The most compact 18650 flashlight ? (Brass beauty from CNQG)

Here’s the smallest ones I own, with the headlamp for comparison:

Some size comparisons, 14500, RCR and 18650 lights.

This looks to be a fine edc pocketable light. Thanks, Warmurf! I especially like the attachment of the clip.

First of all, thanks everyone for the responses !

Unfortunately I don’t have access to lathe/mill, only small tools like soldering iron, Dremel, pliers… somehow basic ones.
That QTC seems interesting but a little bit expensive in your link, will try to find some cheaper :slight_smile:

I’ve also looked a bit more about the S-mini from Shiningbeam but it looks like it’s hard to find…Only one I found is on ebay and cannot ship to France…

Yeah I saw this thread a few days ago, unfortunately I can’t do such mods…Still, the craftmanship is great on this one !

Although I haven’t ordered lately, Bryan of Shiningbeam has been great in the past. He shipped to the UK quickly and at a reasonable price. If the webpage doesn’t want to ship to France, drop him a line and see if there’s anything he can do.

Thank you for the info, I’m more interested in the S-mini that “brass beauty” now because of aluminium (weight + thermal management) but it raises the price to 40USD with shipping… :frowning:

Thanks, here’s a similar lineup with the brass light included:

I hadn’t heard of the S-mini before, so I looked it up along with some others. Sorted by length:

  • Nitecore HC50: 86.2mm x 33mm (max) x 29mm (min)
  • DQG Tiny 18650 II: 87mm x 25mm (head) x 22mm (body)
  • ZL SC62: 96.5mm x 24.4mm (head) x ??mm (body)
  • Brass beauty: 97mm x 21mm
  • Roche F6: 112mm x 27.5mm
  • S-mini: 114mm x 22mm
  • Convoy S4: 115mm x 23mm
  • Convoy S3: 115mm x 24mm
  • Roche F12: 115mm x 24mm
  • Convoy S7: 116mm x 23.6mm
  • Ultrafire HD2011: 117mm x 24mm
  • Solarforce T1: 123.5mm x 24mm (head) x 22mm (body)
  • Convoy S2: 124mm x 24mm
  • Solarforce L2m: 136mm x 32mm (head) x 25.4mm (body)

These are all “small” 18650 lights, but the definition of small seems to vary quite a bit.

If I sort them by approximate volume (length * head diameter * tail diameter), the brass beauty comes out as the smallest (at 42.7 cm^3) and the HC50 is the second-biggest (at 82.5 cm^3). The L2m is, of course, the biggest (110.5 cm^3).

Nice work TK

I have a nice compact zoom that’s not too much bigger than the Cree 7W 300 single AA. Heats up fast, but very pocketable, and doesn’t seem to heat up on low which I think is maybe 0.7 A?

It is smaller than the 18650 light that looks like a Cree 7W 300.

But I can’t seem to post a photo and couldn’t find one on eBay earlier :frowning:

FWIW, that light is called the SK-68, originally made by Sipik but cloned many many times. The SK-98 is the 18650 version.

The SK-68 is 92 to 100mm long and 25mm in diameter. So, it’s actually bigger than some of the 18650 lights being discussed here.

Those are tiny, mine is 110x25, with the zoom in. I think it was $12-13 with a battery and charger

Hi all, just wanted to let you know I finally bought a brass CNQ flashlight with XP-G2 neutral emitter from Banggood.
Paid 18,44€ including shipping.
I’m really happy with it, it’s really compact and the weight give a good quality impression !
I soldered the third star to keep only H/M/L modes, without memory.
Did someone succeed to tear apart the switch assembly ?

The switch on the model I got was really easy to take apart by unscrewing it. Also, the driver was held in by a retaining ring only, so it was easy to pull out and reflash with better firmware.

Mine has a few pieces: head (~10mm), body, (~80mm), tail (~5mm), and the pill comes entirely out for modding.

Mine seems to be different…
I’ve tried to lift the white plastic retainer with a flat screwdriver but without success…

I haven’t seen one like that. You might want to try pushing some wide sharp tweezers (or similar) into it and try to unscrew that plastic piece. I don’t know if it’s threaded in though, or if it’s a press fit.

I insisted…it’s not screwed but press fitted and a PITA to disassemble.
Here is the result for those who are interested :