced by newer models
  • AVM-7112a modder's delight, i am not into modding, so meh what else there to say
  • KDO-309Cfunctions extremely well, replace LiPo block, unsafe integrated charger, the cheapest plastic material ever, much fun, 14500 OK RIP
  • 1.2809/Omine hosts record-breaking 8 items, feels like it could break anytime, got it for FREE, and that's the only good part of it
  • GPM-D1ENoriginal model, clones don't have these magnets, much better quality than the clones, still overpriced
  • PENLIGHTnice construction, weak color ano, 180 Fenix lm confirmed, smooth beam, pure white CW, flickering switch, slippery body
  • SL-21030overrated, not performing noticeably better than similar or related products
  • ECLS-03-11t/a Spirit, immense quality, highly recommended, now out of production and out of stock!

May I suggest that this page be excluded from Google Search?

My very small collection:

Tank007 TK-703

UltraFire A10

UltraFire V6-T60

UltraFire HD2010

Maglite Solitaire
Maglite Mini
Maglite 4D


Maglight AAA
Klarus MI6X
DQG III tiny
Thrunite Ti [on the way]
Lumintop Worm Al
DX,SA R2 240 lumen

AA :

Sipik 68
Lumintop P2A

CR123 :

Fenix PD 30
Jetbeam TCR 1

18650 :

UF 2100
UF. 501 b
UF 980 L
Rominsen RC T 601 II u2
Olight M3X


UF. HD 2010
Shadow JM 07

D cell:

Maglight 2d
Maglight 6d

Let's see. Underlined is recommended.


Inova x1

Fenix l2d

4Sevens quark aa2

Mini-Maglite 1 aa with warm xm-l-No Reflector

Mini-maglite 2 aa with CW XM-L-TIR Optics

Mini-maglite-1 14500 DD xm-l mule

Sipik SK-68 1 mode

Sipik SK-68 3 mode*2

Trustfire z8

No-name target brand 180 lumen flashlight

Saik-305 modded with nichia 219

Intl-Outdoor XM-L c88


Mini-maglite aaa with 5mm warm led

Double Solitaire with XM-L

Solitaire 10440 with 5mm warm led

Black and Decker Angle Head Light

OL 3aaa XML light


6d Maglite-Unmodded

2d Anglehead flashlight

1d maglite with LED drop in

2d Stanley light with a p4


Surefire G2X

Solarforce L2M

Solarforce L2


Solarforce L2

DRY Triple XM-L

1*18650 Shorty Mag


Trustfire T1

To Be Made: Triple 18650 maglite with 3 XM-Ls. Using a PilotPTK module.


Surefire G2X


Xenon Spotlight

Test Edit. (Ignore)


  • DQG III NW, CW and Ti NW
  • Preon P0
  • Bronte RA01
  • iTP A3 Alu and Ti
  • Olight i3
  • Olight i3S
  • Thrunite Ti 1, Ti 3
  • Thrunite TiS
  • Eoslamp SP11
  • Fenix E01
  • Tank007 E09
  • Balder BD-0
  • Balder TD-0
  • UF-T1
  • Maglite Solitaire
  • Lumintop Worm II Copper , Alu
  • CQG S1 1/2 AAA 3-Mode-Version CW
  • CQQ S2 3 Mode-Version NW
  • Crelant V01A
  • Atom A0 RED
  • Ultrafire LZZ-06
  • SingFire SF-348
  • BLF 348 NW
  • Astrolux/BLF Copper A01 BLF Edition
  • Thrunite T01


  • Balder SE-1 XP-E and XM-L Version
  • Olight i2
  • Sipik SK68, div.
  • ‘BLF’ Saber 1A
  • Klarus P1A


  • UF 2100
  • Yezl Y6
  • KD C8
  • Ultrafire WF-501b
  • Solarforce L2m
  • DQG ‘Tiny’ 18650 Black NW
  • TangsFire C8 X-ML2 U3
  • Eagle Eye X6-SE NW BLF Edition


  • UF HD2010
  • Trustfire A8 BLF Edition


  • Trustfire Mini-01 “BLF Mini”
  • Solarstorm SC03


  • DQG Spy NW
  • Lumintop SD10 ‘BLF Edition’
  • DQG Hobi NW
  • CooYoo Quantum SS
  • DQG Fairy NW



