The Elephant and the Dragon

6.5 amps seems like plenty for an XM-L to me. :)

Oh right, I totally glazed over that. Automatically assumed the driver was for the CBT. How on earth can an XML handle 6.5 amps though…

Copper PCB? It probably would do better with slightly less current though. (5 amps is probably the sweet spot)

Even with a copper PCB, 6.5 is really high for an XML. I would think that 6.5 might heat it up a bit too much to get maximum brightness, but I dont know, I have never done it before.

It’s the SST-90 driver from DX, which is the driver from trust fire, 6.5a max.

I agree that 6.5A is a bit much :), but there was a test that XML with copper pcb went to 6A & lumen still going up. 12V drivers for 5-5.5A range are either hard to find or cost a fortune, most of the cheaper SST-50 “5A” drivers are 4A or less, and are for 8.4v, can’t trust any of the specs unless somebody actually tested at led.

Given the BLF spirit, I decide to use the driver on hand, I had this driver for a while, mwant for SST-90 but I didn’t like that it only go up to 6.5A. Given that I’ve driven XRE to 2.4 Amp (1mm die), 6.5A on a 4mm die may not look all that crazy.

I could always swap the driver out later if I don’t like it. I need to do some test & see if it actually pull 6.5A or not,

Found Match’s test thread:

Also an older test by Saabluster on CPF T6
on Copper:


Mike_CZ tes on XML copper”

Daaayum, never thought a normal star would be lacking so much heat dissipation… Compared to the copper PCB.
Looks like heat really is everything. I think later I’m going to try get an XML to go to 7 amps. I don’t have a way of testing lumen output yet, but it’ll be fun.
I’m thinking a copper chunk on top of a fanless CPU cooler on top of a flat piece of dry ice. I want to see the limits of an XML. If only I had an integration sphere… so much research would be done :bigsmile:

EDIT: actually scratch that, I don’t have a way of getting controlled currents into LEDs yet. maybe later… :frowning:

Wow, that is a sweet build!

Who’s in for pics of the LED mounted on copper? :smiley:

Cheers! :beer:

I am currently gathering supplies for mounting a XM-L on a Peltier plate and testing it at currents up to 10 amps. I just haven't gotten a chance to make and calibrate and IS yet. My hope is to do the test sometime around January.

Oh that’s smart, I’ve never thought of using a Peltier plate before. I am really interested to see the results of 10 amps, since up to 6.5 amps on the graph it’s still going up. If you can, also test the SST-90, I want to see what’s the maximum you can push it to while it’s being cooled.

But are peltier plates effective at removing a lot of heat fast? I read that it takes a few minutes to cool down to it’s minimum temperature.

I don't plan on doing a SST-90 as the power supply I have access to only goes goes up to 10 amps. (Or something like that) If not peltier plates then dry ice. :D Either should be able to keep the LEDs at sub zero temps.

Well I still look forward to the 10amp sub zero XML, which of course isn’t possible in a normal flashlight host. Maybe if there was a host which had an inbuilt peltier plate in between the pill and heatsink and driver and heatsink - now that would be pretty nice. But I think peltier plates require a ton of energy, so it won’t happen in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm certainly excited to find out what it can do but don't hold your breath. :) I still have to make the IS and figure out the best way to mount the LED, that along with convince them to lend me the power supply. :D

Here are the last two steps:

Added a copper ring on top of the DRY carrier to route the battery Negative up there.
Also cut the elephant body down about 1/2 inch.

The switch lit up when the light is on:

Group photo of contestants for the up coming beam shots Battle in the Wood III: The Elephants vs. The Foxes:
All are 3x18650 format except FF3. (left to right FF1 35W HID, Elephant FM3H CBT-90 9A, Elephant FM3V CBT-90 15.5A, Elephant Dragon XML U2 6.5A & FF3 40W HID)

I actually measured the lux but I am keeping it secret :slight_smile: until the Elephantr vs. Foxes battle time, but here is a hint, when on Medium mode, it scored 160,000 lux @ 1 meter, can you imagine what’ the lux # on Hi? :crown:

Awesome work Ma_sha!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ma_sha, your work is simply stunning!! I can't wait to see what that does on high. What is the lens diameter on the Dragon head?

I love your posts. Seriously nice pictures there. And nearly insane lights! Wonderful.

Looking forward to the shootout and the revealing of the score on high! TY for showing this.

Amazing, as usual.

I really like the vandal-proof switch; do you know if it will tolerate 16V ?

Thanks buddy, the Aspheric is about 3” diameter


The number will be revealed at the night of the shoot out, but I have one more light to make before the shootout, the legendary 2000 lumen FM1909 incan, it pulls 6 Amp at 12V. I’ve never seen any lux numbers except everyone that had one appears to have been blown away, I hope it’ll live up to the hype in a 3” turbo head against these led & HID monsters. I’s been ordered :slight_smile: