The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

That Mechtorch :heart_eyes:

Started collecting again. I can’t believe in 4 years how much better they are.

1-Convoy M1 XM-L2

2-Convoy M2 XP-L

1-Convoy M3 XHP70.2

1-Convoy S2+ XP-L (sand)

1-Convoy S2+ XM-L2 (purple)

1-Convoy S2+ XM-L2 (blue)

1-Convoy S2+ SST-20 (gray)

1-Convoy S11 XHP50

2-Convoy C8+ XP-L (sand)

1-Convoy L2 XP-L (sand)

1-EDC flashlight XPG2

1-Lumintop tool AA 2.0

1-Nicron N7

1-Emisar D4 XP-L

1-Emisar D4S XP-L


1-Thorfire TK4A XP-L

1-JetBeam BC10 XPG R5

1-Solarforce L2T Vin54

1-Solarforce L2M Vin54

1-Sofirn SP40 Headlamp

1-Sofirn C8G XHP35

2-Sofirn C8F 3-XP-L

1-Sofirn SP36 4-XP-L

1-Sofirn SP70 XHP70.2

1-Sofirn SP33 XHP50.2

1-Imalent DN35 XHP35

1-Astrolux FT03 SST40

1-Astrolux MF02 XHP35

1-Nightwatch NI40 Stalker XHP50.2

Long time no see! I hope all is well with you!

Doing ok, hope all is good with you.

There’s a very old very large maglite missing from the pic, but this is most of them. Really should stop as I have something for most occasions and enough to lend out if need be, but you all know how that goes.

I couldn’t take a group photo with all of them, so here’s my current flashlight collection, by pieces :wink:

These are at my parent’s home! (Amutorch AM30, Odepro KL52, Odepro B108/TM30, Brennenstuhl, SK68 clone, Jetbeam RRT01)

3xAAA flashlights :person_facepalming:

Small batteries or inbuilt rechargeables! (Nitecore TIP 2017, Rovyvon A2, Rovyvon A8U, Rovyvon A5R, LedLenser K2, “Guiness”, Rovyvon E300s)

AAA flashlights :blush: (Sofirn C01, Sofirn C01, (~BLF 348), Sofirn C01, Sofirn C01, Olight i3T EOS, Zoomie, Nitefox K3)

16340s and CR2 (Klarus XT1C, Olight M1 Raider, Wuben TO10R, Jetbeam RRT01 triple, OTR M1, OTR M3 Pro, OTR i3, Olight S1R Baton I , Nebo Redline Micro)

AAs and 14500s :heart_eyes: (Sofirn SF10, Sofirn SF14, Convoy T2, Jaxman E3, Nitefox ES10K, UV Zoomie, COB and AngryBlue, Lumintop Tool AA UV, Nitecore D10, Amutorch S3 1-2-3, DQG Slim Ti AA, Sofirn SP10B, Wuben E05, Manker E11, Sofirn SP10A)

Only 1x18650s (AnteChinese, Amutorch VG10, Zanflare F1, Olight M2R Warrior, Sofirn SP32, Amutorch AX1, Wuben TO46R, Acebam H20, Shuolide Headlamp, FW3A)

18650 and 18350s :heart_eyes: (Convoy S2+ 1-2-3-4-5-6, Emisar D4, Sofirn SP32A, Convoy S2)

26650 (1 or 2) (Wuben T70 camo)

Flashlight Hosts to be modded, eventually (OTR M3 Clone, 9 leds, SS 18650, Blitzwolf BW-ET1, CR123 zoomie)

And that’s all folks :+1:

EDIT: 23 August 2019 - New additions :wink:
Tool AA V2.0 and Tool 25 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Acebeam TK16

Livarnolux 314791 and Livarnolux 314951 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Skilhunt M150

-Wuben E10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FW1A

Brinyte T28 Artemis >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FireFlies ROT66 Gen II

Nitecore Tube >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sofirn CO1s

Wuben TO50R >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wuben E19

Tool AA V2.0 Panda White >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eagle Eye X3R

Skilhunt M200 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Convoy S6

Cheappo Zoomie & Livarnolux TL273 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brinyte PT18pro and PT28: The Oathkeepers

Lumintop Tool AA Ti >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On The Road 311

Sofirn C01R >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RovyVon AuroraA23 / On The Road Z821 / RovyVon Aurora E200u

Alonefire X360 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fireflies/Enogear Stainless Steel AA

Wuben E12R >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On The Road i5

Wuben E61 Gecko >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Olight Warrior Mini

Sofirn C01 and C01S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WooDJewl :smiley:

Astrolux EC03 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Olight S1R Baton II

Wuben H3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wuben D1

Lumintop FWAA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lumintop GT Nano

Supfire G20 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On The Road M9

Incandescent palm size >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wuben E62

Trustfire MiniX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Imalent MS18

Lumintop FW1AA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RovyVon S3

Eagtac D25C >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On The Road M4

VezerLezer ED10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lumintop Frog

Sofirn SP10 Pro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wuben G2

Fenix E12 V2.0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wurkkos TS10

so beautiful sequence! :sunglasses:

No pics right now my collection is small anyway I’m only a couple months in. Convoy S2+, Convoy S3, Astrolux C8, Fireflies E07, & just placed a order for the new Emisar D4V2. As for my C8 I ordered astrolux because it had more lumens than convoys C8 but now all the sudden I see convoy has a C8 with 2,000 lumens so I’m wanting it.

Recent collection of flashligths & headlamps

More headlamps than flashlights, I like that. Are you a caver / urbexer ?

Nope, none of them :wink:

Wich headlamp is the best?

Acebeam H30, max 4000 lumen
Also the heaviest and most expensive headlamp of the collection

The imalent HR70 is the second brightest headlamp(max 3000 lumen), it’s also one of my favorites because it’s light and nicely build



Do you like the armytek wizard?

Yes, great flood headlamp and nice/unique UI.Minus here is the slow charging.

No doubt, I’m a new colllector and they caught my attention right away. Just added a emisar d4v2 to my collection. Liked it so much I had to order another. Such a awesome light. Also love my fireflies e07.

My humble flashlight collection - as of 11/11/19

Currently in possession:

  • 4Sevens Quark Mini
  • BLF A6 XPL A1 (6500k)
  • BLF A6 XPL 3D (5000k)
  • Convoy C8+ SST-20 (4000k)
  • Convoy C8+ XPL Hi - V2 1A (6500k)
  • Convoy S2+ SST40 (5000k)
  • Convoy S2+ XML2 7135×8 XML2 U2-1A (6500k)
  • Emisar DS4v2 in Cyan w/SS + XP-L HD V6 1A, (6500K)
  • Fenix PD35
  • Lumintop EDC18 XPL HI (4875k) NW
  • Maglite Mini LED’s
  • Maglite 3D Cell with LED drop-in
  • Reylight Mini Copper Pinapple
  • Sofirn SC31B w/ SST-20 emitter

On Order:

  • Massdrop (Lumintop) Copper AAA Tool
  • Olight I3E EOS

Wish List

  • Astrolux A01
  • Astrolux FT03
  • Convoy L6
  • Convoy M21A
  • Convoy T2
  • Emisar D4v2
  • Lumintop AA 2.0
  • Lumintop EDC05
  • Lumintop FW3A
  • Lumintop GT Mini
  • Manker E14 and/or Astrolux S41
  • Skillhunt M150
  • Sofirn SP33
  • Thrunite T10
  • Thrunite TC15 (Outsider edition)
  • Trustfire MC1
  • Wurkkos WK30
  • YLP Unicorn 1.0

Which flashlight is the tan one on the top right of your image?


It is an Haikelite SC04