The many options of Noctigon 3XP Advanced Copper boards

I don’t think it’s a problem.

The big problem with the Manker quad wasn’t that positive was on the outside. Rather it was that the screw holes went through the positive mask area and the gap between the traces and the screw holes was too small. The was a risk of a short when the board was screwed down.

Unlike the Manker quad, the Noctigon doesn’t have screw holes. The only way to get an accidental short with the Noctigon would be if the traces at the edge of the board somehow contact the inside of an un-anodized light. This seems very unlikely. I’ve never seen or heard of a short occurring that way.

What are those extra pads at the top on either side of the optic leg Hole?

I suppose same footprint as on 25mm MT-G2 boards and shoud fit XQ-E

I’m wondering if those came from a batch custom ordered by some flashlight company.

What driver supports such additional led?

And one more question - where I can get this XQ-E leds?

The one for sale from the webstore is still the older design, right?

I will check tommorow, I have made order 2 weeks ago.

I ordered my stuff about a month ago, got it yesterday, first thing I did is to check IO website, then BLF… If you ordered recently (less than a month) and receive old version, please post some info (pics)…
Ans yes, it was the old version on a website when I was ordering…

This one for example Update Oct 3: PD68 TripleDown/TripleStack - Tri-Channel Driver

It could be done in combination wth the lighted tail cap pcb but instead of the bleed resistor connecting to ground it connects to this small led pad then to ground then to the lighted(or now unlighted) tail cap switch pcb and then to B-.

The idea of a glowing optic is intriguing.
Wonder if RMM or Hank W has additional info on the new MCPCB?
Going to order a couple from IO just in case they are shipping these now.
Can always use anyway even if they are the old ones.

Such small leds can be used as indicator for additional functions, such as beacon, battery indicator and etc.
This means that LED should be operated by small current (40-100mA) and different delay between blinks.
pilotdog68`s drivers are good for other applications.

I already have two noctigon XP boards that either developed short from one of the led pads to ground during reflow process or they were delivered to me like that (I did not check before reflowing them) and they look just fine but when you check with DMM they fail at continuity test…

Could those pads be used as a place for a temperature sensor? Idk how they work or if they need to be connected to pos.

Probably yes, but why then + and - ? And the + is comon, not sure if thats how it’s done!

Reflow the leds again , and push them down with your tweezers , to remove extra solder.

Those were single XP boards, not triples and I checked continuity after removing the LED.
I do not use too much soldering paste still I always push led down so it would be as close to the MCPCB as it can be.


i have not used them personally but afaik with a thermistor you would have the negative run from the thermistor to the micro-controller and just read the voltage drop across it to calculate the temp.

Wish i had one of these new boards to test out. :slight_smile: