The BLF Modding Links Thread. Looking for a mod that's been done at BLF? Try here for a link.

I am hoping that this thread will end up being the one place to go for finding a Mod, that has been done here at BLF. There are a bunch of great modders here and so many mods that one can't remember half of them or find them half the time.

This thread is for Modders to post links to their mods. I do not want it to be a discussion thread. That will ruin the purpose. Modders are welcome to post and make links to their mods, so that everyone can come and find them easily. It can be a wealth of information if used properly.

Modders, please make a post here and add links to your mods in that post. If you make your own post, then you can edit it as you add mods to the forum.

Please do not post questions, comments or start discussions here. It will take away from the value of the thread. If you have questions or comments for the Modders here, just send them a PM instead of posting here. The same goes for Broken links, just PM the Modder with the broken link. If you see modders that have not added their mods here (I know it will happen), please PM them and invite them to come here and post their mods.

I will also ask our Admin to take a look back over the years and see if he can add a post here with links to Mods that everyone has forgotten or that the member is no longer active.

Thank you


Old-Lumens Mod links

Turning a SAiK SA-305 into a Fat Boy-T6 -Photo & Video intensive

Lathes? Lathes? We don't need no stinking Lathes! - 2AA Maglite Mod

Fat Boy Copper Smoothie - IT LIVES!!

The sought after AMC 7135 board master/slave sandwich mod - an explanation

The Twins are Finished!

3D Maglite - Human Lathe Part II - I sold all of these bare hosts and the thread is done

Black 2D, Ano removed, now it IS a Polished 1D - Polishing Video included!

Cut Down Shorty 1C Maglite or 1 26650 I mean

Next Project - A Maglite 2AA to 3AAA pocket Rocket. It's Finished, photos included.

The Blues Brothers +1 - Maglite Style

Boring a Maglite D body for 4AA - with a home made drill press and a bi-metal hole saw.

Homemade 4AA/8AA/12AA Battery Holder

Maggie the Mag or Maggie May as I like to call her. Helping a well used Mag back to life. Photo Heavy - It's Done!

One way to make a Copper Star for a LED - with photos

Back in Black - SST-90 4D Maglite "Shower Head" Aspheric build.

Black & Decker Spotlight from Wal-Mart 4AA batteries - Photo Heavy - It's Done!

Installing a Metal Pushbutton Switch into a "D" Maglite stock switch hole.

Maglite Solitare - What to do? Maybe a TIR, a Nichia and a 10440 - Build thread

Modding a TK35 Clone - The one goes to the source - Finished, with Beam Shots.

Maglite 2D - 3XM-L T6 - TIR optic, 8AA - Build thread - Beam shots in Post#36

FINISHED!! My Big Build of the season, The 3 Green Maglites "Listen while I play my Green Tambourine" FINISHED!!

The 90 Degree Angled Head Maglite - or - Yes I am certifiably crazy! - It's Finished and ready to go!

Turning a 2D Maglite into a 3up XM-L flooder - Let's change it all up shall we? 1D host, not 2D

Video - How to turn a Solitaire Maglite into a 10440 Flashlight with only a few hand tools

Strange Red 1D Maglite Mule - Build Thread - Finished and Beam Shots

Review: CNQG UltraFire 1xAA Flashlight with Clip Host Kit - Mini Review and Mod to XM-L & 14500. VERY Photo Heavy.

Oooh I'm on fire - Maglite 1D build – Flames

Another Black 1D Mag Mod - Or, hey everybody, I've got a Woodie. It's Finished, beam shots are up

12 lights - 2 days and 1 very tired old guy - Maglite Mania! 11:00 PM it's DONE!!!

Sleeping Beauty - Stock looking 2AA Maglite with a 3-Up Nichia 219 set-up. - Beam Shots

Simple One hour build - Defiant $5 light, $5 led and a few minutes time.

Help, I need a Flashlight Modding Intervention! Maglite Solitaire revisited.

Red 2D Maglite Mod with an "Angel Eyes" ring - Finished! Outdoor beam shots tonight.

3AA Mini Maglite with a 2.8A driver, XM-L and TIR optic, build thread

FandyFire Rook Mod. 3AA NiMH in series? Yes, it's done, but I'm on the second one now!

Modding the Defiant Super Thrower - Mod is done. Not worth the effort? Edit: I don't know

Modding the Defiant 3C and 3D lights with Maglite parts. Beam Shots in Post #32

Flood to Throw?? Mini Maglite? Well, it's....... done.

BEAM SHOTS ARE UP- Oh Nooooo Not the King, don't ruin the King..... Well it's the FF Clone King, so why not mod it?

