The BLF DIY Forum First Annual Scratch made light contest - CONTEST IS DONE - WINNERS are Announced! in the OP

Forum server has been down a bit lately. What happens if it’s down when I need to post beamshots? I’ve asked another member to verify the time stamp by email but that’s all I could think of.

You know how the internet is, deadlines are deadlines, LOL.

Yeah, it get’s a little frustrating sometimes doesn’t it? I was really really wanting to get on last night and it was not cooperating.

Wow! A USA supplier that thinks enough of their customers to help sponsor a contest on BLF!!! I didn't get to enter the contest due to workload and storms but..... That says a lot to me!

Thanks Calvin! Dan.

Sorry for the downtime. In the case of last night, the server was running flawlessly for about 5 days, but it suddenly crashed and I had to power cycle the server. It’s pretty hard to diagnose this stuff because a system crash doesn’t leave any log files to diagnose and debug. I’m currently waiting on a response from some of the higher level system engineers at the web host.

One way or another, I’m trying to make the site considerably more reliable that it has been during the past month. The bugs that were causing constantly poor performance and frequent web server lockups have been identified and fixed. Now, I’m trying to identify the cause of this crash, which occurred on different level than the previous issues.

Again, my apologies, and please hang in there while I continue to work on this.

No criticism intended SB, just expressing a concern and looking proactively for a work around.

My little build thread: Texaspyro's Handmade Multi-Emitter DIY Contest Entry

Of course! :slight_smile: Thanks for saying so, but I didn’t take it as a criticism. I just wanted to try to give a few explanations. I’ll create a thread about this once I get to the bottom of the problem.

07-09-2013 We have another Sponsor for the Contest. LightsCastle is donating SIX $25 Gift Certificates. That means more prizes for more contestants! Yahoo!

A Great Big Texas Thank You to Illumination Supply and Lights Castle! Yiiiiahhhaa! :smiley:

A BIG thanks to Illumination Supply and Lightcastle for coming on board. Just remember when you guys (us members) are buying your next item give all our generous sponsors a look in. Welcome aboard guys.

THANKS LightsCastle! I sure agree with MRsDNF... when we need parts / lights/ want to spend $$ lets try these sponsors FIRST!!! This is really nice of Illumination Supply and LightsCastle!!! Can't ask for more than this!! Dan.

+1 CHEERS to illumination supply and LightsCastle!!!!!!!!!

Very cool to have your sponsorship to help support the incredible creations of others!!! 8) THANK YOU!! :bigsmile:

Thanks to both Illumination Supply and LightsCastle.

Great to see the support here :slight_smile:

And now, the time is near….I did it MY way! lol

Time’s running out folks, gonna have to find that 5 O’Clock overdrive! :slight_smile:

My light is done!

I’ve added lots of pics and some white wall beamshots. Enjoy!
Thanks to O-L for setting this up! I really enjoyed it.

I’m guessing that there is 26.5 hours left?

Probably for you. It ends on Midnight UTC time, 07-15-13. For me, that means 7PM Central time Monday evening, but I don’t know what time it is for you.

I think it’s 10am Monday morning here finish time. No not Finland time or anything to do with fish, the over time for this comp. Its 10am Sunday morning here now so that would make 24 hours to go.

There are just under 48 hours to go. MRsDNF, it will be Tuesday morning for you when it closes.