The Holy Grail of DOLLAR TREE

I think Ill have time tonight, you know ill have pics… i always do haha.

And some basic dimensions. Driver, MCPCB, Lens, reflector….

I occasionally look on ebay for vintage lights. Like the old copper plated.

looks like its screwed together with “Ball” jar lids :smiley:

That is cool, will have to look at my local DT. Their “Sunbeam” brand Alkaline AA/AAA’s are the best value in disposable batteries I have found…

It looks like old school meets new tech, but done on a budget…

Ok got a few pics, be back tonight.

It has MOONLIGHT! kinda.

super beam shot.

The insides.


wow , nice light.
Have seen similar models while I was traveling through Asia before, long time ago.

Nice lil light there ! Couldn’t help but notice you are in Chico. Home of Sierra Nevada…MY FAVORITE GO TO ALE ! Lucky You! And you can get it on TAP….I”m Jealous with ENVY :confounded: !!

Now back on Topic !!

will try to get some beam shots tonight, its raining so not sure how it will turn out.

AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! so i might be busy later :wink:

Happy Birthday :beer:

Thank you!

That has 3 rayovac bulbs that I tested somewhere in this forum. They make the flange and non flange types. They are good bulbs and are waterproof.

…That HUGE spider scares me…

10,000 china-lumens?

leds series or parallel?

lathe a aluminum heat sink up, real driver triple nichia copper pad LMAO???

I’ve never seen anything close to that at any of my dollar trees, maybe at the 99 cent store if it was painted plastic.

Nebo made a light called The Classic a few years ago.

This light looks very similar to the one shown here.

Here’s another chrome led light

If you’re handy with a soldering iron you could swap the low CRI cool white leds for high CRI and much better tint.

2300k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

Nichia sw45k, sw40, sw35, sw30

Nah make a slug that fits the i.d of the head and stuff a q8 mcpcb and reflector setup in it.
Its not a proper “polished turd” till you spend at least $50 on a $1 light!

what is the ‘driver’?

a big resistor?

The Nut behind the wheel who belongs to BLF that drives to Dollar Tree for a flashlight :0)

We need to see a torture test on ths beauty…dropped, tossed, submerged…etc.