DONE, FINISHED, The TS Maglite Super Shorty Mule - Beam Shots are Up

Modding a Judco Switch

Making a 12-Up out of Mini-Mags and Nichias. It's Finished and BEAM SHOTS are up now!!

Three the Hard Way - another Mini-Mag Mod - Updated - Beam Shots are up.

Modding a Perfectly good EA8, for no apparent reason - Finished! - Beam Shots are up!

The Sky-Ray King Thrower Mod........ It's Finished!

The "N" Rook Mod

Modding a Trustfire TR-A9 - It's done, Beam shots are Up.

The other half of the comparison thread - Modding the Nitecore EA4 - It's DONE and Beam Shots are up!

Solitaire + Nichia 219 + Efest 10440 = another micro mod - Beam shots are up

2AA Mini-Mag with a Side Switch, DrJones driver and a 3-up - just another crazy mod... It's Finished!

3C, not 2C MT-G2 Maglite Mod - BEAM shots are up in Post #1 and it's done!!!

The Solarstorm Raging revisited. Now with Beam Shots! - Finished

Modding the Small Sun ZY-T20 - MT-Gangnam Style - Done - With Beam Shots

Modding the under $10 Defiant 51 led, 4xAA light into something quite different? Finished, beam shots are up

Another Nitecore EA8 to Mod, haven't I done this before? Finished, Beam shots are up

Just another Copper Smoothie scratch build It's Done, with beam shots

Modding? a Boruit Z001 - Problem Solved - the build is FINISHED. Beam shots are up too! 10,000 Ebay Lumens! LOL

Just another 2 times 2D Mag mod, photo heavy - One is done, the other is DOA. 50% survival rate. That's all folks.

Modding the Securitylng (Really?, Come on), SRK clone flashlight It's Finished, Beam shots are up!

4C Maglite mod, for a light, for me to carry at work. Done, with beam shots

Aussie-Yank Flashlights Inc. Or how to span the oceans with crazy mods and good BLF friends. All Done

MT-G2 COURUI Anyone? Another O-L mod. PHOTO HEAVY - BEAM SHOTS ARE UP! 02-06-14

A little mod to a Trustfire TR-J10 - Finished. Beam shots in Post #1

2AA Maglite 90 degree Swivel head mod - The second attempt works! Beam shots are up

Video series - Modding the HD2010

Just another fail - NOPE, It's alive and running again! Light is finished - almost... and working!

Tear down and mod videos for the Small Sun ZY-T08

I will let MRsDNF explain this one!

SS ZY-T08 5-up Mod - Finished

ZY-T08 3up mod with XM-L2 - just another approach - It's finally done, beam shots are up!

Quick UF F-13 mod, for a member + beam shots

2D MT-G2 Maglite video mod

Soldering wires to a star, a little differently? - Video

2D is now Modded - Video Review and Tear Down of the 3rd GEN Maglite Flashlights - Beam Shots and Amp Draws are up

Another 2D Maglite Mod?? Well, maybe this one is just a little different. O-L and C_K team up to do an RGBW Maglite - It Lives!!

Hydro Graphics Video, Dipping a 2D Maglite - Flames, Camo and Skulls?

HD Video: Basic tools and supplies for a beginner flashlight modder

Lowe's Lux Pro MAX 2D LXII flashlight Video tear down, + photos and Mod to MT-G2/6xAA NiMHs - Beam Shots are up!

5D Mag - SST-90 - 95mm Aspheric - 9+amp build - Finished on 03/17/15 and beam shots are in Post #1

2mods for the XHP70 - Initial Video added - One light is done & BEAM SHOTS ARE UP IN POST #1 - Second light works, but still...

Making a light for the XHP 70 and the 95mm faceted reflector LUM 5-90. 103500 lux @ 1 meter. Beam Shots are up.

Triple XHP 70 using the LUM 5-90 reflectors and a huge head - 05/06/15 Finished- with beam shots.

Handmade CXA3590 - Lum5-90 light build

** Also look in my Signature line for the link to my Youtube videos on modding **

HD-2010 2 x 26650 mod.

XP-G2 Copper pill P60.

Mini C8 AAA XM-L U2 Mod

New Build/Mod. Can A Humble Defiant 3C Trounce The Mighty TN31?

Defiant 3C MT-G2, 4 x 26650 custom build.

Defiant 3C Armor Max MTG-2 mod.

Latest mods on top in each category.
Builds that are just not straight forward:

Building a high CRI flashlight with copper mounted sinkpad. Price about 4$ (with beam/CRI shots)
Basically, mounting a Nichia 119 on some copper pieces, the harder way…

Saik SA-305 rebuild. The Fat Flooder!
5x XP-Gs, oversized pill, 32600 battery (or 3xAA)

Rebuilding a vintage German WWII Daimon with modern LED
1 XM-L, 4XAA, fairly stock looking

Making a cheap 3xAA sized P60 host
Super cheap and easy with the right tools, but does not use a stock P60 reflector.

Making a cheap bling AA sized P60 host
Super cheap and easy with the right tools, but does not use a stock P60 reflector.


Making Nichia 119 MCPCB - The easy way

How I re-flow emitters on a cooking plate


New 612 Mod and Review
Modified pill for 20mm Copper mcpcb. Swapped out emitter, driver and lens.

Post about how I modded my ZY-T13 with a trim-pot
Mostly explained with a few pictures.

TR-3T6 mod (Wallbuys lights, not the most common driver)
This thread is a bit messy. Started out as a resistor mod thread where I ended up to replace the driver and emitters to get the the desired output, modes and tint. Which basically was the plan from the beginning.

Mods by dorpmuller

New favorite flooder with pics

Rolled my own triple XP-G P60 PIC ADDED

Latest triple I did up.

Lookit this!!

Mag mods and a "linger" XM-L flooder

Super Mag & SWM mods-Neutralizers I & II

Meet "Little Nellie"

Neutralizer II

Little Nellie goes to the beauty shop (and meets a companion!)

Rich, we miss your mods... and you.



Mod Results Part 2 ( beam shots) Good News!

2C Mag Mod (Lots of pics)

Match's Mods: Junk light to side switch P60 Host

Match's Mods: Streamlight Scorpion Mod - Will it Host?

Match's Mods: Modding the $1.68 BLF Delight / MXDL 1w

Match's Mods: 3XP-G modded Mini-Maglite (version 2.0)

Match's Mods: Edi-T T11...To He(xm)LL and back

Match's Mods: 15min mini mag mod

Match's Mods: 6x XML Maglite project

Mini-match gets infinite brightness via QTC

Match's Mods: Homemade Integrating Sphere

Match's Mods: 3xXML MagMod - The RogueFlare

Match's Mods: Make your own custom flashlight (no lathe!)

Match's Mods: The "Woot-Lite" 2D Magclone (part 1)

Match's Mods: Budget P60 Host Extreme Makeover

Match's Mods: Tank E07 - Match Edition

Match's Mods: Emitter to Copper Reflow in a 1C mag mod (How To)

We miss you too Match


Modders, Please feel free to post a list of your mods here. I know there are many of you and I will try to add to the list, by searching threads, but only as time permits, so you can help me a lot by listing your mods in a post here.

Thank you

The Raven, copper finned Minimag in Black.

MRTdiver’s custom Minimag 14500 copper

Plumbers fins AAA 10440 Minimag copper

How small are you? 3- mode Solitaire

Mum wants a Solitaire, Mum gets a Solitaire

My current project, chopped AA, AAA, and Solitaire

Midsize Minimag, two pill or not two pill.

Newest Solitaire mod

Direct drive, direct solder, aspheric thrower in a small package.

Solitaire-qtc fail, 7135 hotwire success

Build thread for the M&M Mini

Build thread for the Lumatic Utilitech

My last completed bike light mod


Mac's Mods

Mac's Mods: Micro "Mac"-Light

SAiK SA-305 WW XM-L Upgrade

Easy stand lanyard mount (picture heavy)

Two new MicroMags!

How to make a holster for a chopped AA MiniMag (MicroMag)

Adapting 20mm driver pill to 17mm

Fun with hand tools

$2 DIY bench power supply for testing emitter and powering a hobby charger.

First Mac-Lights triple XP-G2 - the "Zombie Lord" in NW

Here's another one: Easy Lockout mod for Rook

I rarely take pictures when in the process of modding, but in the future I will take more photos of the process.

1970 Sportsman MOD

Surefire U2

Fulton industires Anglehead XP-G

Surefire Kroma XP-G2 optic to reflector

Thrunite t10 to nichia:

p60 L2M 18500 TIR build:

p60 triple nichia219 drop-in:

Here’s my one Mod I did. I did it to fill a need I had. Full flood single 18650 high CRI headlight. It worked so good I’ve been out of the headlight market for awhile now. I still use it as my daily light at work and at home.

UF-H3 modded with a Nichia 219 Best 18650 Headlight ever

Updated 06/14/15

Modders, please feel free to post your mod links here, for easy access to all members.