  • Solitaire Lime Green Non-knurled
  • LF2XT


  • D10
  • D10SP
  • D11.2
  • C10A
  • V10A
  • Defender Infinity
  • BLF Tank
  • R5A3
  • LF5XT
  • Maratac AA SS polish
  • Police 3W
  • DQG AA
  • Mag 2AA black
  • UF.H2b
  • Mag 3D Black
  • Mag 4D Black
  • BigW 4D Grey


  • EX10
  • EX10SP
  • EX11.2
  • V10R
  • EZ123w
  • Extreme Infinity
  • Storm
  • Rotary


  • Custom triple XP-G
  • V10R
  • 120P
  • Predator
  • G6
  • M60R
  • V60C
  • Legion II

Most of the family as of May 2012, with apologies from a D10 at the office, A DQG III AAA on the keychain, A black LF2XT, Maglights, and my DIY stuff from before 5mm white LEDs even existed!

Yes, but that's only one hit => not a problem?

I hope my bride doesn’t see this.


Maglite Solitare
Sunwayman R01A, tan
7- Olight i3 EOS, blue (x2), gold, purple (x2), red (x2)
Rayus C01 CREE XP-G2 R5
LED Lenser P3
Olight i3E EOS


Romisen RC-27 II Q5


Cree XML-T6 5-Mode Zooming in brown


4- Pentagon Light “M.O.L.L.E.” lights, 2 GITD, 1 FDE, 1 OD
3- Sipik SK68s, green, red, blue
Romisen RC-G2 III Cree XP-G R5; in gray
2- Olight i2 EOS
Olight TC-10, TC-15 Titanium Transformer set
UltraFire UF-H2B Cree XR-E Q5
X-Power Galaxy Cree XP-G R5-4C 4-Mode in desert yellow
Spark SG5
Thrunite Neutron 2A V2
OrcaTorch T11


4Sevens LEGO Quark QT2L-X Burst mode head on a QTA body
4Sevens LEGO Quark QP2L-X Burst Mode head on a QPA body
Kronos X5 (Cu) BLF-SE V2; XPL-HI 3B
Kronos X5 (Al) BLF-SE V2; XPL-HI 3B
Olight S1A
Thorfire TK05


9- Mini Maglites, four black, one woodland camp, four digicam
Romisen RC-N3 WW, can also take a single cr123
4- Sevens Quark AA sq. xm-l
3- 4Sevens Quark AA sq. Tactical xm-l
JetBeam PA20


Fandyfire Rook, heavily modified by our very own Old-Lumens and won in one of his GAWs
Mini Maglite, again heavily modified by O-L to a direct drive direct drive Nichia 219 in the stock reflector; won in Pulsar’s GAW


Nitecore EA4W


Romisen RC-C3 II NW
Romisen RC-A4 x Q5
2-Solarforce L2m (purchased as shorties)
2- 2012 SF L2m (purchased w/ the extension tube)
Ultrafire WF-501A
3- Olight i1 EOS
Sunwayman C10R Cree XM-L U2 5-Mode
Sunwayman M11R Cree XM-L U2 6-Mode in desert yellow
Olight S1R
Olight H1 Nova
Astrolux S41


Surefire E2D
Surefire G2N, tan
Fenix TK-12
Solarforce L2, tan
Solarforce L2T
Solarforce L2P, blue
Solarforce L2N
3- Solarforce P1s, brown, green, yellow
6- Ultrafire WF-501B, blue, green (x2), purple, red, camo
Romisen RC-M4 II Neutral White 2-Mode
Romisen RC-F4 II CREE R2
Romisen RC-F4 II NW Neutral White
Shiningbeam P-Rocket II
Romisen RC-T602 X
2- Eagle Eyes X6-SE BLF editions; WW XM-L2 U2 3C tint
EagleTac M25C2
Skilhunt H02
Uniquefire 1504
2- Manker A6 BLF SE; XPL U2-1A
Manker A6 BLF SE; XPL U2-3D
2- LuckySun BLF D80-SE; XM L2 3C
Kronos X6 BLF-SE V2 (SS); XPL-HI 3B
Kronos X6 BLF-SE V2 (Al); XPL-HI 3B
Lumintop TD16
Thorfire TK18


HaikeLite SC01


2- Defiant Tactical Super Thrower


Defiant Tactical 5C


Maglite 2-cell D, black


5 Maglite 3-cell D, two red, blue, two woodland camp

Dedicated Headlamps

Olight H05 Active
2- Energizer Vision HD

And your usual assortment of keychain/button lights. There are also a few 2xDD flashlights from before the “Maglite Era” floating around in the barn/attic/basement. I don’t consider them part of the collection, although, now that I think about it, perhaps I should reconsider that.

Did I just read that right, 120+ lights as of this editing. I know a lot of you folks have way more than this, but when I look at the totality of my modest collection, I just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. What’s wrong with us? Four or five should be plenty. One would suffice. Oddly, I probably have nearly 3 times that amount in knives and I think that is quite reasonable.

Burn the witch! Burn the Witch!

To be fair, none of the Maglites have seen any use since the first Surefire showed up ten or so years ago. Ironically, the Surefires don’t see much use since that Fenix showed up. The Fenix, of course, has been pushed aside by the L2 which is now what I usually EDC 80% of the time. If not, I go with the L2m.

[edit] I have used, almost exclusively, the Manker BLF A6 as my EDC since the day they were first released

I think all of the Maglites are true veterans as I’ve had most all of them since the mid ’80s. The Romisens all came from Shiningbeam so the are slightly modified by Brian. The lights, in their respective categories, are in the order in which they were purchased, best I can recall.

The collection, as listed, is also a bit of a mirage because some are in use by my wife and kids and some others are set aside for my kids as they mature some and can handle the extra power without blowing their retina out.

And now some photos!

[edit] Because I no longer use Photobucket, the photos have been removed.

Last updated, 12-15-14 @ 9:51 am EST


  • Thrunite Ti
  • Thrunite Tis


  • Nitecore EA4
  • Ultrafire C3 black alu
  • Ultrafire C3 grey alu
  • Uniquefire UF-V4
  • ThruNite Archer 2A
  • Trustfire Z8
  • XTAR H1


  • Spark SK3
  • Trustfire Z1
  • Trustfire Mini 01 - BLF Mini Edition
  • Trustfire Mini 02 - TLF Edition (in CW and NW)


  • Keygos KE-5 (2 of them) XM-L T6
  • Skyray SR-5 XPG- R5
  • Skyray XML T6
  • SmallSun ZY-T13 (modded to 3,2A)
  • Solarforce L2p blue Nanjg 105C 3 mode XM_L T6
  • Solarforce L2 black
  • Solarforce L2 grey Nanjg 105C 3 mode XM-L T6
  • Solarforce L2n grey 2A driver, 3 mode
  • Solarforce L2m black
  • Skyray King (3x XM-L T6)
  • Skyray Kung (4x XM-L U2)
  • ThruNite T30S XM-L U2 Neutral White
  • ThruNite TN11S XM-L U2 Neutral White
  • Ultrafire WF-504b black XM-L T6
  • Ultrafire WF-504b silver XR-E R2
  • Ultrafire H3B Headlight
  • Uniquefire UF-V10 4 (4x XM-L2)
  • Uniquefire C108S
  • Uniquefire UF 2100 XM-L T6
  • Uniquefire UF 2190 XM-L T6
  • XinTD SC2 XM-L U2
  • XTAR WK35 XM-L U2


  • Palight H900 (real name A8 X960-LS), XM-L U2
  • Trustfire A8 BLF Edition, XM-L T6 3C
  • Ultrafire 1800 Lumen (2x 26650) XM-L T6
  • Ultrafire LZZ-13

List will be continued (I have to go to work now)

New Collection 6/7/2019

1-Convoy M1 XM-L2

2-Convoy M2 XP-L

1-Convoy M3 XHP70.2

1-Convoy S2+ XP-L (sand)

1-Convoy S2+ XM-L2 (purple) sold

1-Convoy S2+ XM-L2 (blue)

1-Convoy S2+ SST-20 (gray)

1-Convoy S11 XHP50

2-Convoy C8+ XP-L (sand)

