The BIG List of 500m+ Throw Flashlights (In slight disrepair)


Your top 5 (all the rest are above $1.29):

Sofirn SP70 250mm 90mm 625g 26650 2 XHP70.2 6.25K CW 1 5500 89733 687m $62 $50 90 $0.69
Emisar D1S 127mm 50mm 151g 18650 1 XP-L HI V3 1A CW
1 1300 130000 715m $40 50 $0.80
Astrolux FT03 170mm 70mm 295g 26650
SST-40-W 6.5K CW
SST-40-W 5K NW
1 2400
$60 70 $0.86
Lumintop GT mini 132mm 50mm 150g 18650 1 18350 1 XP-L HI CW
1 1200
$45 50 $0.90
Sofirn C8T 144mm 45mm 140g 18650 1 XP-L HI 5.5K NW 1 1310 500m $41 45 $0.91

Agreed. But I’ve chosen to start this list without including discontinued Flashlights. If I actually keep it up, in two years like 20% of the list won’t even be available for purchase anymore (other than used). That and I wanted at least as little work as I could manage an 80 item list lol :person_facepalming:

You missed the Lumintop GT70. Or is it on purpose?!

I should’ve remembered… lol BUT in my defense I just double checked and sure enough… Lumintop doesn’t have the GT70 listed on their website! :person_facepalming:

Well it’s already Friday. So things like that can happen I think. :smiley:

Very nice list! :sunglasses: Flashlight 10 on your list, the Astrolux MF04S, has a XHP70.2 not a XHP35 HI. Maybe you should add also the Astrolux MF02S with XHP70.2. You could as well add the Mateminco name in brackets to the Astrolux flashlights.
I really like the idea of a list with stock throwy lights because Enderman already has a list with modded mega thrower lights. :smiling_imp:

Thank you for the list. Maybe just check the links to each flashlight, as most of them point to the BLF GT :slight_smile:

Very informative. Thank you.

I have a couple of lights, that if they don’t throw 500m,
I’m gonna throw ’em 20 meters to the canal.

a) Utorch UT02.
b) The other says Maeerxu M8. Believe it or not.
I bought it because it is a beautiful green.
I think is a copy of an Ultrafire model. Not sure.
Yes, I know Ultrafire means flashlight in Chinese.

Do these make the list?.

Also have a few HIDs that I’m sure can make the list.

Thank you for your effort.


P.S. Maybe the Trustfire R6 SST90 throws 500m?.

first your links are all leading to lumintop

second please use only measured values as Manufactorier like Niwalker or Astrolux lie on their specs, first lies like 70% morte throw than it has
91mm head diameter on the Niwalker 900k vs. TN42 100mm 600k really trustworthy?

Thanks for catching that, I will make the change and will check out Endermans list! :smiling_imp:

I will check all the lights you’ve mentioned but I’ve decided to keep this list to just LED for now. That may change when the upkeep on the damn thing isn’t so high and I end up with some spare time.

…. :rage: …. :weary::cry::person_facepalming:

I see that now… All of the links are 100% accurate and functioning in the back-up Excel file but it looks like when the rows are copied into the BLF table tool it for some reason chooses a single working link and decides: You go to BLF GT… You go to BLF GT… You go to BLF GT… You go to BLF GT… You go to BLF GT… lol looks like Oprah really likes the BLF GT!

That throws an incredible wrench into the works as the Excel back-up is where I make changes then abolish the entire table and re-create it with the Excel file. That way I don’t have to update two lists independently. I’ll have to do some testing to figure out a solution… for now I hope y’all really like visiting the BLF GT page! :innocent:

Yes I totally agree that mfg stated specs aren’t accurate. I do plan on adding a review link section and columns for reviewer tested Candela & Lumens…. It’s a little tricky because given the size of the list I don’t want to link/add every single review with results for each light but I haven’t ever seen a single reviewer who’s come close to the entirety of the list…

lol Yay for having overhauled the whole list the second day it was up and realizing you need to overhaul the damn thing all over again…. :weary:

there is still the physics you can calculate what an ideal light can get out of Reflector size and LED luminousity, then subtract the reflector and lens losses
also the max lumens of the XHP35 is known to be 2000-2400lm depending how hard it is driven

on the Niwalker light I would ignore the manufactory sprecs and list it with 2400lm and 500kcd which will be close to the real measurements and physics

or any manufactory could simple sell people a 10000lm xhp35 light with 50mm head and 2Mcd throw

also your list contains a lot of errors like
6 Niwalker BK-FA30S 178mm 76mm
it has a 100mm head

simply take the average of the review measutrements and its good
list only on trustworthy manufactories like Acebeam or Thrunite the ANSI specs because their lights usually are better than as they claim worst case that the light may have

:weary: I’m not sure of the equations used to perform those yet but will work my way around to it as I’d like to know it.

I definitely want to list both to expose manufacturers who blatantly lie or just don’t care enough to be accurate and to praise manufacturers who go to the hard work of making sure their numbers are accurate.

When I do add the test results columns it will include a percentage difference between the actual results and their claimed results.

The one major issue I’ve discovered so far is that nobody but Eagtac listed what they used for lumens. Eagtac advises LED lumens and ANSI lumens. It further complicates everything when hot rodders are likely stating OTF lumens on initial not ANSI…

Does the Sofirn SP70 need to be moved up now?

Hey matadors, have you tried to post an excel sheet in this site? I could on another site. When someone hit the link, it would ask to download the file.

Also, fooled around with Google sheets and posting on line.

BTW…I wanted to post a short list like yours on a different subject on a different site and couldn’t.

Sheesh….we got to be a computer scientist to post….lol

Maxtoch has a whole line of throwers , that you might consider for this list…………

1)……MAXTOCH Xsword L2K (2500 Meters) My full “BLF” review HERE

2)……MAXTOCH X Pro /// 2 versions of this one (1900 Meters+) and the 1400 meter “original” version (have not reviewed this one)

3)……MAXTOCH SHOOTER 2X (1200+ Meters) My full “YouTube” review HERE

4)……MAXTOCH Sniper M24 (1100 Meters) My full “YouTube” review HERE

5)……MAXTOCH Archer M1 (800 meters+) My full “BLF” review HERE

Convoy L2 with XPL-Hi?

(Convoy L2 with XM-L2 and Convoy L2 with XHP50.2)

Sofirn C8G (XHP35-Hi)?

Convoy C8+ with SST40?

The new Convoy’s with SST40 (Convoy M21A, Convoy L21A)?

problem with the above si the manufacturer may not have a correct measurement of the beam throw distance for the above units.

Sofirn C8A (XP-L2) probably won’t throw farther than 500 meters, so it would be out of this list.

Sofirn C8T (XPL-Hi), should throw farther than the Convoy C8/C8+ with XPL-Hi (which are estimated to be around 500 meters beam distance); unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much technical data (candela) from independent reviewers…


Lumintop GT Micro is said to nearly reach 500 meters beam distance with a fully-charged battery; will need reviewers who can measure this, and check if it can be included in this >500 meters flashlight list.

Astrolux MF01S / Mateminco MT18S specs lists 15000lm for SST20 6500K and 95000CD or 616 meters… just need someone to verify those figures…

I have the 4000k one and it matches my Acebeam L16 which I measured at over 500 metres. The 5000/6500k ones should outthrow the L16 with fully charged cells.

I miss in the list the new Olight Javelot Pro already reviewed in this forum.

Hope it helps for your list

This is the first time that I’ve seen this list. What an incredible amount of work.
Thank you so much. I’ve found it very useful.