This is my first BLF build.

My second BLF build is a Dorcy lantern mod outfitted with a DC-DC converter with custom firmware that allows for the selection of 6 brightness levels.


Nice bump! I’ll delete this once this gets going again:)

Some stuff I’ve done.

Airayland AA to MT-G2

BLF-348 - MT-G2

Convoy S2 Shorty Rechargeable Mule

Convoy S6 Triple USB Rechargeable 18350

Cooyoo Quantum mule with Tritium Momentary Switch

CQG Bullet Mod

CQG S1 Mods - Twin Set - Flashlight & Sidelight

CQG S2 Carbon Fibre

CRX - 1000p Carbon Fibre & Brass Flashlight

CRX Charger Mods

CRX Tail Switch Mods

CRX - Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest Entry

DQG Hobi & DQG Lighter

DQG Hobi UV & ZWB2 filter

Eagletac D25C Triple Forward Clicky

FourSevens Atom KeyChain Light Mod

FourSevens Mini ML Ti Triple & Tailswitch Mod

FourSevens PK Paladin Mod

From Tube to Cube

Graphitized some more small lights

Handmade AAA Copper Tube Light

Handmade Copper P60 - Quad Nichia

Manker E14 Mods

Maratac CR123 Tail Switch Mod

Maratac CR123 Triple 219c

Mini Monolith Dual LED Dual Switch Flashlight

Nitecore EA4 Tailcap Lockout Mod

Nitecore EA4 Ledil Cute optic triple Nichia 219c

Nitecore EX11 v2 triple 219c

Nitecore Tube - Red XR-C

Olight TC10 Rebuilt

Olight TC15 MT-G2 Battery Tube Light

Rofis JR10 triple XP-G2 to 18500 cell and MTN FET

Smallest MT-G2 Flashlight Ever?

Smallest XHP50 Flashlight Ever?

Sunwayman V10R Ti with Graphite Battery Tube

Tank 007 TK-703 Green Laser

Thrunite Ti2 UV 10180 & Tailswitch Mod

Thrunite T10T triple XP-G2 & FET driver

Thrunite T20T titanium

Thrunite Ti4 QTC Pill

Tritium Instead Of Lanyards

TrustFire Mini 01 Tail Switch Mod

Ultrafire UF-10 to 16500 & FET Mod

Ultrafire UF-T1 - 10mm FET driver

UltraTac K18 Brass Mods

Vollsion SP-11S Mods

Xeno Cube Mods

Thread revival!! :laughing:

I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring here. Some of these are before i had a lathe :wink:

sbt70 aspheric build 16/5/14

Good host for you 18/7/14

KD's big reflector in a tk61 16/3/15

WTS tk61 modded with xhp70 18/12/15

Mechanical mod - mod 24/6/16

Quad xhp35 23/4/17

Copper DQG26650 8/6/17

Colour modded V4A 7/8/17

High power UV 7/11/17

Stripey little mtg2 17/12/17

27100 tube light 9/2/18

Car mounted hunting light 2/5/18

Holy tail 22/6/18

Headlamp build 16/8/18

dqg18650 mods 11/10/18

6th OL comp build 4/11/18 …and later modifications 8/2/20

Ti and Mokume build (Timo) 13/1/19

UF2100 re-skin 15/2/19

Monkey king’s staff, vape conversion 21/3/19

Vape conversion #4 4/6/19

Mokume build 15/6/19

Big quad build 2/8/19

7th OL comp build (superconductor) 22/9/19

Holy head vape conversion 2/12/19

The first fw3d 28/1/20

Programmable infinite mirror tail 6/4/20

McGizmo side lights 23/5/20

Emisar D4 infinite mirror tail 24/8/20

Copper build 12/9/20

Mokuti build 7/2/21

fw3 - mokuti 13/4/21

Chinese hair clipper conversion
youtube(dot)com/watch?v=9Z-GinsLhao 1/5/21

Sunwayman v11r lighted tail
What did you mod today? - #9951 by pinkpanda3310 8/5/21

Illuminated skull eyes 5/7/21

There might be 1-2 i missed and/or smaller stuff in the “what did you mod today” thread but this is the majority. Hopefully more to come :star: :beer:

Skull rings 11/8/21

Dragon rings 4/9/21

Glow skulls on E14iii 29/9/21

Copper-brass P60 27/11/21

Mokuti-brass 14500 24/1/22

21700 P60 Mokuti 21/5/22

3 Dragons 1/4/24

Great work PP. I just watch the FW3 video. Beautiful light. I have bad hearing so I could not hear you well over the music though.