1-Convoy L2 XP-L (sand) sold

1-EDC flashlight XPG2

1-Lumintop tool AA 2.0

1-Nicron N7

1-Emisar D4 XP-L

1-Emisar D4S XP-L


1-Thorfire TK4A XP-L

1-JetBeam BC10 XPG R5

1-Solarforce L2T Vin54

1-Solarforce L2M Vin54

1-Sofirn SP40 Headlamp

1-Sofirn C8G XHP35

2-Sofirn C8F 3-XP-L

1-Sofirn SP36 4-XP-L

1-Sofirn SP70 XHP70.2

1-Sofirn SP33 XHP50.2

1-Imalent DN35 XHP35 sold

1-Astrolux FT03 SST40

1-Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2

1-Astrolux MF02 XHP35

1-Astrolux FT04 SST40

1-Nightwatch NI40 Stalker XHP50.2

Old Collection...


Energizer 3-LED Headlamp
Energizer Penlight
ebay 6-led
Coast G10
LedLenser- H7 Headlamp
LedLenser-V2 Dual Color
LedLenser- V2
Streamlight- Microstream
Streamlight- Enduro Headlamp


EagleTac P20A2 MKII
Fast Tech 3W
Fenix TK41
Hugsby P2
Nitecore EA4
SIPIK SK68 (2)
Small Sun ZY-308
ThruNite T10
TrustFire Z8


Aurora Q5
Cree Q3 3W mini focus light
JetBeam BC-10
Kobalt 500L
LumaPower-IncenDio V3U XM-L T6 Limited Edition w/GT Upgrade kit
P07 weaponlight
richuang P36
StreamLight-TLR-3 Weaponlight for Glock 19C
TrustFire Z1
TrustFire BLF mini-01
UltraFire-WF-502B 200mW 532nm Green Laser


Fenix TK70
Eagle Head 2D

2D LED Maglite (2)

3D Maglite (2)

5D Maglite


SolarForce L2M(3)
UltraFire-501A (5)


Brinyte XM-L900
BTU Shocker CW
Convoy C8 XM-L U2
Citipower X7-T6
Conqueror MX-008
Dereelight DBS V3 (2)
Dereelight DBS-T “M” Aspherical Flashlight, EZ900 LED
DongRui DR-820 5-mode Headlamp
EagleTac T20C2 MKII
Ebay-light 1-18650 3-mode
Ebay-light 2-18650 5-mode
FandyFire C10
FandyFire STL-V6
Fenix E35
Fenix E50
Fenix PD32 UE
Fenix TK21U2SE
Fenix TK22
Fenix TK75vn
Jacob A60 (2)
JetBeam BC-40
JetBeam BC-40W
K40 - Vihn mod
KD-C8 (4)
Keygos KE-1600
Keygos KE-2 (2)
Keygos KE-5 (4)
Keygos KE-7
Maelstrom G5vn

Olight SR90
Olight SR51
Olight M3X
Palight C8-R5
Palight C8-Q5
Palight WF-1200L
UniqueFire UF-V2
Romisen RC-T601
Romisen RC-T601U2
Shadow TC500
SkyRay-G5 (2)
SkyRay STL-V2
SkyRay XM-L and S-R5 (2)
SkyRay 1JC8 Q5
Small Sun ZY-C10-S
Small Sun ZY-T13
Small Sun ZY- T08
SolarForce L2m (3)
SolarForce L2n(2)
SolarForce L2r
SolarForce L2T (12)
SolarForce L2x
SolarForce MPP-1
SolarForce Skyline-1
SolarForce S1100
Sunwayman T20CS
Sunwayman T40CS
Sunwayman V60C

ThruNite TN31 Tom E Mod
TrustFire C8-T6
TrustFire TR-3T6
TrustFire X6 SST-90
UltraFire-501B XM-L (2)
UltraFire 502B XM-L
UltraFire WF- 980L (3)
UltraFire G4-MCU Q5 (4)
UltraFire M3-T60
UltraFire WF-008
UltraOk Cree Q5
UltraOk 7w VS-03
UltraOk 7w VS-05 (2)
UniqueFire HS-801
UniqueFire UF-2220
UniqueFire V1
UniqueFire UF-V3 XM-L U2
UniqueFire UF-T20
UniqueFire UF-F10
XinTD C8 V3 XM-L U2
ZebraLight SC-600
3-mode zoom Q5 Focus Headlamp


