The BLF GT70 "Giggle Monster" is here! 7,500lumens, 1,500m throw! Group buy Closed!

Ah, Jason never sleeps

Go to the settings (keep holding the button)
Wait till it proceeds to the correct setting number.
When you are in RAMPING setting #3 or
when you are in MODES setting #7

click three times to choose timed
then click 5 times for 5 minutes

1=disable, 2=Temperature, 3=timed
Timed clicks:
1=60sec, 2=90sec, 3=2min 4=3 min, 5=5 min, 6=7 min

If you never changed settings before watch a video and then do first a dry run where you don’t set anything, only look how it blinks through the settings.

And the GT has also a factory reset, just in case :wink:

Hint: The settings RAMPING and MODES are not two different setting, they are the same. When you enter from RAMPING you see only a reduced set .

To get a general impression how to change settings:
BLF Q8 Flashlight Review - YouTube and jump to 8min 30sec
Full video about all settings:
How to Program the Budget Light Forum Giga Thrower - YouTube

so by default the GT70 has a greater runtime in turbo vs MF04s(I read it has only 1 minute before kick down).

In practice yes. But the GT70 uses a temperature triggered step down as default, so it depends on surrounding temp and how hot it is at startup.

If you don’t like a step down you can ramp up and skip TURBO. It is only 50% output compared to turbo on the GT70 (80% on the orig. GT) but visually it is only 10 to 15% lower, which should be still enough in most cases.

Hi, I just received my GT70. But i would really like to flash anduril on this light too, as i have with most of my lights. Unfortunately i can’t find the right hex file. Has anybody flashed a correct version of anduril on the Gt70? And is willing to share this. Thank you in advance.

TK has the Hex file for anduril posted in the repository someplace. Finding it can be like a treasure hunt though lol.

I can’t find a GT70 version on

And non on

Maybe you can ask in the FSM Thread

if there is a GT70 Andúril

Did she fix the thermal problems you mentioned here?

My bad, I was thinking of the GT that she got Anduril working on. She never made a version for the GT70 come to think of it.

Well al least it explains why I couldn’t find the hex file in the repository. Unfortunately the sad news is there is no working Anduril firmware for the gt70 yet. With all the c files I can compile a hex file but I’m nowhere near proficient enough to fix the thermal issues.

does anybody have spots on their reflector?

Yes, tiny specs happen due to the manufacturing process for large reflectors being quite difficult. They should not effect the beam in any meaningful way.

ok good, I first thought I was the only one! now i feel alot better!

BLF GT 70 Warm White 70.2

HaikeLite MT09R NW 3*70.2

Both lights

Wow, that warm white beam in the sky looks awesome!

I had tried to take a vertical pano with my phone to show how far the gt70 reaches up into the sky. It doesn’t really show it that well and I wasn’t going to post it, but here it is anyway.

Both Lights Again

“take the centering ring off the tube” what tube do you mean?

The Texas_Ace Lumen Tube has a centering ring that can effect the readings. Maybe that?

Is there any thoughts on making a GT between the size of the original and the mini? Like the TN32 size?

That would indeed be a nice size. :+1: