The BLF DIY Forum First Annual Scratch made light contest - CONTEST IS DONE - WINNERS are Announced! in the OP

To any members here that want to join in the fun but maybe a little intimidated by the experienced modders and builders here I would suggest that the judges may take previous experience into consideration. Even if they dont this may be the perfect opportunity to jump in the deep end and have a go and maybe learn a little more. Personally nothing please’s me more than seeing someone post a new mod or build for the first or second time that they dont deem worthy but made the effort anyway to show us what they have achieved even sometimes with pictures that may not be that clear.
So jump on board and help OL as he is helping us all.

this will be excellent source of free ideas :slight_smile:

I have my general concept planned now.

  • Reflector ordered
  • Home Depot loitered
  • Dremel primed
  • Sandpaper ready
  • soldering iron tested (can I use hot air reflow?, it’s part of my soldering station :smiley: )
  • hacksaw blade replaced
  • First-Aid kit restocked
  • Emergency numbers posted nearby

The countdown begins. J)

MRsDNF nailed it; a first effort is always interesting. I especially like seeing how someone overcomes say, a lack of certain tools or limited resources of some kind. The story matters too - having a son/daughter helper or incorporating some small aspect of your life makes it personal.

When I first joined BLF, it was always fun for example, tuning in to whatever Don was doing and seeing The Assistant always nearby. One time, he simply emptied the contents of his backpack and we spent a week or two comparing the carry-junk we have in our man purses. I knew then, I was in the right place.

To use a worn out phrase; it's not necessarily the destination, it's the journey.


You have forgotten the primary ingredients,
For design: halucinogenics
For developement: mild euohorics(beer, etc)
For recovery: pain killers(band aids), I see you have those listed.

Warning, it is inadvisable to work with an open flame near alchohol above 100 proof.

Now you tell me…

What you meant to say :wink:

I thought those ingredients were inherent, like eggs for breakfast J)

Well I hate to admit it, but I once build a light from galvanized pipe and a P60 dropin. It was so ugly that I dubbed it “the fuglight”. I should have taken pictures before throwing it in the garbage can. What a hideous obamanation.

I’ll have to try some if the medicinal inspirational additives listed above before I break out the soldering iron again. Can I dowse a rag with xylene, toss it into a paper bag and use it as a creativity inducing inhalant?

You know the original light built can only be improved on. :wink:

Handmade and fugly is what y’all can expect to see from me. Thanks, O-L for thinking up this bit of awesomeness.

My thoughts exactly. :slight_smile: Nothing like borrowing someone else’s idea.

Yes, but you could of had a V8, eggs Benedict, and a cappacino!

Mr Moose, fake, ruse builds will be considered grounds for DQ. 0:)

And yes, since the builds will all be posted, I’ll be on the lookout for good ideas to
steal industriously espy.

This is a great Idea Old-Lumens!
I hope I will find the time, energy and parts to make something decent…

If this becomes a success. I would recommend for the future (or maybe right away) , that the time frame becomes longer. As some here have already said, free time to do a build from scratch can be lilmited compared to the time It would take. And if parts are needed, well, sometimes parts from China wont even arrive within a month.
More people will be able to participate with a longer time-frame…
If this could become a montly thing, well, 12 unique builds a year! We all know only Old-Lumens seems to be up to such things… :stuck_out_tongue:
Us regular mortals on the other hand, It will easily become too much… Ofcourse, one could always pass, but longer time frames, would automatically make it easier for more people to participate… I think… These are just my thoughts, I may be wrong.

Im probably up for the challenge though! :slight_smile:
I think… I have to shop some ingredients first…
Halucinogenics mixed with some sort of liquid might be a good start… Ill see how the brain-storming goes, and take it from there. S)
Thanks for the tips Rufusbduck!

What does this mean? What I think it means?

I may have to work my design around a Scotch bottle and a candle as there aint going to be anything delivered from China in the allotted time. Is this part off a ghastly plan to make people think? Panadol please.

We need some new comers jumping on board. Nows your chance and there is a cash incentive to make it worthwhile. This could be the start off a new career for someone with recognition worldwide through this forum.

My brain is whirring…

sweet! Well, I often hold my head in my hands, particularly when I realise I put something on the car backwards, so it’ll be sort of hand held too :slight_smile: The only problem I’ll have is holding off on this before the start date. Guess I’ll just have to LEDify a desklamp in the meantime…

looking forward to all the great lights that are about to be born! I’d put my money on RBD personally, although I could always send him some 95% ethanol from the lab to “distract” him J)

Really great idea Old-Lumens! This thread is going Sticky and Frontpage.

Hmm….yes…yesss….nothing like a competition to get the creative juices flowing…

I have so many ideas!
Currently, my main problem is deciding between all the ideas!
Once the decision is made, Ill get a new problem. Can I make it happen in a decent way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we not allowed to start “tinkering” with parts and such?? I would like to maybe start slowly, this weekend, because Im not sure I will use the “host” that I am planing on using… (Relax, its not a flashlight host…) And the best way to find if I can work on/with it, is to do a little work on it. I will not post anything about it.