Cyclone C88
Ultrafire HD2010
Keygos M10
Shadow JM26
Shadow SL3
Small Sun ZY-T16
TrustFire TR-J12
UltraOK A105T6

184 lights

Nitecore EA4
Lumintop SD4A (also supports D size battery)
Maglite 2AA (xpe led mod by old lumens)
Xeno e03
Sipik 68 clone
Fenix MC11 clone Angled XP-G Light
Fenix MC11
Osram Car Light (glass breaker+cutter)
Starry Light BLF edition
Solarstorm sc01
Osram Delux Pocket 2AA CFL light (about 20 years old)

Tank007 e03
Tank007 e09
Tank007 e10
Maratac Cu AAA
Lumintop Tool Ti
Astrolux A01 Cu
Fenix E99Ti
Noname 3W headlight 3xAAA
Noname 3xAAA light
Blackshadow Eva
Maglite AAA green
Maglite Led AAA
SF-348 CW
SF-348 WW
SF-348 NW Nichia
Hugsby XP-2
RichFire SF-364 Bullet shaped
Smiling Shark SS-5049
Darkvim SK-C30
Glaree IPX6 lantern
MDXL 7119
YQ7202 2AAA pen light
Terralux Lightstar 80lm 2AA pen light

Solarforce L2P (XML drop-in)
Sipik sk98
convoy S2+ black
Olight i6
XintD C8
BLF Edition X6
Trustfire TR-3T6
Solarstorm Warrior 3XML
Klarus G30 MT-G2
Noname HD2010 XML T6 Thrower
Noname baton XML light

Imalent DN70 XHP70 Usb charging OLED display mini light

EagleTac D25C Ti NW
Solarforce L2 for cr123 (UV drop-in)
Smallsun ZY-C1 SS
solarstorm sc03
Surefire g2 nitrolon (xenon)

Defiant super thrower 3C

Panasonic kripton metal light
Retro metal light
Mr. Beams MB470 Lantern 4D

Zanflare F6s
DQG Fairy

Osram keychain led light
Nitecore tube
Nitecore Tip
LRI Photon Freedom Micro Light - Night Vision Headlamp
Coast A9 AAAA inspection light
Hama 00092688 micro light 4xAG3

Normal = decent

Bold = recommended

Italic = not recommended


  • Ultrafire A3


  • Ansman X1 LED
  • Sipik SK68 (1 mode)
  • Citipower G7 (3 mode)
  • Uniquefire G10 (6 mode) - reportedly burns driver on 14500


  • Maglite 2D
  • Maglite 5D
  • Noname(?) 3D with incan + 6(?) puny LEDs (in the car)


  • Small Sun ZY-C10-S
  • UltraFire V6-T60 (custom driver)
  • FandyFire HD2011 (5 mode)
  • UltraFire UF-2100 (5 mode)
  • Keygos KE-5
  • DRY NW (4 mode no stepdown)


  • Keygos M12
  • Keygos M10

Blue Maglite 2D with Terralux Drop-in
Blue Maglite 2 AA with Terralux Drop-in
Blue Solitaire with led drop-in
Surefire G2 (now with Solarforce r5 5 mode drop-in - McClicky Switch & Solarforce Stainless Steel Bezel)
UniqueFire L2 xml –3 mode
A7 Torch (Tiablo A7 clone) r5- 3 mode (x2)
Smiling Shark SS-702 aaa
Ultrafire C8 q5 5-mode (x 2)
Ultrafire C8 xml –5 mode
Ultrafire C8 xml 5 mode (stainless bezel)
Brinyte XML-900 (silver)
Stanley 1 million candlepower Spotlight (x2) Walmart online clearance,@ $10 each
Jacob D20 q5 3-mode AA/14500
Jacob K1 q5 3- mode 16340
Ultrafire 501 b 3-mode xml
6 x various color Maglite 2 AA (xenon)

6x Maglite Solitaire’s (assorted colors) xenon
Lime Green Maglite AA
Silver 2d Maglite (future xml host)


Ultrafire 501b r5- 3 mode (x3)
Small Sun ZY-A662 q5 3mode l2x style (3-mode xml awaits)
Unbranded 2x 18650 q5-5mode (inbound) most likely Small Sun ZY-A630’s
( XML and boards are patiently waiting )
Ultrafire 2 18650 xml holy crap ! I can’t remember the model
Tk-35 clone, in green. ( My 13 yr old daughter is crazy about green)

( on order )
Jacob A 60 (x2)
Sky Ray sr-5 host (x 2)
Unbranded 1 18650 host’s (2 styles) xml builds
Unbranded 1 26650 host xml u2 build


Thrunite Ti?
Maglite AAA
Terralux aaa


Ultrafire UF-H2
Sipik SK68 x3
Romisen RC-G2
Trustfire R5-A3
Zebralight SC51
Romisen RC-N3
Eagletac P10A
Torchlight C10 zoomie
Eagletac D25A


BLF Mini
UltraFire W602C
Trustfire Mini-01
Nitecore EC1
Eagletac D25C Clicky


Armytek Predator (2)
UF 2100
E2100 NW
Ultrafire 504B xml
Ultrafire 502B (2 xpe, 1 xml)
Trustfire X9
Skyray King
Skyray STL-V2
Zebralight SC600
Thrunite TN11S
Crelant 7G2CS
Crelant 7G3CS
BTU Shocker
Small Sun ZY-A629
One Stop Throw Shop R5
Uniquefire UF-V3


Justrite 40’s lantern
2D Maglite LED

Black Cat
Mag Solitare LED mod
Tank TK703
Tank E06
Richuang RC 7002
Richuang RC 7001 XML mod
X-2000 x 3
P-60 drop in XML mod headlamp

Mini Mag Match mod single mode 3-18v XML
Mini Mag Match mod ramping 3-8.4v XPG
Mini Mag Match mod single mode 0-5volt XRE
Ultrafire Stainless C3 XPG 3 mode HML mod
Trustfire R5-A3 XML 3 mode HML mod
Nitecore EZ AA 4B tint XPG mod
Yezl A-1 XPG 3 mode HML
Ultrafire UF-H2
Ultrafire CNG host 3C XML 3-6volt 5mode
Ultrafire CNG host Nichia 219 0-5volt 19 mode
Coast Lenser V2 clone XRE R2 mod x2

Romisen RC C3 5C tint XRE
Ultrafire 501A Solarforce 3 mode HML 0-5volt XPG x2
Ultrafire A30B XML 1D 2.8 amp 5 mode mod x3
Richuang P36 XRE R2 mod
Sipik 68
Hugsby S3
TrustFire Z1
MXDL R2 mod
Insight M6X laser gun light
Glock gun light

Ultrafire 501A x4

S-Mini XPG
SkyRay 3800 V1
Solarforce L2T
Solarforce L2P x2
Solarforce L2M x3
Ultrafire 504B
Ultrafire C1 x2
Ultrafire 502B
Ultrafire C2 x2
Ultrafire KD C8
Yezl Z1 2.8 amp 5 mode mod
Ultrafire UF-H3 x2
EDI-T P4 R2 5mode mod
EDI-T P4 x2
Ultrafire UF-980L
Small Sun ZY-1801A P-60 headlamp

Ultrafire C-88 XML mod 5 mode x2
Ultrafire HD-2010 mod U2 5 mode

C cell
2C Mag LED bulb
3C Mag LED bulb

D cell
6D Mag LED bulb x2
5D Mag LED bulb
3D Mag LED bulb
2D Mag LED bub

Romisen RC - T6 gone
Arlec halogen 9V
Dolphin Halogen 9V

from DD never recieved
SkyRay KING CREE XML T6 3-Mode 2000Lumens LED Flashlight 2Pcs
RICHONG RC-7001 LED Flashlight (1*AAA Battery)
UltraFire UF-2100 1000LM 3-Mode CREE XM-L T6 Super Bright LED Flashlight (1 x 18650 Li-ion Battery) *1
Sipik SK68 Cree 120Lumen Convex Lens LED Flashlight Color - Blue
Super Mini Tank007 E09 CREE R2 140 Lumen LED Flashlight

On its way i think!

1PC Trustfire TR-J12 Flashlight 5 Mode 4500 Lumens 5 X CREE XM-L T6 LED By 18650 or 26650 Battery Waterproof High Power Torch $50.39 1
1PC Skyray S-R5 Flashlight 5 Mode 1000 Lumens CREE XM-L XML T6 LED Flashlight by 18650 2*16340 Battery HikingTorch $11.99 2
CHARGER + 8 AA 8 AAA NiMH Rechargeable Recharge Battery $16.99 1
Properties: 1.2V
1PC Skyray King Flashlight 3 Mode 2000 Lumens 3xCREE XM-L XML T6 LED Flashlight By 4* 18650 Battery High Power Torch $56.94

blue = Foyfavorites


6D, LED conversion x 2

3D, LED conversion

3D, LED conversion (old-lumens custom)

2D, LED conversion

2D Mag-Lite LED


3C, LED conversion

2C, LED conversion

"Black Beauty" Mini Maglite AA Match Mod custom 3 x XP-G/R2

"Nano Mag" Mini Maglite AAA Match Mod custom Nichia 219

Mini LED

Mini incan x 2

Mini (Match Mod with 5-mode UltraFire XP-G/R5)




Masterpiece Pro 1

Masterpiece Pro 2

Skyline 1

L2P, black (3-mode XM-L from Int'l Outdoor)

L2P, black (empty host)

L2P, silver (5-mode XM-L/U2)

L2P, grey, (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2P, grey (empty host) x 2

L2P, blue (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2T, black (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2T, silver (5-mode XM-L/U2)

L2X extended (3-mode Solarforce XM-L/T6, 8.4 volt)

L2X (3-mode XM-L from Int'l Outdoor)

L2, black (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2, silver (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2, silver (2-mode U3/MD26E/vinz)

L2, gold, old style (empty host)

L2i, silver (3-mode XM-L from Int'L Outdoor)

L2i, silver (5-mode XM-L)

L2i, black (single mode Solarforce XM-L)

L2i, black (empty host) x 2 (gave one away in contest)

P1, black (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

P1D (black)

P1D (grey)

L2M, newer latest version (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2m, new version (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720) x 3

L2m, old version (3-mode UF XM-L, sku 5720)

L2m, fake (empty host)

L2r (thanks Match!)

L2N (black)

L2N (gray)








JM07 Pro (stone white)





TZ 58 (pre-production)

WK 26



MCU - E/C88


UF-T60 (2 x 18650)

E/UF-2100 x 2

WF-504B (3-mode XR-E)

WF-502B (empty host because I hate it)


Quark AA2 Tactical

Quark Q MiniXM-L



Cyclone C88 x 2

X-Power Wildfire

Crelant V9-T6

Roche F22

"Great Protection Head" T6 18650 flashlight

Surefire 6P LED (empty host)

Xin TD L2

XinTD SC-82 (C8 V4)

XinTD SC-82 (C8 V4/high CRI)

LXP (XM-L/U2 1/2 x 26650)

TrustFire E/F15-T6

Palight C8 (XP-G/R5)

"100 mW" green laser (in an UltraFire 502B host)

Tank 007 E07 (gift from BLF members upon returning from unsuccessful 3 month flashlight rehab)

"BLF" Mini 01 3-mode XM-L/T6

Superfire L2 (single mode XM-L/U2)

FLEXCandles Asgard

Coast/Inova/Led Lenser:


aspheric ?? (CR123 x 2)


don't know what it is (some kind of 5 LED with 1 incan)

TwinTask (2D)

TaskLight 2-L (2 x CR123) x 2

blue, aspheric ?? (1 x AAA)


Eveready Captain 2D (LED conversion)

Eveready miners 3D

Eveready miners light 2C

Eveready 2D aspheric

OX incan convertible 2 or 3D

Homart 3D brass

Homart 2D nickle plated bullet butt


Sky Ray 818 (triple XM-L)

no-name magnetic control (Q5)

Cyclops incan (2 x CR123)

Lux-Pro "Extreme 9" (3 x AAA) (gift from granddaughter)

HIS promotional (came with a video card)

Looks like it's 112. Somehow I thought it would be less. There's probably a dozen or so in drawers, cars or I don't know where. I used to think I had a lot but this thread has put that belief out to pasture.



  • Tank007 E09
  • Led Lenser P3


  • Xeno E03
  • Cree Angled Flashlight GITD thingy
  • Sipik SK68


  • Solarforce L2
  • Fenix LD32


  • Sipik SK98

Crank Operated

  • Eton Clipray :expressionless: